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Published by: api-26904714 on Dec 03, 2009
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An abode for the God of Knowledge in Hyderabad

It is generally known to all that Srimaha Vishnu has ten Avataras of
which Matsys is associated with recovering Vedas. The fact is that the Lord
took up many more Avataras. Lord Sriman Narayana, also took up the
avatara of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva to annihilate Madhu and Kaitabha, demons
who stole Vedas, and restore the Vedas to Brahma and enlighten him with
Veda Vignanam. The Swayambhu Vigraha of Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva was given
to Sri Saraswathi by Barhma for worship. Goddess Saraswathi who also
gained knowledge from Hayagriva in turn gifted the idol to Bhagavad
Ramanuja when she bestowed Him with the title \u201cSri Bhasyakara\u201d. After Him,
the idol was worshipped by Sri Nigamantha Maha Desika (Vedanta Desika).
This great sage established a mutt at Kanchipuram in the service of the Lord
in 1338 A.D. and proclaimed Visishtadwaita.

Vedanta Desika started his scholarly outpourings numbering more
than hundred with the stuti of Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva, the Lord of Wisdom.
The first sloka of the stuti goes as follows:

Gnanananda mayam devam nirmala sphatikaakritim,
Aadharam sarva vidyanam, Hayagrivam upasmahe.

It is established by the great Acharya, Vedanta Desika, that one acquires
Gnana or wisdom by worshipping the Lord Lakshmi Hayagriva. Lord Haygriva
is recognized as bestowing knowledge to Saraswati and Vyasa and other such
by his mere benevolence as is told in the same Stotra.

The glorious and honoured practice of worshipping Haygriva was handed over
to Sri Brahmatantra Swami. Since then, the idol is being worshipped by the
lineage of the Acharyas of Sri Parakala Mutt with at most devotion and
without letup. Some of the most illustrious Acharyas of this Mutt happen to
from AP.

The present pontiff of Sri Parakala Mutt, Sri Abhinava Vageesha Swamy, is
the 36th in the order. His Holiness visited Hyderabad many times and
expressed his desire to construct a Mutt here along with Sri Lakshmi
Hayagriva Sannidhi. He disclosed that this si as per the wish of his Guru HH
Srimadabhinava Ranganatha Maha Desika, who hailed from AP and was a
scholar extraordinaire.

Dr V Sampath, an ardent devotee of the Mutt was kind enough to donate a
piece of land measuring 1300 sq. yards at Medipalli village in the outskirts of
the city for this purpose.

Immediately after taking over the land, as per the instructions of our present Swamiji, construction was started. The main temple complex (80\u2019 x 40\u2019), the annex building having 3 floors of 1200 sq. ft each for accommodation of the Pontiff etc. are in an advanced stages of construction with 85% of the civil works completed.

In the temple complex, it is planned to install the idols of Lord Lakshmi
Hayagriva, Lord Srinivasa and Sri Mahalakshmi. Some disciples of the Mutt
volunteered to sponsor all the idols. Many more people have added their
contributions generously. Recently, however, the construction work came
almost to a halt and could not be completed.

Now, HH Swamiji has constituted a committee consisting of sishyas and well wishers of the mutt. HH Swamiji has ordained the committee to expedite the construction and complete all the works by the end of April 2010.

The construction activity resumed in right earnest and to complete all the
works, it is estimated that an additional amount of Rs. 35 to 40 lakhs is

We sincerely request all the Asthika, Sri Vaishnavites, sishyas, admirers, and
abhimanis to rise to the occasion and take part in this pious activity of
erecting a temple to the God of knowledge in our city of knowledge. We
request all of you to contribute your mite to complete the project within the
time as desired by H.H. Swamiji. We should consider this opportunity as a
chance to serve the God of knowledge and give everyone a chance to
worship him.

It will not be out of place to mention that there was not a single temple of
Lord Hayagriva in Andhra Pradesh till recently. Only recently couple of them
is constructed but much away from the twin cities. Now the much needed
temple is coming up right in the outskirts of the city in a serene atmosphere.

Participation in this activity would be a great service at the lotus feet of
Hayagriva, the God of knowledge. His blessings will sure bring great benefits,
both intellectual and physical as experienced by many. There is no doubt
that anyone who wants and uses knowledge should be worshipping Lord
Hayagriva, who gives you a visa to intelligent life, education, enlightenment
and excellence in all endeavors.

Vedanta Desika Swamy tells that if Hayagriva blesses any soul, Saraswati will take their face as her abode and see that the person excels in all efforts and their name and fame will spread far and wide.

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