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Tim LaHaye - The Role of the USA in End Times Prophecy

Tim LaHaye - The Role of the USA in End Times Prophecy

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Published by el vecino

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Published by: el vecino on Dec 03, 2009
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Tim LaHaye’s Perspective – August, 1999THE ROLE OF THE U.S.A. IN END TIMES PROPHECYAs I sat on an American Airlines flight, I heard the attendant welcome us tothe Global Alliance Airlines, a consortium of AA and several other foreigncarriers. Again I was reminded that this world is rapidly moving to globalism onmany fronts. We hear about the global internet, global banking, global economy, aglobal monetary system, a global defense system, and the list goes on.One frightening thing the educators are advancing is “global education,”which is part of what Education 2000 is about. After successfully ruining the besteducational system in the world – now one third of our students cannot read,another third are not reading well, and the majority cannot discern between rightand wrong – they want to make their amoral socialistic form of “education” global.These liberal educrats with dictator-type control over our nation’s schools havesuccessfully revised American history until it has become not the facts as theyreally occurred but it’s their interpretation of world history. Now they would liketo do the same for the world.In the meantime the global government (or “One World Government”obsession enthusiasts of the UN-controlled world) is working tirelessly to usher inthe next World Empire. That is not surprising to Christians, for we who read the
prophetic Scriptures know from our studies of Daniel and Revelation that there isgoing to be one world empire in the last days and it will be headed by theAntichrist. Any thinking person can see it could happen within a short time.The big question often is “Where does the United States fit in these end timeevents?” Or, “Does the United States have a place in end time prophecy?” Myfirst response is no, there is nothing about the U.S. in prophecy! At least nothingthat is specific. There is an allusion to a group of nations in Ezekiel 38:13 thatcould apply, but even that is not specific. The question is why? Why would theGod of prophecy not refer to the supreme super power nation in the end times inpreparation for the One world government of the Antichrist? One very easyanswer is that the United States may soon surrender her national sovereignty in thename of “world peace” to the United Nations, or she may implode by corruptionand betrayal. (All it would take is another eight years of liberalism in the WhiteHouse and a liberal majority in the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court; theelection of 2000 will determine that!) This country cannot survive anotherunaccountable administration that betrays our national security by giving ourmissile secrets to communist China and our other mortal enemies, so that whenRussia goes down against Israel just before the Tribulation, the U.S. is no longerequipped to make more than a diplomatic objection. One thing is clear when
taking all of Bible prophecy together, the United States does not seem to be an endtimes player.Russia, Israel, the former Roman Empire nations, China, Germany, Turkey,and the Arab alliance are all referred to; but there is no mention of the UnitedStates. All of which leads me to conclude that something dreadful is going tohappen to either render the world’s only super power impotent in the last days or atbest nullify her influence. Actually, there are several rather dreadful possibilities:1.
America’s foreign policy of protection for Israel could change. That wouldremove God’s hand of blessing on this country for being good to the Jews andresult in the judgment of God on our nation as never before. Let’s hope that theBible believing Christians of this nation will prevent that scenario by refusingto vote for politicians who will not continue our policy of protecting andproviding for Israel in these last days.2.
The liberal mindset of the media could continue to attack Christian values andbeliefs to so effectively destroy our youth with the help of the awesomelyinfluential entertainment and education industries that our entire culture wouldcollapse from within in less than a decade, creating the kind of anarchy in thestreets foretold about the tribulation period.3.
The majority of church members could continue to practice their pacifist waysof refusing to vote in general elections and allow liberal secular humanists (who

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