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Brown Memo

Brown Memo

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Published by Johanna Norton
Prosecutors explain their decision not to file charges in a fatal shooting case.
Prosecutors explain their decision not to file charges in a fatal shooting case.

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Published by: Johanna Norton on Aug 01, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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29 2014
RE: DEATH INVESTIGATION OF THOMAS BROWN According to many who knew him, Thomas TJ Brown (Brown) was not the same person he was six months ago.
addiction to crack cocaine as well as a drug debt apparently caused
to become increasingly violent, aggressive and threatening and ultimately led to his death.
Before his downward spiral into drugs, Brown and Colt Thriemer (Thriemer) were good friends. When Thriemer lost his job at MOlioe Regional Medical Center some six months ago, he began working with Brown who had a lawn maintenance business. During his employment with Brown, Thriemer learned that Brown was selling marijuana. Thriemer
sawall of
the money Brown was making selling marijuana so he began selling drugs for Brown. Brown gave Thriemer a
to carry during this time.
was this gun that was used in this shooting. When Brown started selling cocaine Thriemer decided he did not want to be involved in the drug business anymore, and withdrew from it. Thriemer owed Brown $200 for marijuana Brown had given
Brown began threatening Thriemer and demanding Thriemer pay
the money. Thriemer's parents told
police that Brown said there was a bullet out there with Thriemer's name on it
didn't pay him the money. Thriemer borrowed the $200 from his parents and went to
Brown s
ho'use to pay him back. When he returned home from paying Brown, Thriemer's parents told police Thriemer had a black eye and a busted lip. Even though Thriemer had paid his debt to Brown, Brown kept demanding more money from Thriemer. Thriemer's mother gave him another $150.00 to give to Brown hoping it would keep Thriemer out
harm s
way as
Brown s
threats grew. Thriemer told his parents that Brown threatened not only to kill him but his parents as well. In the month or so leading up to the shooting, Thriemer told his parents to call the police
Brown ever came to their house because he was fearful for his
and their life. Thriemer's parents also confIrm that Brown gave Thriemer the gun used in the shooting to carry during drug transactions. Thriemer also told his brother, Jake Tbriemer (Jake), many times that Brown was threatening to kill him and their family. Although Jake never personally heard the threats, he said he could tell it was true by Thriemer's mannerisms and the way he acted. Jake told police that Thriemer
a gun because Brown was threatening
Thriemer told Jake to
the other way
he ever saw Brown around town. Jake also confIrmed that Thriemer was dealing drugs-with Brown. Jake said that three to four months ago Thriemer wanted to clean up and get out
the drug business. After the shooting Thriemer told police that about two weeks before the shooting, he was driving down the road when Brown passed him going the opposite direction. Thriemer sajd Brown turned around and started chasing
Thriemer said he was traveling about 100 miles an hour in an attempt to lose Brown and drove to his brother
Jake s
house because he knew a deputy from the Marion County
Office lived across the street from his brother. Once Thriemer
arrived at his brother's house, Brown drove away. However, Thriemer made contact
v rith
that deputy, Mitch Sorrels, and told him about Brown's threats. While, Deputy Mitch Sorrels does not recall that exact conversation with Thriemer, he does recall speaking to Thriemer and Jake about legal issues in the past. Thriemer's girlfriend, Stephanie Kirtley, also confmned that Brown had been threatening to kill Thriemer. She told police that Brown was on drugs, got crazy and felt Thrierner owed
money. She said Thriemer told her Brown threatened to
to Thriemer's house and shoot everyone. She personally heard Brown tell Thriemer over the phone bring me money or I will find you, you can't hide for long . She also said that when Thriemer was at her house, Brown would constantly drive by her house and rev his engine. Thriemer's friend, Austin Satz (Satz), who was with Thriemer the night
the shooting, told police that Brown had been threatening Thriemer for weeks prior to the shooting. Satz said Brown told a mutual friend that he was coming for him and his family referring
Thriemer. Satz said that Brown called
the night before the shooting and asked
for money
buy crack cocaine. Satz confmned that Thriemer got the gun used in the shooting from Brown five or six months ago. Satz said that Brown was buying and selling guns all the time and that he had six different guns. He also told police that Brown always had a gun in his truck. Mark Tharpe (Tharpe), a good friend
both Brown and Thriemer, told police that he saw Brown smoking crack cocaine about three months before the shooting. Brown told Tharpe that he owed people money for drugs and they were corning after
Brown told Tharpe that Thriemer owed
money and he was going to take Thriemer down
he didn't pay
him .
Tharpe understood this
mean that Brown would kill Thriemer. Some time before the shooting, Tharpe was driving down the road and actually saw Brown
his vehicle around and chase

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