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Xin bao gia

Xin bao gia

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Published by api-3824579

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Published by: api-3824579 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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S\u1ed1 TT
M\u00e3 h\u00e0ng
T\u00ean thi\u1ebft b\u1ecb
N\u0103m 2005
S\u1ed1 l\u01b0\u1ee3ng

T\u1ed5ng gi\u00e1

Nh\u00f3m m\u00e1y x\u00e2y d\u1ef1ng
C\u1ea7n c\u1ea9u th\u00e1p

(Tower cranes)
C\u1ea7n tr\u1ee5c b\u00e1nh x\u00edch
(Crawler cranes)
C\u1ea7n tr\u1ee5c b\u00e1nh l\u1ed1p
(Truck cranes)
C\u1ea9u \u0111\u1ecba h\u00ecnh
(Rough terrain cranes)
B\u1ec7 l\u00e0m vi\u1ec7c ngo\u00e0i kh\u00f4ng gian (Aerial work plafforms)

Xe \u0111\u00e0o
Xe x\u00fac

M\u00e1y san/m\u00e1y c\u1ea1p \u0111\u1ea5t
Lu rung
(Vibratory roller)
Xe \u1ee7i
B\u01a1m b\u00ea t\u00f4ng

(Conrete pump)
Tr\u1ea1m tr\u1ed9n b\u00ea t\u00f4ng
(Concrete mixer plant)
M\u00e1y l\u00e1t \u0111\u01b0\u1eddng
(Paving machines)
Xe \u0111\u00e0o x\u00fac t\u1ed5ng h\u1ee3p
(Backhoe loader)
M\u00e1y n\u00e2ng chuy\u1ec3n
Thang m\u00e1y
H\u00e0ng ti\u00eau d\u00f9ng

M\u00e1y \u0111i\u1ec1u h\u00f2a kh\u00f4ng kh\u00ed
(Air conditioner)
T\u1ee7 l\u1ea1nh
M\u00e1y gi\u1eb7t
(Washing machine)
M\u00e1y \u1ea3nh s\u1ed1, m\u00e1y quay phim(Digital camera)

M\u00e1y in
Thi\u1ebft b\u1ecb y t\u1ebf

M\u00e1y ch\u1ee5p X quang
(X ray machine)
M\u00e1y ch\u1ee5p c\u1eaft l\u1edbp
(Computer Tomography)
M\u00e1y ch\u1ee5p c\u1ed9ng h\u01b0\u1edfng t\u1eeb
(Magetic resonance imaging)
M\u00e1y \u0111o huy\u1ebft \u00e1p t\u1ef1 \u0111\u1ed9ng
(Auto Shygmomanometer)
M\u00e1y t\u00e1n s\u1ecfi ngo\u00e0i c\u01a1 th\u1ec3
(Extracorporeal shock ware lithotripsy)
M\u00e1y ph\u1eabu thu\u1eadt m\u1eaft
(Laser eximer)
M\u00e1y ch\u1ea1y th\u1eadn nh\u00e2n t\u1ea1o
M\u00e1y ph\u00e2n t\u00edch m\u00e1u
(Bood analysis)
M\u00e1y ph\u00e2n lo\u1ea1i m\u00e0u
Color Sorter machines

M\u00e1y n\u00f4ng nghi\u00eap
M\u00e1y \u0111\u00f3ng bao
(Bagging scales)
C\u00e2n \u0111i\u1ec7n t\u1eed
(Electonics weighbridge)
M\u00e1y c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 c\u1eaft g\u1ecdt
kim lo\u1ea1i
M\u00e1y ti\u1ec7n CNC
( Lathe machine)

M\u00e1y phay
CNC (ba tr\u1ee5c \u0111\u1ebfn 5 tr\u1ee5c \u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n)
(Milling machine)
Trung t\u00e2m gia c\u00f4ng CNC
(CNC machining Center)
M\u00e1y m\u00e0i CNC
CNC Grinding Machine
M\u00e1y doa CNC
( CNC Reaming Machine)
M\u00e1y khoan \u2013 doa CNC
(CNC- Boring /Reaming Machine)
M\u00e1y gia c\u00f4ng b\u00e1nh r\u0103ng v\u00e0 then hoa \u0111i\u1ec1u khi\u1ec3n CNC (CNC gear

M\u00e1y c\u00f4ng c\u1ee5 gia
c\u00f4ng \u00e1p l\u1ef1c \u0111i\u1ec1u
khi\u1ec3n CNC

M\u00e1y \u0111\u1ed9t - d\u1eadp xoay CNC
(CNC tarret pundre machine)
M\u00e1y c\u1eaft kim lo\u1ea1i t\u1ea5m b\u1eb1ng con l\u0103n CNC (CNC sheet metal cutting
with Rolles Machine)
M\u00e1y r\u00e8n \u00e9p n\u00f3ng
(CNC hot press machine)

M\u00e1y CNC d\u00f9ng c\u00f4ng
ngh\u1ec7 phi truy\u1ec1n

M\u00e1y c\u1eaft d\u00e2y
(CNC EDM wire cut machine)
M\u00e1y c\u1eaft xung \u0111\u1ecbnh h\u00ecnh
(CNC EDM Die Sinking Machine)
M\u00e1y c\u1eaft kim lo\u1ea1i t\u1ea5m b\u1eb1ng tia laser/plasma (CNC sheet metal
cutting Machine with laser/plasma)

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