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Band Module 06

Band Module 06

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Published by Chris
Created for High School Band Based on Wisconsin Music Standards for students to complete by the end of the quarter.
Created for High School Band Based on Wisconsin Music Standards for students to complete by the end of the quarter.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Chris on Aug 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Student Name_____________________________ 
Date Completed __________Student Signature ____________________Directors Signature____________________Total Points Possible 245 Points Received________________Grade Received ________________
Module Revision 9899
Little Wolf High School Band –– Module 6 
This Section Due by
First Things First
Section Grade _______
0ection Total
econd Lesson
List TWO strengths and how to improve them. List TWO weaknesses and how toimprove them. List two new goals for this quarter. Use these for goals for thismodule or quarter.
This question should be completed by your second lesson
Please take this question seriously and think of specific technical goals that youwould like to achieve by the end of this quarter. Be sure to have Mr .Telfer initialthis, after it is finished.
STRENGTHS1 how to improve2 how to improveWEAKNESSES1 how to improve2 how to improve
LEVEL 4Highly articulated revisions are suggested and are linked with specific critical comments (e.g. "I shouldpractice the right hand along so that the counting is corrected in measure 3".)LEVEL 3Specific revisions are suggested but are not necessarily coordinated with critical comments (e.g. "sheshould change her fingering:).LEVEL 2Offers broad, superficial, or nonconstructive musical or technical suggestions (e.g. "play more intune").LEVEL 1No attempt to suggest revisions or how to improve the performance (e.g. "practice").
(20 pts.) 
Module Revision 9899
Page 13/14/2011 4:02:09 P
Little Wolf High School Band –– Module 6 
This Section Due by
Section Grade _______
15ection Total
hird Lesson
Create a Rondo with
geometric shapes 
. Naturally, you will need to know what a Rondo is to do this questioncorrectly.
(20 pts.) 
Create your own 4 to 8 bar melody (song). You may want to mess around on the piano or your instrument untilyou hear something you like, then write it down. If you would like more suggestions ask. Also, write in thetreble or bass clef.
Please be neat
. (10 pts extra credit if you use MusicTime)
(30 pts.) 
On the attached staff paper, write out ALL the scales you will play this quarter for scale exams. Be sure if youplay two octaves you write two octaves. If you need paper, ask. Most of the scales are in your books, simplycopy them to your staff paper.
Neatness and accuracy are very important
. - OR -Compose a melody using one of the scales. Play the melody on your instrument to see if it sounds good. Don't just write notes down. Be sure the rhythms are correct and beats per measure are correct. Freshman onlyneed to write 4-8 measures, Sophomores 8-16, Juniors 16-24, and Seniors 24-32+. Neatness and accuracyare very important for either task.You can do both if you wish, and you would receive 65 points for each part and another 50 pts for doing both.This amounts to a possible 115 pts more for just this question!
(65 pts.) 
Module Revision 9899
Page 23/14/2011 4:02:09 P

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