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Objectives Band Module 15

Objectives Band Module 15

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Published by Chris
The specific Wisconsin Music Standard objectives for this module including which questions and activities align with which standards
The specific Wisconsin Music Standard objectives for this module including which questions and activities align with which standards

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Chris on Aug 02, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Module Number 15 Objectives
Identify aurally and visually between major, minor, augmented and diminished triads.
Demonstrate an understanding of texture as an expressive and unifying element.
Describe elements of expression in relationship to the overall style of the composition.
Be able to write various intervals.
Demonstrate the ability to read and write extended melodies in a variety of keys.
Develop ability to write a counter melody or harmony part.
Demonstrate the ability to write chords in major and minor keys.
First Things First
List TWO strengths and how to improve them. List TWO weaknessesand how to improve them. List two new goals for this quarter. Usethese for goals for this module or quarter.
This question should becompleted by your second lesson.
 Please take this questionseriously and think of specific technical goals that you would like toachieve by the end of this quarter. Be sure to have Mr .Telfer initialthis, after it is finished.
On the attached staff paper, write out ALL the scales you will play this quarter for scale exams. Be sure if you play two octaves you write two octaves. If you need paper, ask. Most of the scales are in your books, simply copy them to your staff  paper.
Neatness and accuracy are very important
. - OR -Compose a melody using one of the scales. Play the melody on your instrument tosee if it sounds good. Don't just write notes down. Be sure the rhythms are correctand beats per measure are correct. Freshman only need to write 4-8 measures,Sophomores 8-16, Juniors 16-24, and Seniors 24-32+. Neatness and accuracy are
IV 2.3 IV 2.2 
Write how you feel about your progress during this quarter, both the positive andnegative experiences. Did you achieve the goals you set at the beginning of thequarter? Write some suggestions for improving the negatives, and identify why the positives were positive. Write what grade you feel you deserve and why. Please put some thought into this, this is an excercise to help you evaluate your own performance, attitude, and improvement for the quarter. Grading is on neatness,grammar and spelling.
Technical Profi
Perform the required scales for the current quarter. Play the octave(s) and tempo asspecified in the scale guidelines. Scales should be played in eigth notes.Date____________Initials_______ 
Perform the chromatic scale in the full range (more than an octave and a half) of your instrument demonstrating consistent tempo and pitch accuracy at a faster tempo then the previous quarter or module. The tempo should be the quarter note =120mm, and playing the scale in eighth notes. Write the tempo here»»»»_____________«««« (L) Date____________Initials_______ 
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