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Group project presentation

Group project presentation

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Published by: api-26082982 on Dec 03, 2009
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Group project presentation: Constitutional Monarchy
\ue000Brief introduction of today\u2019s presentation. PPT 1
\ue000Give the definition of Constitutional Monarchy. PPT2
1. What it was given in our textbook----- The head of state is a monarch with limited powers.
2. Further explanation: A system in which the powers of a monarch are defined and limited by law.
3. Detail one: A monarchy in which the powers of the ruler are restricted to those granted under the
constitution and laws of the nation.
\ue000The historical background of the establishment of Constitutional Monarchy PPT3

The first period shows that parliament controlled the taxes, but later to the second period 1625-1642, Charles I dismissed the parliament. While after the Civil War, Charles I got the punishment. James II's back didn't do any good to parliament, he then fled, William & Mary back with good ways to the parliament. This part just laid the peaceful foundation for the development of CM

\ue000The establishment of Constitutional Monarchy PPT4
1. The Glorious revolution 1688 & English Bill of Rights
The Glorious revolution happened in 1688 laid the foundation of the Constitutional Monarchy, the
act they put forward gradually became the Bill of Rights.
2. Bill of Rights ended the Feudal Absolutism in UK and established the Constitutional Monarchy, it
also made Britain carried out the political democratisation, from which the capitalism benefit a lot.
\ue000Figure out the positive and negative aspects of the Constitutional Monarchy.
1. Positive:
CM decentralise the power of the monarch.
The system emancipated the productive forces, which made the feudal economy turned to be
capital economy.
The establishment of this new political system is a creative form, which gave much influences on
European countries even the whole world.
2. Negative:
Executive power and judicial power are not completely separated. Both of these two share the
same Lord Chancellor.
The parliament system may cause class differentiation.
\ue000See the pictures of Parliament building, Houses of Lords and Commons. PPT 5
\ue000Raise a question on the job of the Queen. PPT 6-7
1. The Queen is the head of the state, whom represent the United Kingdom at diplomatic
2. Her Majesty doesn\u2019t have too much power on nation controlling, but she\u2019s the symbol of the UK,
even to some Britons, it\u2019s their honour to see the Queen.
3. Whoever criticize the Queen, no one could deny her effort to the UK, and her gift for literature,
poetry etc.
4. The Queen\u2019s jobs are to receive foreign diplomats and heads of state, award medals, open public
buildings and the most important is to appoint or dismiss a Prime Minister.
\ue000Show the picture of the diplomatic function of monarch. PPT 8

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