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TAC Minutes April 7, 2014

TAC Minutes April 7, 2014

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Published by L. A. Paterson
Technical Advisory Committee of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority
Technical Advisory Committee of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority

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Published by: L. A. Paterson on Aug 02, 2014
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Narigi, Riedl, Riley, Stoldt, Burnett
Members Absent:
Huss, Israel
Staff Present:
Executive Director, Legal Counsel, Clerk
The meeting was called to order at 10:35 a.m.
Member Riley expressed concern that the report provided to the Directors at their April 10
 meeting did not accurately represent the TAC discussion and he questioned how information is disseminated from the TAC to the Directors. Executive Director Cullem spoke to the process and indicated he will attempt to improve communication. Member Riedl reported on a communication from the State Water Resources Control Board regarding new mandatory requirements to incorporate American iron and steel into any proposed project that will use SRF funding. He indicated that this could apply to local water projects under development.
Chair Burnett invited public comments and had no requests to speak.
1. March 3, 2014
On motion by TAC Member Riedl and seconded by TAC Member Narigi and approved by the following vote the Technical Advisory Committee approved the minutes of March 3, 2014.
AYES: 5 MEMBERS: Narigi, Riedl, Riley, Stoldt, Burnett
MPRWA TAC Minutes Monday, April 7, 2014 2 NOES: 0 MEMBERS: None ABSENT: 2 MEMBERS: Israel, Huss ABSTAIN: 0 MEMBERS: None RECUSED: 0 MEMBERS: None
2. Receive, Discuss, and Make Recommendations on the Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) and Scope of Work for a Value Engineering (VE) Study of the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project (MPWSP) -Cullem
Executive Director Cullem spoke to the process of review prior to the release of the Request for Proposals for the Value Engineering (VE) Study. He reported that the Governance Committee agreement dictates Cal Am to hire the VE, but the Governance Committee, in efforts to improve transparency, voted to solicit and contract directly with the VE and have Cal Am reimburse all expenses. Mr. Cullem further explained that
the scope of work is for the desal facility itself and will review both proposed facility sizes and attempt to identify different ways to save money based on the two scales. He clarified that there is no intent to address the cost effectiveness and that the comparative pricing will come from a report from the Water Management District. Member Riedl questioned the sustainability requirements, encouraged adding a total page limit, and questioned the limits to the workshop. He also questioned compensation terms including the lump sum payment and the contract term. Member Riley left the meeting at 10:56 p.m. Ian Crooks, Engineering Manager from Cal Am Water spoke to the anticipated schedule and the Value Engineering contract terms expecting the contract will be fully concluded by the end of July. Chair Burnett invited public comment and had no requests to speak. Chair Burnett and Executive Director Cullem reported that notes of the comments received were taken and will be incorporated into the report for the Directors.
On motion by Member Narigi and Seconded by Member Stoldt and approved by the following vote the TAC approved the DRAFT RFP and recommended forwarding it to the directors with the incorporated comments.
AYES: 5 MEMBERS: Narigi, Riedl, Riley, Stoldt, Burnett NOES: 0 MEMBERS: None ABSENT: 2 MEMBERS: Israel, Huss ABSTAIN: 0 MEMBERS: None RECUSED: 0 MEMBERS: None 3. Receive Report on Detailed Schedule for Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project Permits, Status of Borehole and Test Slant Well Construction and Update on Alternative Test Well Sites - Cal Am
MPRWA TAC Minutes Monday, April 7, 2014 3 Ian Crooks, Engineering Manager from Cal Am presented an update on the Schedule of the completion of the boreholes reporting that the Cemex and Protrero Road bore holes returned very favorable results, the Moss landing area had unfavorable results for the slant test well, which revealed insufficient production potential from that area. He spoke to the benefits and challenges for each of the testing locations. The CEMEX road locations is the preferred location per the settlement agreement, but he indicated that the Protrero Road location also has environmental, habitat and hydrogolocial benefits. The challenge is the additional pipeline needed; costs, construction complexity and no outfall disposal option for test well. He spoke to the anticipated schedule for the test wells and the MPWSP anticipated schedule through full-scale plant start up in July of 2018. Mr. Crooks indicated that until more progress has been made with the City of Marina, the level of investment at Protrero Road would be minimized. He reported regarding Cal Am’s efforts with the City of Marina to work with the Planning Commission and City Council prior to consideration of the permit and spoke to the schedule for approval of permits for the MPWSP and efforts currently underway to keep other permitting agencies informed of the project. Chair Burnett invited comments from the public. David Lifland questioned if the differences between the sites would affect the EIR, and if Point Blue was contacted to ensure that the Snowey Plover was not impacted. He expressed concerns regarding Cal Am’s proposed contingencies, the choice for open wells and if multiple drills can be acquired. Mr. Crooks spoke to Mr. Liflands questions. 4. Receive Update Report, Discuss and Provide Direction Regarding Negotiations for GWR Source and Product Water, and on the Progress of the "Pure Water Monterey" Project - Israel Mike McCullough, Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency made the presentation and provided the TAC an update regarding the GWR "Pure Water Monterey" project. He spoke to the produce wash water test shunt, that the demonstration facility is open for educational tours, the progress regarding the phasing timeline noting they are half way through the pilot plant testing. He reported key activities to include: supplemental GWR budget approved on March 17th by the WMD, conducted outreach activities including tours, marketing speakers bureau to talk about the project benefits and updated the website. Source water discussions are receiving negotiating concepts and discussions are ongoing. Member Riedl requested elaborating with regard to the source water discussions asking if progress was being made to which Mr. McCullough indicated the teams are exchanging ideas regarding cooperating and that the negotiating teams are representing their interest without much outside agitation. Member Riedl reported about the agendized the Monterey County Board of Supervisors joint meeting with Water Resource Control Agency to discuss acquiring water rights for Blanco drain and reclamation ditch to provide potable water. The TAC discussed the purpose of the meeting to determine the quantity and claim of water and

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