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Action-Items CCXXI [Israel, Illegals]

Action-Items CCXXI [Israel, Illegals]

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Published by Robert B. Sklaroff

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Robert B. Sklaroff on Aug 03, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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I distribute the “Blast” e
mails manually and it seems the proclivity of “cut/pasted” use of “bcc” [bowing
to privacy concerns] yielded [when functioning mechanistically] the loss of a few names during the past fortnight [omitted from the beginning or end of a prior set of names]; therefore, these individuals are
receiving the backlog in attachments formatted in “Word,” and I guess I’m going to have to consider converting to one of the commercial groupings [despite the fact that I’m only “marketing” ideas].
others of you have thereby received duplicates, I’m sure you’ve been able to handle the burden.} In any
case, a few e-mails received overnight are now dutifully provided, although no fundamentals changed; t
his “Blast” e
-mail focuses on Israel and the Illegals, and it summarizes key-conclusions [using indents to corroborate the editorialization]. First, per Politico, are two
Sunday Best
 excerpts from the talk-shows:
Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., to David Gregory on NBC's "Meet the Press," on including Hamas in Palestinian government:
"The road to peace goes over Hamas. It doesn't include Hamas."
DAN PFEIFFER to George Stephanopoulos, on ABC's "This Week":
"[I]n the House of Representatives, John Boehner may have the gavel, but Ted Cruz has the power."
"You don't really think impeachment is possible?"
: "I -- well, I -- when the House takes an unprecedented step to sue the president of the United States, ... even though he is issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in 100 years, I think it would foolish to discount the possibility." Sunday on CNN's "Inside Politics," Politico's Mike Allen said Dems are facing a "bleak"  reality in the upcoming midterm elections. Regarding Israel, BB continues to walk-a-tightrope between Pacifists [BHO, Kerry, Livni] and hard-liners [Bennett, Danon, Feiglin], and it remains clear that the only major concern that will emerge post-war domestically will be the apparent ignorance of the extent of the tunnel-risk; clearly, the Hamas leaders should have been biding time for another month-plus [in their self-interest], prior to launching an assault through them on Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Thus, whether they stumbled upon rocketing after the twin abduction-murders [3 Jews, one Arab] or whether they figured it was a natural outgrowth
of the ongoing shelling, either way BB was retroactively validated in launching an effort for “quiet.”
inter alia
downgraded to monitoring, but this may constitute a distinction without a difference.
Tidbits in the aftermath [such as in India and in England] illustrate the limits that any sort of external-pressure [even violence] can be conjured and impressed upon Israel. That the US will sell Turkey $4 Billion to build an advanced air defense system may be
seen in conjunction with the $11 billion arms deal with Qatar @ a moment when the former [
] is poised to exhibit his Islamist feeling by floating another flotilla to Gaza and the latter is known to be the one major supporter of [discredited] HAMAS [Hiding Among Mosques and Schools]; the central-
concern is BHO’s ongoing desire to
“follow from behind,” even when the fate of a trusted ally [here, Israel] remains at
-risk. Supportive of the need to emphasize the heinous behavior of Hamas in Gaza is this letter-to-the-editor published Sunday, August 3, 2014, 1:09 AM:
Priorities are Clear
 It is painful to watch the loss of civilian lives in the Gaza fortress that Hamas built in and under homes, schools, and hospitals, just as it is painful to see selective outrage over death and destruction that is but a fraction of the carnage in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East. The effort that Israel has made to minimize the loss of civilian lives is unique in the annals of warfare, while Hamas has poured billions in aid and many tons of concrete into the ground to build bunkers, rocket-launching sites, and 80-foot-deep tunnels that have only one purpose - to facilitate attacks on Israel. John R. Cohn, Philadelphia,  john.r.cohn@gmail.com  Note THE 8 WORST HAMAS-SUPPORTING MEDIA and the hypocrisy of Hamas supporters [QUEERS FOR PALESTINE MARCHERS FORGET HAMAS WOULD MURDER THEM]. Therefore, after having held the conversational-exchange with the USA [which, as the below transcript
suggests, he didn’t explicitly deny], most observers would agree that
BB need not abide by pressure exerted by BHO/Kerry to achieve future cease-fires; indeed, he can function with abandon [moving on the ground if desired, hanging around in newly-created buffer-zones when strategically advantageous, coordinating anti-Brotherhood purging with al-Sisi if a common-
threat is ID’ed, etc.]. Indeed, bec
ause all
missiles arrive with a “return
address,” he can respond accordingly, invoking whatever prior evidence needed [snipers in hospitals, etc.] to prophylax against charges of “disproportionate” civilian death.
inter alia
from Arutz-Sheva is illustrative of these concepts. Bibi's Unenviable Choice is framed (incorrectly) in a bipolar fashion: [1]
Dig-in for a long, attritional battle, in which both sides will slug it out for many more weeks or even months. (It is impossible to know precisely what remains of Gaza's arsenal of rockets, although Amidror estimates anything between 25-50% still remain out of approximately 10,000 rockets - enough to keep going for quite some time.), or [2]
redeploy forces deeper inside Gaza, overthrow Hamas and take full control of Gaza, as advocated by several cabinet ministers, most notably Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. (Clearing the Gaza Strip of all "weapons systems" and arresting or killing all terrorists there would take between 6-12 months and cost the lives of many soldiers and officers.) That the Saudi King Publicly Blamed Hamas for Gaza War would reflect positive-alliances, but they have
proven in-the-past to be evanescent; thus, this eventuality [plus evidence that Jews are fighting back against intimidation on the Streets of Manchester ] necessitates Israel
work with “new friends” but remain steadfast against ongoing manifestations of terror.
{Because the underlying threat cannot immediately
be eliminated, I prefer “Door #1.”
[One Man Wounded in Shaar Hanegev, one rocket intercepted over greater Tel Aviv, and another over Be'er Sheva]; Egypt has said previously that it would not entertain any talk of a cease-fire until Hamas stopped firing rockets at Israel. Israel did not send a delegation, saying Friday that it would no longer conduct cease-fire talks with Hamas, which has lied and violated six cease-fires[the latest one last Friday, when Hamas
terrorists broke a US and UN brokered cease-fire by killing three IDF soldiers]. {Also, know that, inexplicably, the State Department Rebuked Egypt.} 
 illustrates how wrong-headed BHO continues to be, as he continues to ignore the positive Implications of a Sisi Presidency in
Egypt - Field Marshal Sisi is part of a new generation of U.S.-educated
Egyptian military leaders whose close relationship with various power centers - especially his military colleagues - enhances his prospects of enduring if he becomes president. Given his extremely good chances of winning the election, it would be shortsighted for Washington to  jeopardize its three-decade investment in close relations with Egypt's armed forces by prolonging its military aid suspension. Moreover, Sisi's greater focus on counterterrorism compared to his predecessors creates an opportunity to better advance mutual strategic security interests.
The writer is a fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
) Long-term, it has been advised that present circumstances justify rejecting the Road Map's twisting highways to nowhere, for Israel's current struggles with Palestinian terrorism are not about land, "settlements," or "self-determination." They are about "God." Israel, therefore, must increasingly think in terms of  desacrilizing this relentless
adversary, and of convincing him that ritual murders of "Jews" will lead not to paradise and limitless pleasures, but to unbearable "terrors of the grave." {This is formidable, but eminently do-able, as long as a chronic commitment to this goal can be maintained.} BB can sit-back and watch/monitor what power-shifts occur in Gaza, triggered by the failure of Hamas to wreak more damage than having killed five-dozen Israelis; granted, this is a demonstrable loss within the
“family” residing in
Eretz Yisrael 
, but this was a strategic war and, thus, neutralizing Gaza chronically will free Israel to confront Iran. From the American perspective, he has demonstrated the limits of relying upon negotiations, diplomacy, etc. [the mainstay of BHO/Kerry] and, thus, the advantages accrued to a nation that has the ability to use its military properly;
this is a microcosm for what BHO hasn’t yet done
vis-à-vis the ISLAMIC-STATE, as it spearheads a massacre of Christians from Nigeria across Asia [for BHO will prefer talking about NCAA-brackets instead of the 300-girls, playing golf rather than addressing the purging of Mosul of 2K-years of adherents to Jesus]. Input
inter alia
from Pamela Geller is illustrative of these concepts.
Nigeria: Muslim Group Boko Haram remotely triggered bombs on unsuspecting
kidnapped girls 
IDF: ‘Kidnapped’ Israeli so
ldier Hadar Goldin is dead 
Hamas Tunnels Used To Target and Blow Up Israel’s Kindergartens, “An Israeli 9/11″
Planned with Tens of Thousands of Casualities 
Jews forced to flee in front of White House 
UK Muslim Leader: Islamize the Schools! 
Netanyahu to U.S.: Don’t “ever second guess me again” and force a truce with
The Jihad Against the Jews: Muslim Groups Calls For Attacks On Jewish Targets Worldwide 

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