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Published by api-3708784

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Published by: api-3708784 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Basic Q and A
Sheree Denise Rainbolt-Kren
(a work in progress)

My name is Sheree Denise Rainbolt-Kren. I am married 22 years. I have children and live
in the Northeast United States. I am a professional Dowser, Writer and online store
owner. My income derives from the making and selling of handmade pendulums and
charts. I also produce a monthly magazine called, PENDULUMS.

I host several online groups. I am in my sixth year working full-time online. Previous to
that, I taught children\u2019s acting and produced children\u2019s theater. Prior to that I was a
professional actress and director in LA and NYC. I began a spiritual awakening in 2000.
Along the way, I have managed large stores and small stores, owned a large Vintage shop
when I was 22, and also had my own dance show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been
acting/directing and teaching acting for most of my adult life- regardless of what other job
I held. It\u2019s what I loved. My young life was all about dance and theater.

These days, I spend most of my time in research for a new numeric system called JESUS CHRIST NUMEROLOGY. This is a system unlike any other, and nothing like traditional numerology. I also spend considerable time on my Reiki Forum, as I do practice Reiki / Teate consistently.

I am your average mom. You wouldn\u2019t know by looking at me that I do out of the box
things. I look like someone who would bake you cookies and be on your Boosters Club.
I do both things.\ue000


Jesus Christ Numerology is a rather deep numeric system that could take years to
understand or translate accurately. But, what I gleaned thus far has been life changing.
While there has been other intersections with other important info, it\u2019s JCN, and it\u2019s
alignments that show me that there is so much that humans do not know about their
source, their evolution, their Self and the nature of energy and time.

JCN is a system built on the English alphabet- forward and backward. I have learned that
there are many things that numbers can do to hide or transform from prying eyes.

JCN is not a new system. It\u2019s ancient. The English alphabet is not it\u2019s Source, though is
was likely created upon this numeric concept. The system will work with ALL other
systems- though I am only looking more deeply at that. The English alphabet can be used
with other language systems, when using the process of JCN, to learn from in meaningful

It found me. In late 2006 I was getting inspiration to learn about THE GREAT

PYRAMID OF GIZA. I had no real prior interest. When I started dowsing in about 2002,
I began to feel energy much more. Dowsing also increased my intuitive skills. I began to
feel a push to explore the net about the Great Pyramid and how it may be responsible for
some kind of communication that takes place between the physical and non physical
realms. I had no idea where to begin looking, but felt it was something I needed to do. I
posted requests for leads on my own forums and on other dowsing groups. One person
responded to me and sent me a link. What I found was astounding. The most important
being that there is a DATE LINE in the building itself, that matches our world history.

A little while later, I happened to be dowsing on some charts, and found myself on THE GODDESS chart. I had never checked that before, for me. I did this time and asked who would like to partner with me in my life at this time.

The name the pendy pointed to was HATHOR. I had no idea who she was, which was a
let down at the time. I set it aside, and made dinner. I never expected to use the chart
again. I mean, if you can\u2019t give me a name I know, never mind. lol

A little while later, I was speaking with a numerologist friend about the work HE was doing, and he mentioned the name Hathor and The Egyptian Book of The Dead. It was very odd.

I had long ago learned not to ignore anything that shows up twice. It was then my
numbers journey began, albeit un-named. I had no idea it was going to be a numbers
system and I had no idea that my birth name would be an exact HV match to HATHOR
THE COW GODDESS. I had no ideas my dreams would be explained, numerically. I had
no idea that I had named my daughter 22 h and my son 22 h as matches to the daughter I
had lost on 4/22
In 1987. Twenty Two has been our family number for 20 years. I had no idea that my
birth name would be an exact match to my daughters birth date 3/24. I had no idea that
my married name was destined and my Reiki journey was destined, and that I align,
numerically with the word DOWSING.

I had no idea that the numbers I had been seeing on digital clocks - in the form of 11:11, could be explained using JCN. I had no idea that the 7:17 I had been seeing would turn out to be the mother load. I had no idea that the intense dream I had 10 years ago about a 747, would be the number of my birth name, plus it\u2019s reverse ( 324 + 423 = 747).

Hathor is an exact match to the word LILITH. She is said to be the first wife of Adam,
until she got sassy and spoke the secret name of God, then rode off on a broom

Fact is, JCN has shown me a very different Lilith and a brand new way of seeing my
feminine self. I named my daughter Lily long before JCN. For the Jesus flower of
forgiveness. I had crossed a spiritual threshold when she was born and I knew that the
days ahead would be different. Very.

Since early 2007 I have been completely obsessed and insane with numbers. Every once in a while I would wonder if it wasn\u2019t all just coincidence. Now I know: there is no such thing. Everything is numbered\u2026intentionally. When you know your numbers, you will understand why this is important.

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