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The Cherubim.

The Cherubim.

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Exodus xxt. 17-22.

Exodus xxt. 17-22.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 04, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE CHERUBIM. BY REV. FREDERICK WHITFIELD, M.A., Exodus xxt. 17-22. Onb of the most instructive and beautiful symbols of God's Word is the cherubim. Taken in connec- tion with the ark and the mercy-seat, both of which are intended by the Spirit of God to represent the Lord Jesus Christ, they bring before us the glory of the Church. They are the representatives of the Church of God in its glorified state. They bid us look at them, and see, through them, what we ourselves shall shortly be. They are calculated to draw our hearts upward, and make us long for that time when " we shall be like Him ; for we shall see Him as He is." It is a " blessed hope," a glorious prospect ! May the Lord the Spirit direct our minds and hearts to understand this precious portion of His Word ! We are told, in the first place, the material of which these cherubim were made. " As many as were wlJJIng-hearted brought bracelets and ear-rings THE CHERUBIM. 2i and tablets, all jewels of gold ; and every man that offered, offered an offering of gold unto the Lord." Of this gold the cherubim were made. " Of beaten work shalt thou make^them" (ver, i8). There was thus a threefold work in the preparation of these glorious bodies. The gold was first cast into
the furnace. All the pieces, which had previously formed separate and distinct parts, were thus melted into one piece. How beautifully does this present us with the oneness of God's people ! o longer are they isolations, widely apart, having no con- nection one with another. They are, by the furnace of the cross, into which the Saviour was cast, melted into one glorious piece. They become united to Him and to each other. There they become one lump in Christ. They are members one of another. The cross binds them together with indissoluble ties. '* If one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member rejoice, all the members rejoice with it," .^ ot only so, but the fire purified the gold of the cherubim from its dross. Thus does the Churq)i become purified by the work of Christ on the cross. In that furnace she is baptized. *^ The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sin." There she is purified from all her uncleanness. There she is washed whiter than snow. From that fountain she steps up to the throne, ^<all ajlorious within," She has' not «^\» ^^ -^nKs^tSsK t2 THE CHERUBIM. She leaves the dross behind, and is '' complete in Him." But not only does the Church become one in Christ, not only purified^ but also "beaten." ** Of beaten work shalt thou make them." Stroke after stroke was to fall upon this melted and puri- fied gold. Thus was the fine gold to be shaped and moulded, so as to become meet for the glory within the veil. or were these strokes random ones. Each one came from the hand of a Bezaleel, a wise- hearted man, filled with unerring judgment and Divine wisdom. Every stroke was a moulding and
fashioning the fine gold, giving it the expression and figure and lineament of countenance, the grace and plumage, which was to appear within the veil So it is now with God's people, of whom these cherubim were the symbol Stroke after stroke of sorrow and trial falls upon them in this world. Wave after wave rolls over them, so that they exclaim in bitterness of heart, " Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of ^hy waterspouts : all Thy waves and Thy billows have gone over me." Yet there is no accident, no mistake, no random stroke. Each one comes from a wise-hearted One — One full of wisdom, and yet full of love. Each one is part of a great and glorious process. It is giving grace and fashion and shape to the soul, and preparing it to shine in glory within the veil. It is mould- ing and fashioning the blood-bought one, so that, //jts the cherubim within the veil, he may bear the THE CHERUBIM. ^^ cloud of Divine glory that shall rest upon him in the morning of resurrection and throughout thd countless ages of eternity. Another truth brought before us in this symbol is the oneness of Christ and His people. " Even of the mercy-seat shall ye make the cherubim" (ver. 19). The mercy-seat and the cherubim were thus made out of the same mass of gold. So Christ and His people are one. They are "par- takers of the Divine nature." The same strokes fell upon Him as fall upon them. They pass through the same furnace. The same path of tribulation to them as to Him. One process pre- pares them both for the same glory. But how sweetly does this remind us of the

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