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Published by: api-19983487 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A. Books
Bacon, Francis. (1998). Politics & Governance.
De Leon, Cynthia R. Guerrero et. al. (1992). Fundamental Statistic. Manila: Sinag-Tala
Publishers, Inc.
De Morny, Peter. (1988). Nursing Stories: Florence Nightingale. Czechoslovakia:
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a Clerkship Academic Medicine.

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Presidential Decree No. 603 Article 2 Section 6.
Republic Act 9073 Article VI Section 28.

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Predict Clinical Performance in Medical School. Springer Netherlands.
B. Theses and Dissertations

Aban, Joanne Fe D. (2007). The Clinical Experience of Bataan Provincial Hospital for Nursing Student Affiliates for School Year 1998-1999. Master\u2019s thesis, Arellano University.

Agustin, Janet P. (2007). Problems Affecting the Performance in the Clinical Areas of the Third and Fourth Year Levels of Nursing Students at AGO Medical and Educational Center, School Year 1996-1997. Master\u2019s thesis, Arellano University.


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Cortez-Palad. (2006). Performance of the Graduates of the Revised Bachelor of Science(BSN) Curriculum According to Selected Indicators as Perceived by the Nurse Managers and Nurse Graduates of Selected Hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City. Master\u2019s thesis, University of the Philippines.

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Saludar, Milburza. (2007). Evaluation of the Performance of Colleges of Nursing in the
Philippines. Master\u2019s thesis,
C. Magazines and Journals

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Keynan, A., et. al. (2000). \u201cReliability of Global Rating Scales in the Assessment of
Clinical Competence of Medical Students.\u201d Med. Educ 21.477.

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