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organization climate

organization climate



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Published by Amalraj

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Published by: Amalraj on Dec 03, 2009
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An organization, whether formal or in formal, large or small iscomposed of people human resource who come from different walk of life andwho are different from one another in their psychological make-up. Humanresource consist of the total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents andaptitudes of an organization’s satisfied workforce, as well as the values andattitudes and beliefs of the individuals involved in it. The performance of human being and their behaviors when engaged on a particular job isinfluenced by intangible psychological and social factors, such as familybreeding, education, personal likes and dislikes, emotions, job conditions, thewelfare facilities and privileges available to them while at work, recognition of their work., the wages or salaries they receive and above all employeesatisfactions.The quantity and quality of human resources are modified by suchenvironmental factors as education, training and development with the help of acquired knowledge and talents, a human being is capable of producing newideas, developing and improving capital goods and modifying the availablephysical and financial resource in order to achieve greater productivity,satisfaction and the goals set by an organization. Capital national resourcesforgin aid and international aid and play important than an efficient pool of welleducated, well trained and highly developed personal through whose creativeefforts the goals of an organization may be achieved. In this fact lies theimportance of human resource. 
The deals with the employees effectively, therefore, are quite a difficult andat the same time a challenging and different job from that of handlinginanimate resource. Human being have to be handled with great care by thepersonal manager, who should be expect in the art of what is usually called“Human Relation or Human Engineering”. Employees have a variety of expectation to fulfill. For thesatisfaction of these expectations, their role as workers and as member of group should recognize, people feel satisfaction in work not only by gettingmoney for it, but also prestige, status, independence, security, reward respect.These must be given when due. Employee participation is essential for higher production and greater human satisfaction. The satisfaction desired by anemployee may be Economic, social and psychological.
This study is under taken to analyze the “organizational climate inBSCL, SALEM”. It helps in analyzing the present organizational climatefollowed in the company and how far does the employees are satisfied with thepresent process and do they require any changes in the present processfollowed which could help them in modifying and developing present situation.
1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYPrimary objective
The objective of the study is to identify the organizational climateprevailing in BSCL and the way in which that affects the employees inthe organization.
To analyze the relationship between the employer and employees in theorganization.
To identify the areas to be improved in the organization.

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