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Published by api-19970189

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Published by: api-19970189 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Candidat e: Sumit Singh Sabarwal
Examiner: Capt Loo
Dat e: 04.11.08
Time: 1600-1745

1.You are Chief officer on ship. How will you go about cleaning of Fresh Wat er Tank?
2.Tie Single sheet bend, carrickbend double.
3.Which knot do we use on Bosun chair. Show how t o t ie?
4.Tie West count ry St opper. What are restrict ions and concerns while using West

Country Stopper?

5.Tie Chain St opper. Why do we t ake t he st opper against t he lay?
6.How do u load cargo as per IMDG code?
7.What is Grain code?
8.What are t he means of securing Grain cargo ( for bot h filled and part ly filled

compart ment )?

9.Draw St rapping and lashing met hod for securing Grain?
10.What are t he act ions t o be t aken if you are about t o expect Heavy Weat her?
11.What is t he most import ant t hing concerning you in heavy weat her(St abilit y

aspect )?

12.How will u carry out heavy lift operation?
13.What is the most critical thing/ time during heavy lift?
14.How do u calculat e max heel t hat you will be subject ed t o during heavy lift ?
15.How will you find the shift of Gravity(Calculating GG1)?
16.Make a Risk Assessment for Grounding (I was given a blank sheet and was asked t o

make a complet e risk assessment and t hen explain in det ail)?

17.How do u det ermine t he risk fact or while doing risk assessment ?
18.How do you clear a foul hawse?
19.What size of wire will you use for clearing foul hawse?
20.From where will you find out the safe working load of wire which you intend to


21.What is advect ion fog?
22.What is arct ic sea smoke?
23.What are t he range of visibilit y for each and which one could be more harmful t o


24.What is SOPEP?
25.Explain Marpol Annex-VI?
26.Name SECA areas. What should be t he sulphur cont ent Of MFO in SECA and

out side SECA?
27.How do u prepare for Docking survey?
28.What are t he it ems you check during docking survey?

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