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Claire Churchwell ENG 111 BL Matt Weinkam 24 September 2009

Claire Churchwell ENG 111 BL Matt Weinkam 24 September 2009

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Published by: churchcp on Dec 03, 2009
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Claire ChurchwellENG 111 BLMatt Weinkam24 September 2009
Bagel and Deli: a Miami TraditionIt’s Saturday at one thirty in the morning. Uptown is still alive and buzzingwith Miami University students. There are still lines outside of the bars and crowdsof people wherever you look. Some students are headed back home, some arestaying longer at the bars, and others are looking for somewhere to eat. Most of theobliterated college students are headed to Bagel and Deli, a late‐night‐must‐stopsandwich shop and Miami University legend. Upon approaching Bagel and Deli,you’ll see a large picnic table filled with strangers sharing the bench and table to eat their sandwiches. Also, a long bench where customers can find a place to sit, and anATM on the outside wall of the shop, making it easy for students to get some cashout for their bagels without having to go very far. However this specific deli is not just a late night hot spot, it is a Miami tradition
. So much so, that an alumnusMiami‐merger loves the deli so much that their wedding reception was held in Bageland Deli last February
! It’s open late for the hungry drunks to get something goodto eat, and then open early for families, professors, hung‐over and sober students tohave breakfast, lunch and dinner. No one at Miami attends without trying it, and noone leaves without talking about it. Visitors make it a must‐see on their list of thingsto do. Offering taste and character all wrapped up in tin foil, you can take your bageland your memory of this tiny shop (packed with people and liveliness) to go, andeveryone does.
 2Walking into Bagel and Deli presents a lot of things you will need to take in.First, you will have to find your footing, as it is extremely crowded with disoriented,very hungry, drunk college students. This could get messy and maybe hostile, becareful not to cut! Find your place to stand and makesure you are not over looked by one of the attendantsstanding behind the tall, wooden counter waiting to takeyour order. Behind the counter you can find the menu.All along the back wall each sandwich is framed with apicture and a description. Place your order and stepaside. Another thing you must be weary of is the constant in and out traffic: you do not want to be Bagel and Deliroad kill
. Along the back wall there is a shelf boastingevery flavor chip you could dream of. Next to that, abulletin board filled with fliers. Do you have to go to the bathroom? Well, there isn’t one. But there are plenty of beer cigarettes for sale. You have the option to buy a fullpack or three cigarettes of your choice for just a dollar. So whether you are ahabitual smoker or a drunken cigarette fiend, Bagel and Deli has your back. When it comes time to pay, do not skip out on your bill or the tip! There is a “bouncer” at thedoor, under the huge mirror that showcases a view of the entire shop, who is readyto throw you out if you get too reckless or try to dine and dash. Along the counterthere are tip jars chained to the counter with funny signs “You know you’re afreshman when…” and “Questions you should have asked on the Miami tour”;because a happy customer is a friendly tipper . Luckily for you, Bagel and Deli caters
 3to the students and accepts cash, charge and of course MUbucks so you have noexcuse not to stop for a bagel.Can you charge the beer and cigarettes on your Miamicard too? Of course. Behind the counter you’ll find the creatively presented menu. Each bagel ispresented in its own frame with acolorful picture and lively description
.There are over ninety bagel sandwicheson the menu and each is unique. They arenot your average deli sandwiches. The“Crunch and Munch”‐a Bagel and Delifavorite‐is a perfect example. It’s made with turkey, smoked cheddar, lettuce, honeymustard, parmesan peppercorn and the most important ingredient: Doritos!Another somewhat shocking option: “Missy’s Bloodbath”, melted Colby cheese ontop of rare roast beef on an onion bagel! The name alone is enough to turn stomachs,but it is a Bagel and Deli staple for some
. There are options available for everyoneincluding vegetarians and health‐conscious eaters. Some vegetarian options canusually sound pretty unexciting and unappetizing; on the contrary the “VeggieDelight” consists of provolone, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers,banana peppers, onions and sprouts.Though there are “healthier” options, if Iwere watching my weight, Bagel and Deli’ssteamed bagels with cheese would not bemy first choice
. Each bagel is cleverly

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