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NCPTT 2004 Annual Report

NCPTT 2004 Annual Report

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Annual Report of National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Annual Report of National Center for Preservation Technology and Training

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NCPTT Annua Reprt • 
2004 and Beyond • www.ncptt.nps.gov 
A Publication o the National Center or Preservation Technology and Training www.ncptt.nps.gov
Technology Serving the Future of America’s Heritage
Impacting Preservation
2004 and Beyond
e Natinal Center rPreservatin Tecnl-gy and Training is very excited t present teAnnual Reprt r te FiscalYear 2004 t ur many riendsand partners in te NatinalPark Service, ter gvern-ment agencies, universities,labratries and privategrups and trugut te istric preserva-tin cmmunity. We appreciate te increasedpartnersips and supprt  all  tese grupstrugut te United States and trugtem we will cntinue t expand ur researcand cntributin t te natin’s stckpile  inrmatin n preservatin tecnlgy. We welcme all new cnstituencies wile we tankur present nes.NCPTT as made majr prgress in 2004in its legislated rle t empwer preservatinpressinals and grups in rder t prtectand cnserve te natin’s cultural resurces bydevelping skills and tecnlgies, acilitatingtraining in priritized tecnical areas, applyingpreservatin tecnlgy benets rm ngingresearc, acilitating te transer  tis iglyspecialized tecnlgy amng state and privatesectrs, and cperating wit ter natinaland internatinal rganizatins wit similargals.Te Pressinal Develpment Prgram rEngineers, wic as been wrking r tree years t target engineering pressinals rmte arcitectural, civil, structural and me-canical engineering disciplines eld ur newcurses in te Summer Institute, and acquiredadditinal partners: Arcitectural EngineeringInstitute and te American Institute  Arci-tects amng ters. A majr tecnical studyn cncrete was begun wit te Atenaeum  
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U.S. Department o the InteriorNational Park Service
 Annual Report 
Mssn Statement
NCPTT advances the use oscience and technology inhistoric preservation. Workingin the felds o archeology,architecture, landscapearchitecture and materialsconservation, the Centeraccomplishes its missionthrough training, education,research, technology transerand partnerships.
By Ry Eugene GraamPTT Bard Car
Materials Research
Cemetery Conservation, GSA re-search projects provide 2004 focus page 4
Architecture & Engineering
Program introduces SummerInstitute training  page 6
Information Technology
Website undergoes major redesign page 8
Heritage Education
Program strives to become nationalmodel for heritage educationpage 9
PTT Grants
$410,268 awarded to 12 proposals in2004 grant cyclepage 10
Tecngy Essenta t te NPS Mssn
the worldof
 • Natna Center r Preservatn Tecngy and Tranng
NCPTT: Impacting The World of Preservation
1. Emphasize preservation tech-nology research.2. Train proessionals in newtechnologies.3. Serve as a knowledge center.4. Convene leading authorities.5. Promote cultural stewardshipthrough education
1. Protect cultural resourcesagainst vandalism, looting andterrorism.2. Conserve modern architectur-al materials.3. Meet the preservation needso houses o worship and cem-eteries.4. Evaluate previously appliedpreservation treatments.5. Measure impact o pollutionon cultural resources.6. Preserve threatened culturallandscapes.
NCPTT organzatnaStructure, 004
Piladelpia. NCPTT bradened its initiativet partner wit te AIA/histric ResurcesCmmittee and te Natinal Assciatin  Cllegiate Scls  Arcitecture t betterintegrate istric preservatin int te basic curriculum  pressinal arcitecture de-gree prgrams. Tese erts will als leadt unite prpnents  preservatin and tesustainable design mvement. oter areas advcacy, activities and researc includeardable using, cmmunity revitaliza-tin, apprpriate inll and redevelpmentstrategies, GIS, materials cnservatin, urbanistric arcelgy and cultural landscapeissues.Te Materials Researc Prgram, alreadypartnering successully wit parks, labrat-ries, gvernment agencies and universities,sarpened its activities in 2004 t includenew researc in partnersip wit te Depart-ment  Veteran’s Aairs and te Cane RiverCrele Natinal histrical Park. Cntinuingt be a majr prgram was te natinal cem-etery preservatin initiative wic prducedreginal seminars and wrksps in te mid-Atlantic, Nrtwest, central-Sut, as well asLuisiana. It is anticipated tat wrksps will be eld wit lcal preservatin grups inoregn and Flrida, as well as ter parts  te United States. Te NCPTT EnvirnmentalExpsure Camber was upgraded and newequipment was added t te lab in rdert increase te eciency  te nging airpllutin depsitin studies n cnslidatedstne and te DuPnt stne prtectant treat-ments. Summer interns rm all ver tecuntry strengtened and enanced teseresearc prjects.Based n te recmmendatins  apressinal review panel, NCPTT awardeda ttal  12 PTTGrants, wit awards ttaling$410,268.Cntinuing te traditin  partnersips,te NCPTT c-sted te 2004 US/ICoMoSInternatinal Sympsium in Natcitces n“Preservatin and Stewardsip  Culturaland Eclgical Landscapes.Te assembly was well attended rm all parts  te cun-try and resulted in te “Natcitces Decla-ratin n histric Landscapes.” Additinalpartners included te Cane River CreleNatinal histrical Park and te Cane RiverNatinal heritage Area.NCPTT, in making and planning greatstrides in its missin t advance te use  sci-ence and tecnlgy in istric preservatinin 2004, as becme te essential surce  knwledge and researc tat enables nt nlyte Natinal Park Service, but ter gvern-ment and private agencies, t carry n teirwn missins  cultural resurce manage-ment. Its prgrams and activities are makingan impact n istric preservatin nt nly inte United States, but arund te wrld.
Executive DirectorKirk CordellMarketingJeff GuinMaterials Research &TrainingMary S. StriegelArcheology &Collections Research& Training
Architecture &Engineering Research& Training
Kevin Ammons
Information Management
Network AdministratorLance EllisWeb Development SpecialistSean CliffordIntern Jennifer Renfrow
Architecture &Engineering ResearchFellowAndy Ferrell
Dupont ResearchFellowElizaBeth GuinJoint-FacultyResearcherTye BottingMRP AssistantJames GuidrySecretaryMary Ellen ServelloReceptionistMary BistodeauHeritageEducation— LouisianaSheila RichmondHeritage EducationAssistantKim BowenHistoricLandscapesResearch &Training
NCPTT Annua Reprt • 
2004 and Beyond • www.ncptt.nps.gov 
In Review — 2004
NCPTT hsts Natinal Preservatin Events; Named ‘Preservatinist  te Year’
Above: National Park ServiceDirector Fran Mainella cuts acake honoring the anniversaryo the ounding o the NationalPark Service during a receptionat NCPTT on Aug. 24. Sing-ing happy birthday to the NPSwith Mainella are NatchitochesMayor Wayne McCullen; KirkCordell, NCPTT executive direc-tor; Saidee Newell, Cane RiverNational Heritage Area Com-mission co-chair; Laura Gates,Cane River Creole NationalHistorical Park director; andNancy Morgan, Cane River Na-tional Heritage Area executivedirector.
NCPTT hsts US/iCoMoS Cnerence
NCPTT Hosted the seventh annualmeeting o the International Council onMonuments and Sites March 25-27, 2004.The conerence was attended by 150 peo-ple rom around the globe responsible ormanaging and supporting the conservationo built heritage. Participants were brieedon NCPTT’s research and given tours o itsheadquarters at Lee H. Nelson Hall. PTTBoard member Norman Weiss also instruct-ed ICOMOS participants in the Center’spioneering eorts in the feld o cemeteryconservation training.
Furt Annua Preservatn n YurCmmunty Event Fcuses n PreservngBudngs and outdr Mnuments
On July 28, interns and sta at NCPTTpresented their work during the ourth an-nual “Preservation in Your Community”event at Lee H. Nelson Hall. The event wastitled “An Ounce o Preservation: PreservingBuildings and Monuments in Natchitochesand across the Nation.”Interns Eric Broaddus, Seth Fornea,Andy Jacob, Ligy John, and Harriet Switpresented their summer research at NCPTT.Additionally, the Center debuted the ex-hibit “Preserving Memory: America’s Monu-mental Legacy.” The 25-panel exhibit wascreated by Save Outdoor Sculpture! to cre-ate an awareness o the important culturalrole outdoor monuments play in Americaand the eorts being made to preservethem.NCPTT and its National Park Servicepartners hold Preservation in Your Com-munity events each summer to inorm thepublic about local preservation eorts.
lusana Preservatn Aance NamesNCPTT Partnersp Preservatnst te Year
NCPTT was named Preservationist o theYear at the recent Louisiana Preservation Al-liance Conerence, which was also hosted bythe Center. The award recognized NCPTT’spartnership with the Cane River CreoleNational Historical Park, the Cane River Na-tional Heritage Area, and other preservationorganizations or its cooperative eort inadvancing preservation in the Cane Riverarea and the city o Natchitoches, Louisi-ana.
NCPTT Partners wt omsted Centert Devep landscape Pan r lee h.Nesn ha
 In an eort to enhance the native beau-ty to the landscape at its headquarters inLee H. Nelson Hall, NCPTT has contractedthe prestigious Olmsted Center or Land-scape Preservation to develop a landscapeplan. The plan is a result o the eorts oChris Stevens, a landscape architect withthe Olmsted Center, who researched NSUlibrary collections and physical plant flesor archival photos and descriptions o thecampus.Stevens has produced a detailed plant-ing plan that incorporates plant and treespecies native to the north Louisiana areawhere Nelson Hall is located. A mound olarge lea magnolias, a paw-paw patch,and a camellia hedge are just some o theunique plantings proposed. The plan alsocalls or the addition o new shade trees.

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