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Cain and Abel_Anger

Cain and Abel_Anger

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Published by api-3711938

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Published by: api-3711938 on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cain & Abel
See Also: Adam and Eve, God's Plan for Families, Cain & Abel
Main Points to Remember
1. We can\u2019t blame others for our sin
2. We can\u2019t hide from God

Vocabulary Words
Murder: to purposely kill another person
Sacrifice: to give something up
Prayer: Father, we know You are always watching over us.

In Old Testament times, God commanded people to worship Him with burnt offerings.
These offerings were burned on altars. They were called sacrifices...
Read the entire lesson...
Discussion: When things don\u2019t turn out the way we expected, we often look for someone

or something to blame. Usually, we also need to look inward. Were we expecting too
much? Did we respond the way we were expected to respond? If we are not honest about
what we do, it will lead to anger, and anger opens the door to hurtful sin.

Cain and Abel made the same sacrifice. F
Abel provoked Cain to anger. F
Cain tried to avoid God's questioning. T
God forced Cain to leave home. T
Adam and Eve had a third son. T
Craft:http://w w w .danie lles pla ce.co m/i mages /co ttons heep.gif
Decorate sheep with cotton balls to represent Abel's sacrifice. Attach a long ribbon to
make it a bookmark.
Sing: He\u2019s got the whole world in his hands
Memory Books of OT. Round Robin: toss stuffed animal and review books of the Old
Testament. \u201cBy faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain\u2026\u201d
Hebrews 11:4
Review Questions (can be used withgameboard
linguistic questions
1) Name Adam and Eve's three sons. (Cain, Abel, Seth)

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