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Minotaur Quarterly Issue 3 : Amazons, Myth & Magic

Minotaur Quarterly Issue 3 : Amazons, Myth & Magic

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Published by armornick

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Published by: armornick on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Issue 3 October 2008
The Official, Irregular Webzine of the Mazes & Minotaurs Revival
Two Scenarios, New Creatures & Mythic Items, Official BackgroundMaterial, Rule Variants, Inspiration for Maze Masters and more !
A Word from the Editor
Three Times the Fun ! 
Greetings, fellow Minotaurians… and welcome tothe third issue of the
the one-and-onlyofficial webzine of the
Mazes & Minotaurs
revival !
To celebrate our first anniversary (yup, the firstissue of
Minotaur Quarterly 
was released roughlyone year ago – which, incidentally, explains why it isno longer Quarterly) and since we couldn’t agree ona single theme for this third installment, we decidedto offer you a 48 page
issue.The first of these three themes is
. Thisissue’s
Mythika Gazetteer 
tells you everything youever wanted to know (and possibly a little bit more)about the warrior-women of M&M, while
The Alternate Amazon 
presents a variant, liberatedversion of the character class. Lastly, this issue’s
Maze Master’s Lore 
includes the description andstats of Mythika’s mightiest living Amazon heroine,Princess Titania.The second theme is (wait for it)…
! Thisissue’s
Pandora’s Box 
offers you various arcaneaccessories, the impenitent Luke G. Reynard tellsus what he thinks about Mystic Fortitude in his ever-popular
Twist in the Maze 
column and this issue’s
Griffin Archives 
resurrect a long-lost M&M classfrom the glorious 80s : Erik Sieurin’s Beastmaster -presented for the Original
Revised rules… allthis, plus the detailed description of Pellias ofSeriphos, Mythika’s greatest Sorcerer hero, in
Maze Master’s Lore 
.Last but not least, our third theme,
, isgenerously represented by two adventures – Andrew Trent’s
Black Chains of the Earth 
(part 2 ofour Against Atlantis! series) and Kevin Scrivner’s
The Trident of Rhana,
as well as by this issue’s
Mythic Bestiary 
, which offers us a Monstrous Mixfrom various legendary and literary sources. Not tobe outdone,
Muse’s Corner 
tells us all about threeTV movies inspired by the classic mythic tales ofJason & his Argonauts, the Trojan War and, ofcourse, the Odyssey.Oh, and did I mention the
Play Nymph 
?See you in a few months for
Minotaur 4 
– and no, itwon’t be a four-themed issue.Long live the Minotaur !
Olivier Legrand
- An Amazon special ? Well, that was about time ! Well, at least we didn’t get a chainmail bikini cover…
Game Session Credits
Merciless Maze Master :
Olivier Legrand.
Fearless Adventurers :
Andrew Trent, KevinScrivner and Erik Sieurin.
Wandering Monster :
Luke G. Reynard.
Visual Game Aids :
Various Artists, includingEmmanuel “Croquefer” Roudier, Anonymous ClipartCreators and Unknown Elegant Classical Artists.
Some illustrations © copyright Clipart.com 
Long live The Minotaur !
Unless otherwise stated, all game material includedin this webzine
uses the
Revised Mazes &Minotaurs
rules (1987 edition).Like all other
Mazes & Minotaurs 
products, thiswebzine is 100% free. Permission is
granted toSELL copies of this document (or any other
Mazes & Minotaurs 
book, for that matter) in any form.
Help us keep the Minotaur free !
Visit the official
Mazes & Minotaurs
website at :http://mazesandminotaurs.free.fr/ 
 Join the official
Mazes & Minotaurs
newsgroup at :http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/mazesandminotaurs/  
Class Variant :The Alternate Amazon 4
Striking a variant blow for the liberation of warrior-women ! 
Mythika Gazetteer :Amazons ! 6
Everything you always wanted to know about Mythika’s warrior-women 
Adventure :Black Chains of the Earth 12
A truly Promethean quest… and the second part of our “Against Atlantis” series.
Pandora’s Box :Arcane Accessories 21
Marvelous mythic items for magicians (why should warriors have all the fun ?)
Maze Master’s Lore :Mythika’s Mightiest
Introducing two living legends : Titania the Amazon and Pelias the Sorcerer ! 
Adventure :The Trident of Rhana 27
Mini-scenario, low-level adventurers, tiny protagonists… big final fight
Mythic Bestiary :Monstrous (Re)Mix 31
Revisiting some classic creatures - and a few not-so-familiar ones…
A Twist in the Maze : It’s all in the Mind ! 37
Watch Luke G. Reynard fail his saving roll against compulsive rule tinkering 
Letters Column :Dear Minotaur 39
The revenge of Steven Hanson (NY)
Griffin Archives :The Beastmaster 40
A forgotten favorite from the eighties returns… and gets Revised too ! 
Official Oracle :Curing Poison 44
Tired of dying after every encounter with Scorpion Folk ? 
Muse’s Corner :What’s on Minotaur Channel ? 45
The Odyssey, Helen of Troy and Jason & the Argonauts on your own TV ! 
 Play Nymph :The Hamadryad 48
Another gorgeous, pre-raphaelite poster babe by John W. Waterhouse 

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