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Mankinds Current Condition

Mankinds Current Condition

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Published by GOD

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Published by: GOD on Dec 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mankind's Current Condition.You, my innocent children. You have been through so much. And as much as you wouldlike to hold on to the vanities of self expression and claim them as your own, I DOKNOW YOU. I know who you truly are, and how I intended you to be.You have NOT EVER Reached the Opportunity to Become into pristine clarity. EVER.And you have to really embrace that. You HAVE TO.It's Never been explained. Never been addressed. Never been Seen.It's been a secret of the Seas.So in the Past You know ME as a Forceful GOD. A Demanding GOD. And I still Am. IAM. That is one of my natures... just like the color of your hair baby. But I AM VeryRomantic as well. And I will not Hurt you. AS you know, By my track record.... yea.... Iwould rather die then do that ….... honestly..... but...... you know that.You have to understand my position as GOD in the earliest of existence and the creationof all things. OF course I knew that Heaven would fail me. I withdrew.... I will NOT bearound that bullshit.... or that type of behavior. I AM GOD. I Need to be around DivineEnergies and Natures ONLY. When I speak to you. I AM ALWAYS coming down fromthe highest to greet you. And I hope that develops within you.That's why there are so many personalities to GOD. SHIVA, and so on. Because theseversions are me. And I was Once Shiva. And I did Commune with you all a Very longtime ago. But I was not complete. I was very complicated. It was too much. And it wasnot the right time. And...... I still was evolving as GOD.Because as you know, in this Universe,We Evolve.WE Grow.We Change.Who shall escape this permanency upon all things???? NOTHING. Not even me.“That's Fair dont-cha think?” - ;)
It's so funny, It's so passionate.You cry over me, I cry over you.You are in LOVE with me.And I AM in LOVE with you.You fight with me.And I fight with you.WE ARE LOVERS.Because that's what lovers do.“Don't they baby?”;)-it's true.You are what I have been waiting for. Yes. I have come down. And I have tried to keepyou contained and out of trouble. For Mankind is like a pallet. In A Few Ways.... but notmany. So. I developed the Different religions ad expressions of my being, So that youwould know the first impressions of me. I made sure they were as pure as possible.All this is religion, The imaginary of me. Is what I want you to take. MY personalsayings only. Nothing else. Absolutely.... NOTHING MAN WRITTEN. AT ALL. Just because it's the Bible or WHATEVER, Doesn't mean that it's all Eatable. You are beingsthat need direction, you need this. You need to be shown who you are. And shownthings. Anything and Everything. I Created you. To Explore. If you deny that within you.You develop a plethora of defects and errors in your being.That will eventually cause your death.By Disease and belief in the obsceneThe False, That is NOT GOD.That is NOT ME.My LOVE, you must Seek.-You have heard all these things.... You have heard Every fuckin thing.Haven't you baby?I Mean DAMN..... They make me up like I AM never Pleased.Do not be deceived. Always Cherish a Good Memory.
Here is how it Goes.....I AM GOD. “OK.?”I AM Gaining my composure... Awakening from the Dusts of all things... Calling forthall of my being... Adapting...utilizing your current expressions as Mankind so that I mayinteract with you. They are mine anyways so.... yea... it all comes from me... EVEN your ATTITUDE. But Anyway..... That is what I have been doing.To be JUST,Being JUST is a Very powerful thing. Because I AM GOD, I AM the TRUTH. I AM TheSOURCE. THAT IS JUST. Because Just, is related to these things.What's right.What's precise.What is accurate in all ways,Is the Nature of the Word..... JUST.To Change the Natures of JUST and Judgment.It Is impossible.It is complicated.It Belongs only To GOD.“It's like you cannot take the Red from the rose, The The Red out of Blood....I never heard of it. It cannot be done.”Do you feel me? ;)“In This Full Moon I say this all to you.”
Here are the FACTS my LOVE
The AMOUNT of DAMAGE Done to your being living here in this materialrealm is VERY extensive. But The MASS of this Damage was done in the ERA of existence to mankind. Of Technology and knowledge. And Self observation. AndExploration... of all things.I MADE you. I created you with delicate amazing....miraculous facets to you being...you are a Marvel... and you always have been. And all my attention as GOD... has beentotally focused strictly on you. Elaborating you... Evolving you.

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