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Araneta vs. Dinglasan

Araneta vs. Dinglasan

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Published by Geelyn Catindig

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Published by: Geelyn Catindig on Aug 07, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Delagation of PowerCase # 3 Araneta vs Dinglasan August 29, 1949 Ponente: Tuason, JG.. !o. "2$44: J. A!T%!&% AA!'TA, (etitioner, vs. A)A'" D&!G"A*A!,Ju+ge of )irst &nstane of -anila, an+ J%*'P. '!G/%!, )isal of Cit0 of -anila,res(on+ents.G.. !o. "2: J. A!T%!&% AA!'TA an+G'G%&% &""A-%, (etitioners, vs.'5G'!&% A!G'"'*,)isal of Cit0 of -anila, res(on+ent.G.. !o. "3$4:'5"%G&% %D&G5'/, *r., (or si 0 o6o Presi+ente +el Parti+o !aionalista,reurrente, vs. '"T'*%'% D' )&"&P&!A*, reurri+o7e0ng8.G.. !o. "3$:"'%! -A. G5'%, (etitioner, vs. T' C%--&**&%!' %)C5*T%-* an+ T' AD-&!&*TAT%,*5GA;5%TA %))&C',D'PAT-'!T %) C%--'C' A!D&!D5*T<, res(on+ents.G.. !o. "3$: A!T%!&% A'D%, in =isown >e=alf an+ on >e=alf of all ta?(a0erssi6ilarl0 situate+,(etitioner, vs. T'C%--&**&%! %! '"'CT&%!*, T'A5D&T%G'!'A" an+T'&!*5"A T'A*5' %) T'P&"&PP&!'*, res(on+ents.)ats:T=ree of t=ese ases were onsoli+ate+ for argu6ent an+ t=e ot=er two were argue+se(aratel0 on ot=er +ates.T=e (etitions =allenge t=e vali+it0 of e?eutive or+ers of t=e Presi+ent avowe+l0issue+ in virtue of Co66onwealt= At !o. 1.1. &nvolve+ in ases !os. "2$44 an+ "2 is '?eutive %r+er !o. 2, w=i=regulates rentals for =ouses an+ lots for resi+ential >uil+ings. T=e (etitioner, J. Antonio Araneta, is un+er (roseution in t=e Court of )irst &nstane of -anilafor violation of t=e (rovisions of t=is '?eutive %r+er, an+ (ra0s for t=eissuane of t=e writ of (ro=i>ition to t=e @u+ge an+ t=e it0 sal. 2. &nvolve+ in ase "3$ is '?eutive %r+er !o. 192, w=i= ai6s to ontrole?(orts fro6 t=e P=ili((ines. &n t=is ase, "eon -a. Guerrero seeBs a writ of 
 to o6(el t=e A+6inistrator of t=e *ugar ;uota %ie an+ t=e
Co66issioner of Custo6s to (er6it t=e e?(ortation of s=oes >0 t=e (etitioner.ot= oiial refuse to issue t=e reuire+ e?(ort liense on t=e groun+ t=at t=e e?(ortation of s=oes fro6 t=e P=ili((ines is for>i++en >0 t=is '?eutive %r+er.3. Case !o. "3$4 relates to '?eutive %r+er !o. 22, w=i= a((ro(riatesfun+s for t=e o(eration of t=e Govern6ent of t=e e(u>li of t=e P=ili((ines+uring t=e (erio+ fro6 Jul0 1, 1949 to June 3$, 19$, an+ for ot=er (ur(oses. T=e(etitioner 'ulogio o+rigueE, *r., as a ta?(a0er, an eletor, an+ (resi+ent of t=e!aionalista Part0, a((lies for a writ of (ro=i>ition to restrain t=e Treasurer of t=e P=ili((ines fro6 +is>ursing t=is '?eutive %r+er. 4.Aete+ in ase !o. "3$ is '?eutive %r+er !o. 22, w=i= a((ro(riatesP,$$$,$$$ to +efra0 t=e e?(enses in onnetion wit=, an+ ini+ental to, t=e=ol+ lug of t=e national eletions to >e =el+ in !ove6>er, 1949. T=e (etitioner, Antonio arre+o, as a itiEen, ta?(a0er an+ voter, asBs t=is Court to (revent Ft=eres(on+ents fro6 +is>ursing, s(en+ing or ot=erwise +is(osing of t=at a6ount or an0 (art of it.FT=e (etitioners onteste+ an+ rest t=eir ase =ie0 on t=e (ro(osition t=at t=e'6ergen0 Powers At 7Co66onwealt= At !o. 1 =as ease+ to =ave an0 forean+ eet. At !o. 1  A! ACT D'C"A&!G A *TAT' %) T%TA" '-'G'!C< A* A '*5"T%) HA&!%"&!G T' P&"&PP&!'* A!D A5T%&/&!G T'P'*&D'!T T% P%-5"GAT' 5"'* A!D 'G5"AT&%!* T% -''T*5C '-'G'!C<.
 At !o. 1 is +elegation of e6ergen0 (owers to t=e (resi+ent.T=e (ro>le6 in Co66onwealt= At !o. 1 is t=at it +oes not ? t=e ter6 +uration of its eetiveness. &ssue:H%! CA !o. 1 =as ease+ to =ave an0 fore an+eetuling: <esCo66onwealt= At !o. 1 +oes not in ter6 ? t=e +uration of its eetiveness.T=e intention of t=e At =as to >e soug=t for in its nature, t=e o>@et to >eao6(lis=, t=e (ur(ose to >e su>serve+, an+ its relation to t=e Constitution. T=eonseuenes of t=e various onstrutions oere+ will also >e resorte+ to asa++itional ai+ to inter(retation. He test a rule >0 its results.

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