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What you need to know about breast implants

What you need to know about breast implants

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Published by preciousupset9949

By Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Joyce K. Eisenberg

Published December 10, 2013

In 2012,

By Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Joyce K. Eisenberg

Published December 10, 2013

In 2012,

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Published by: preciousupset9949 on Aug 07, 2014
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 What you need to know about breast implants
By Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Joyce K. EisenbergPublished December 10, 2013In 2012, more than 330,000 women click here cosmetic surgery in the United States elected to havebreast augmentation surgery; worldwide, that number exceeded 1.5 million. Although mediacoverage suggests otherwise, only a minute percentage of the women who get breast implants areactresses and models. They come from all walks of life; they include policewomen and CEOs,teachers and soldiers, young mothers and nurses. About 30 percent of the women who get breast implants are in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania their 20s.They often report being self-conscious about their lack of development or embarrassed about theirbreasts being asymmetrical or uneven. About 35 percent are women in their thirties, many of whomlost breast volume after childbirth. Some want to recapture their pre-pregnancy breast size, whileothers liked the breast fullness they had during pregnancy and want to recreate it with implants.Whether women are having cosmetic breast surgery (augmentation, lift or reduction) orreconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, their goals are similar: They want to look feminine,natural and proportional. They want their clothes to fit better.In consultation, women ask dozens of questions about the safety, durability and longevity of salineand silicone gel implants - the two types that are approved for sale by Pitt the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Here's a sampling:Is it normal to have different-sized breasts?Breasts are sisters, not twins. There's no such thing as perfectly identical breasts. Most women havebreasts that are slightly different sizes. In consultations, when women look at dozens of before-an--after photos, they are surprised and relieved to see that they are not the only ones with different-sized breasts.The asymmetry can be addressed during surgery, by enlarging breasts with implants of differentsizes, augmenting the smaller breast or reducing the larger breast. While surgery cannot transformthose sisters into twins, it can make them look like sisters from the same family.Will I be able to breastfeed if I get implants?In most cases, breast augmentation surgery does not interfere with breastfeeding, because milk ducts are generally not disturbed during the procedure. When implants are placed through anincision made around the areola, milk ducts are sometimes disrupted, which may affectbreastfeeding. However, not all women are naturally able to breastfeed, whether or not they have
cosmetic breast surgery.Do implants get in the way of reading a mammogram?They can. That's why technicians routinely ask women if they have breast implants. If so, they willgently displace (push up) the implants and take extra views of each breast. Because of the number of women who have had breast augmentation, radiologists are likely to have experience evaluatingbreasts with implants.Can you make me a full C cup?Women commonly think that being in proportion means wearing a C cup bra. Because there is nostandard bra cup-sizing system, and because breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters notcup size, it's better to refer to proportional as a "C look." To achieve that, a 5-foot-tall woman with asmall frame might end up wearing a B cup bra and a 5' 8" woman might wear a D. Â How soon can I get back to work and to working out?The former depends on what your job entails. Generally, women who work in an office setting can goback to work on the fifth day after surgery. Those whose jobs entail lifting, pushing or pulling

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