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Cinderella Retold

Cinderella Retold

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Published by Monstamann
Research Supported Paper
Research Supported Paper

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Monstamann on Aug 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Weaver 124 April 2008Can’t Let GoMiguel sat by the bed and looked out the indo! "he last o# the $olor#ul autu%nleaves ere being stripped #ro% the trees by the ind! "aking #light #or a %o%ent& they ould sirl around in $ir$les then #all to the ground and re%ain there& al%ost i%%obile! "urning his head slightly& Miguel sa his re#le$tion in the glass! "he rinkles in his #orehead %ade hi% see% %u$h older than a %an o# '2& but his large& $hestnut eyes looked like those o# a lost and $on#used $hild! (ustling #ro% the bed $aught his attention! )e looked at his i#e& *%ily& ho as lying on the rinkled& $rea% bed sheets! )er shoulder+length blonde hair as s$attered over the pillo and her pink& heart+shaped lips parted slightly as she breathed! Miguel ished that she asn’t so pale! )e stood up #ro% his $hair and pushed it  ba$kards in #rustration! "he do$tor had to do so%ething, )e $ouldn’t -ust give up, Miguel looked at his i#e on$e %ore then alked out o# their bedroo%! )e as going to get the do$tor ba$k here! )e had to!..... A#ter an hour o# arguing ith the ton do$tor& he returned to his i#e& de#eated! When he alked into the roo% he sa his eight+year old daughter& *lla& trying to help her out o# bed!/What are you doing he asked *lla as he -erked her aay #ro% her %other and leaned in to support his i#e!/Ma%a ants to see %y #loers& *lla said so#tly& taking a step ba$kards! /ou kno she is si$k and needs to rest,
Weaver 2/Miguel& it’s #ine! 3 ant to go see the%& said *%ily as she eakly struggled against hi% to stand!/Absolutely not, o lay don& said Miguel ith a stern voi$e as he steadily ga5ed into his i#e’s e%erald green eyes! A#ter a %o%ent o# si%ply holding her still& her strength see%ed to deplete and she laid ba$k don! /3’ll be ba$k in a %inute& seetheart& he said a##e$tionately as he kissed her on the $heek! /*lla& $o%e ith %e, Grabbing his daughter by the ar% he pulled her out o# the roo% and 6uietly shut the door!/7apa& you’re hurting %y ar%, *lla $ried as they alked don the hallay!Miguel slung her around in #ront o# hi%& grabbed both o# her shoulders& and shook her as he said& /What ere you thinking our %other needs her rest, Are you trying to %ake her die sooner*lla’s eyes idened! "ears began silently sliding don her $heeks! he didn’t %ove! he didn’t speak! he -ust stood there looking up at hi%!Miguel took a deep breath! )is shoulders hun$hed #orard! )e let go o# *lla and pla$ed his hand on his #orehead& trying to stop the li6uid drops o# anger and sorro that threatened to #ill his eyes! A#ter a %o%ent he got don on his knees and looked at his daughter! )er aist+length& avy bla$k hair as sti$king against her tear+stained olive $heeks and her e%erald eyes& that ere so %u$h like her %other’s& shone like polished ge%s! /3’% sorry& *lla! 3’% -ust orried about your Ma%a! Co%e here& he said& rea$hing his ar%s around her petite #ra%e and draing her $lose to hi%! /o go to your roo% and play #or a hile! 9k /9k& 7apa!
Weaver 'Miguel at$hed *lla until she turned the $orner! "hen& he ent ba$k in to be ithhis i#e! When he returned she as sleeping again! )e sat ba$k don beside the bed! )is hands began to shake as he looked at her! hi#ting in his seat& he leaned #orard and  pla$ed his head on the bed! "hen& $losing his eyes he hispered in a $ra$ked voi$e& /God& please don’t let her die!.....Miguel s%iled as he at$hed his i#e and daughter $hase ea$h other through the #ield! 3t as a per#e$t su%%er day and the roses in the garden ere all bloo%ing! )e $lipped to& one hite and one red! trolling up behind *%ily& he hid the roses behind hi% and tapped her on the shoulder! he turned! "he sunlight behind her #or%ed a glo around her #a$e! Miguel thought she looked like an angel! )e brought the roses out #ro% behind his ba$k!/"his is #or you %y dear& he said& handing her the red rose! he tilted her head and s%iled as she a$$epted it!/"hank you& she hispered a##e$tionately as she leaned in and brushed his $heek ith her lips! )e ga5ed at her #or a %o%ent& then looked don! *lla as standing there& at$hing the% ith a s%ile on her #a$e! )e bent don and pi$ked her up ith one ar%! /And this is #or you& he said& giving her the hite rose! /3t’s beauti#ul& she said as she rapped her deli$ate ar%s around his ne$k! /"hank you& 7apa! )e sat her don and they all started alking! "he ind started to pi$k up! )e $ould #eel it tossing his ebony hair #ro% side to side!.....

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