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01 30 09 NYC JMC Update

01 30 09 NYC JMC Update

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Published by: api-27426110 on Dec 04, 2009
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New York City Job Market Update
Newsletter for LHH New York City office (Go to: http://www.esnips.com/web/LHHNYCJMC)
January 30, 2009
In This Issue

\u2022Job Market Intel
\u2022Career Events
\u2022Networking Events
\u2022JMC Job Search Tips

Also Included

\u2022Useful Web Sites
\u2022Media Resources
\u2022Blue Steps
\u2022Network of Experts
\u2022Job Lead Sampler
\u2022Just Thinking\u2026

Get Your Copy
NYC Job Market Update
available online at:
http://www.esnips.com/web /L HHNY CJM
C Access the latest and

back editions. Copies are
also available in the
common areas and from
your consultants\u2026 If you
have information to
submit, contact Rod
Williams at
rod.williams@lhh.com or

212.455.8583. Thanks in
CRN SpotLight

Check out the approximately
150,000 jobs onLe a dLi nk
and don\u2019t forget to keep your
resume updated onRes ume

Reserve. New employers
and recruiters are added and
are searching daily.
FLASH!The next \u201cJMC Live\u201d is Wednesday, February 4. Don\u2019t miss

the latest info on the current NYC employment marketplace. Our
featured guest will be the NY State Department of Labor. Come out
and get all of your questions answered regarding unemployment
benefits and State resources as well as hear what\u2019s new and on the

horizon\u2026 (Remember seating is limited so don\u2019t forget to register)\u2026
Job Market Intel
Herman Trend Alert: Where the Jobs Are and Will Be
January 28, 2009

Though the media in the United States is filled will news of layoffs, what is not being widely reported
is some companies are still hiring---notably Whole Foods, Boston Consulting Group,
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Fuld and Company, Scotts LawnService, URS, and more. The company
that made it to the top of Fortune's "100 Best Places to Work" list this year, NetApp, which sells
innovative storage and data management solutions, is also hiring.

The other companies that are hiring are in a wide variety of fields. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven which is looking for employees in operations, accounting, information systems, merchandising, and marketing.

Do you love animals? Here is an employer for you. Banfield, the largest general veterinary practice
treating pets in the world, is currently looking for veterinarians, pet nurses, office managers, and
client service coordinators.

If you are job hunting, there are two sectors that stand out---insurance and healthcare. State Farm,
HealthMarkets, and Farmers Insurance are all looking for employees. Farmers is particularly looking
for bilingual associates, while State Farm seeks a wide range of candidates including people to work
in claims, underwriting, and systems/information technology. HealthMarkets, a nationwide health
insurance provider, is recruiting agents to sell to self-employed individuals and their families.

In the realm of healthcare, Gentiva Health Services, a provider of home care services, is looking for a
range of highly skilled employees, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and
other clinicians; as well as sales, management and administrative support professionals. Sutter
Health, a group of doctors, not-for-profit hospitals, and other healthcare service providers, is also
seeking a variety of people to provide bedside care, implement lifesaving technology, and take
administrative positions.

Since we value our mobile phones more highly than our laptops. (See
http://www.hermangroup.com/alert/archive_3-19-2008.html.), it will come as no shock that the sales
of cell phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants) have not diminished significantly. Verizon and
AT&T continue to hire sales people and store managers, especially those with language skills.

The only employers seeking unskilled workers right now are in the insurance and call center areas.
Our forecast is highly skilled workers will continue to enjoy opportunities, no matter how high
unemployment goes. Next week, we will cover the Green Job opportunities.

Access both on the web at:
Other Job Market
Connection Highlights\u2026

Career Events
Employer of the Day
\u201cJMC Live\u201d
Networking Groups
Recruiter Panels
Special Topic Speakers
NYS Dept of Labor


Additionally we serve as
the local venue for
several external
professional networking
groups including TENG
(Tech Exec. Networking
Group), MENG
(Marketing Exec.
Networking Group), and
FENG (Financial Exec.
Networking Group)

Blue Steps

We have negotiated a 20%
discounted rate for LHH clients
with Blue Steps the executive
search web site owned and
operated by the AESC
(Association of Executive
Search Consultants) which is
their professional organization
made up of over 200 of the top
executive search firms. See
your consultant for details.

AESC has around 200
member search firms, with
around 4000 consultants
around the world.

Sun Might Be Setting on Bank Empires
Royal Bank of Scotland's foreign empire-building helped bring it to its knees. Will its 20 billion pounds
($29 billion) bailout from the U.K. government force a full-scale retreat?

It already appears to have started. Monday, the British bank offloaded its 4% stake in Bank of China for 1.6 billion pounds. RBS is selling out of a key growth market with Bank of China's shares near an all-time low. That extra capital will allow RBS to book a four billion pounds reduction in risk-weighted assets -- tiny in the scheme of its two trillion pounds balance sheet.

But it could be a taste of things to come. Next there could be pressure to offload some of the
overseas assets it acquired with its fateful takeover of ABN Amro just as the credit bubble burst. After
all, it is now under pressure to support domestic lending from its new 57% shareholder -- the U.K.
government. Taxpayers won't necessarily be keen on their money going toward financing overseas
operations or investment banking trading operations.

Citigroup, a large recipient of U.S. government money, is another bank that might yet find itself under
pressure to offload foreign assets -- even if it is tough to find buyers as a decent price in this
environment. A sort of breakup already appears to be under way given talks to sell its Smith Barney
brokerage business.

With a new round of state bailouts increasingly likely, governments might reasonably want the cash to be used for shoring up activities at home rather than abroad. RBS boss Stephen Hester insists the bank will remain a major international player. Political realities may yet dictate otherwise.

Write to Simon Nixon atsimo n.nixo n@wsj .co m
Finding Medium & Smaller Firms

In this market many people are considering medium-sized and small firms. This is a resource to
identify firms that have recently received funding.
www.pwcmoneytree.com provides information on a quarterly basis on funding of companies. You
can sort by region, industry, stage of development, financing sequence, VC firm and investee
I heard about this at an SIIA event (www.siia.net) which is partially sponsored by PWC. I registered
with the site to get access to this information.

Jay Colan
Senior Vice-President/Consultant

JMC Job Search Tips(Simple Things pt 91\u2026)

The year 2009 is not off to the most promising start from an employment standpoint so the search process may be more grueling than usual \u2013 more phone calls, more research, more meetings, and yes, more rejection. That\u2019s the reality of the job market and since it\u2019s a given then it\u2019s necessary to prepare properly in case you\u2019re in for the long haul. This means physically as well as emotionally. It\u2019s as critical to keep a good fitness regimen on both fronts. It\u2019s impossible to put your best attitude on display if your body isn\u2019t up to it. So don\u2019t neglect exercise, a good diet, sleep, and the requisite rest/recharge breaks. You\u2019ll be glad you did\u2026

Just Thinking\u2026
Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.
-- Nicholas Murray Butler
Networking Events(free/low cost events that may interest you)
NYC Senior Executive Roundtable
Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 8:30 - 11:00 AM
Where: 11 Penn Plaza

Seventh Avenue
5th Floor, Conference Room
New York City, NY

Cost: ExecuNet Members \u2013 $35.00
Guests \u2013 $40.00
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, February 3, 2009
New York City \u2013 Making Networking Connections
Wednesday, February 4, 2009, 1:00 - 3:30 PM
Where: 11 Penn Plaza

Seventh Avenue
5th Floor, Conference Room
New York City, NY

Cost: Execunet Members \u2013 $35.00
Guests \u2013 $40.00
Registration Deadline:
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
The "C" Network

"Surviving Corporate America"; Tuesdays, 1 p.m.; people of various professions are brought together to debate how to break through the elements for finding work; paid pre-registration required; call for locations and further information.

Fees: $12
100 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10017
Sponsor information
The "C" Network
Contact: TheCnetwrk@aol.com, 718/263-3501
Participate in a Unique Part-Time Consulting Opportunity

The Network of Experts is looking for experienced professionals and subject matter experts across a wide range of industries. We are a research firm serving the asset management and private equity communities, and we rely on the experts in our network to educate our clients.

We offer unique benefits for people who are employed full-time, retired, or in transition:
* You earn consulting fees at the hourly rate you set yourself for short assignments that occur via

telephone or through surveys and email exchanges.
* You get to interact with influential money managers and to broaden your personal network.
* You have engaging conversations on relevant and current topics in your industry.
* You participate in a simple and straightforward program that never charges you any fees, protects

your privacy, and works around your busy schedule.

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