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Love Systems Insider: Cajun on Inner Game

Love Systems Insider: Cajun on Inner Game

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Published by Love Systems
Cajun on Inner Game
Cajun on Inner Game

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Published by: Love Systems on Dec 04, 2009
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Love Systems Insider
Date: June 2008
ajun on Inner Game
Cajunhardly needs an introduction. Love Systems lead instructor extraordinaire, he rose in just over a year from a bootcamp student to Love Systems instructor. At about 5¶5, he is shorter thanmost of his students, most of the women he dates, and most of the competition whenever he goesout. And he blows them away because he understands and can teach dating science better thanalmost everyone else.Of course, he is best known as the winner of  Keys to the VIP  , a pickup competition show. Producers and judges pit men against each other in bars full of beautiful women with specificchallenges to find out who is better. Despite the judges picking on Cajun for his lack of height or model-type looks, he blew away the competition and had the most beautiful women all over him ± all on national TV. Read Cajun¶s commentary on the episodehere.Today, we turn the flow over to Cajun to learn about the kind of inner game that gives him thekind of confidence to go onto a show like Keys to the VIP and win.
Inner game is probably one of the most popular subjects in dating science. It¶s a major sticking point for nearly everyone who has trouble talking to women and it¶s a problem that can bedifficult to fix as well, since it tends to be rooted in a lifetime¶s worth of negative beliefs that are based on things like fear and rejection. Inner game is also a topic that I think can only bediscussed from a personal level; that is, I can¶t convince you how to think or look at lifedifferently. Only you can do that. However, I can tell you how I overcame the very same problems, and hope that you can learn from my experiences.
o what is it?To me, inner game problems boil down to two things: your experience and your mindset. Every problem you run into with not just women, but life itself, can be attributed to one of these twoareas. I¶m going to get into both of these, and give some personal insights, so hopefully by theend of this article you¶ll have a clearer understanding of what exactly it is that you need to work on to fix your own issues.
When people ask me how I developed the kind of ³rock solid confidence´ that allowed me to putmyself out there on national TV, I always answer the same way: ³Practice.´ When you think about what confidence actually is you realize that it¶s simply doing something that you¶ve doneenough times to be comfortable with. It¶s only when we¶re thrown into situations that areunfamiliar to us that we start to lose confidence in ourselves. The sad and somewhat ironicreality is that most men are not comfortable talking to women simply because they don¶t talk towomen! It¶s a negative feedback loop that¶s perpetuated by a fear of ³what might go wrong.´This is bullshit! To be scared of the possible negative outcomes is to be scared of the very thingthat enables you to get better!Think about it this way. When you were learning to ride a bike, were you too scared to get on because of a fear that you might fall down? Maybe, but you got on anyway because you saw howmuch fun all the other kids were having. Even then you realized that the reward was worth therisk. Well, this is the same thing. I remember before I took my bootcamp(taught byTenmagnet), I wasn¶t any good at meeting women. I used to get drinks thrown in my face, told off, or simplyignored. The bootcamp put me on the right path, and I had the model of how things weresupposed to go (and had seen instructors doing it properly ± up close), but I still wouldn¶t havemade the most of things if I hadn¶t gotten used to rejection enough that I could understand whereI went wrong. Getting used to rejection isn¶t easy, but the best advice I can give you is to simplyaccept it. Don¶t get mad at her or yourself, don¶t go home, just accept that it¶s a completelynormal and necessary part of the learning process. You can¶t make an omelet without breakingsome eggs. The sooner you realize that rejection is a necessary evil, the sooner you can come toterms with it and move past it.
There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.
Most of us grew up in a society that implied a dual-concentric model of reality. That is, the outer circle being reality, or the world around us, and the inner circle being our consciousness. Weexperience the outer circle, reality, through our inner circle, our consciousness. This is how we believed reality worked, that our consciousness was independent of it... but recently this allchanged.We are now learning through quantum physics that reality is actually the inner circle, and thatour consciousness is the outer circle. That is, reality exists inside our mind, and we create our own reality with our thoughts (or beliefs, if you¶d rather).What does this mean?As far as any of us know, there may only be one reality: your own. Who is to say that I'm not afigment of your imagination, your reality, writing out this entire article to send a message to you,from your subconscious mind. It's possible.The truth is, whether any of us actually exist or not is irrelevant. Life is a game, and it¶s a gamethat a lot of people are scared to play. Don't be one of them.I recently received an email from a student of mine asking about the power of beliefs, and howthey work. I replied with the following:

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