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2 - 3 - 1-3 Using the Focused and Diffuse Modes--Or, A Little Dali Will Do You (4_02)

2 - 3 - 1-3 Using the Focused and Diffuse Modes--Or, A Little Dali Will Do You (4_02)

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Published by dai_dai
learn how to learn
learn how to learn

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: dai_dai on Aug 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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[BLANK_AUDIO]So let's take a look at some famous peoplefrom history whoused their different thinking modes tohelp them with their problem solving.If you look at that guy right there, hewas SalvadorDali, a very well known Surrealist painterof the 20th century.He was the very definition of a wild andcrazy guy.You can see him here with his pet ocelot,Babou.Dali used to have an interesting techniqueto helphim come up with his fantasticallycreative Surrealist paintings.He'd relax in a chair and let his mind gofree,often still vaguely thinking about what hehad been previously focusing on.He'd have a key in his hand, dangling itjust above the floor.And as he would slip into his dreams,falling asleep,the key would fall from his hand [SOUND]and the clatterwould wake him up, just in time so hecouldgather up those diffused mode connectionsand ideas in his mind.And off he'd go back into the focus modebringing withhim the new connections he'd made while inthe diffused mode.Now you might think, well, you know,that's okay for an artist, butwhat is it have to do with more scientificor mathematical kinds of thinking?Well, if you look down here, this guy wasThomas Edison, one of the most brilliantinventors ever.According to legend, what Edison used todo was he'd sitand relax in his chair, holding ballbearings in his hand.He'd relax away letting his mind run free,although it would oftennoodle back in a much more relaxed way towhat he'd been focusing on previously.When Edison would fall asleep, the ballbearings would drop[NOISE] and clatter to the ground just aswith Dali.And it would wake Edison up and off he'dgo with his ideas fromthe diffused mode, ready to take them intothe focus mode and build on them.So the bottom line is, when you'relearning

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