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Published by api-20005145

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Published by: api-20005145 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Numeric English
Numeric English
Numeric English
Numeric English
New Testament
New Testament
New Testament
New Testament

The Original Work of Ivan Panin
Reproduced by
Unleavened Bread Ministries.

Scientifically Proven Most Accurate
Reproduced by
Unleavened Bread Ministries
\u00a92008 Unleavened Bread Ministries, All Rights Reserved
(Feel free to copy portions, or in full if nothing is added or deleted but not for resale.)

The original Numeric English New Testament was in hardback book form with no digital copies of the text available. A team of the Lord's servants worked hard to scan and transcribe the text, edit out any mistakes, and reformat the page structure for correct margins, readability, and cost-effectiveness in order to be distributed freely online and in paperback book form. Keeping the text credible by holding to the original numeric work was the first priority. Those who worked so hard to this end wish to remain anonymous to be rewarded by their heavenly Father.


What is so important about the Numeric New Testament? The perfect divine inspiration of the original Scriptures are scientifically obtainable through numerics. Let me tell you a little of the awesome story. Ivan Panin was forced to leave Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution and come to the United States. He became a Harvard Scholar, professor, and mathematician, who once tutored Albert Einstein. His training, devotion to Christ and the Scriptures well-equipped him for his future work. Here he found his life\u2019s work in scientifically proving the divine inspiration of Scriptures. For fifty years, Dr. Panin devoted twelve to eighteen hours a day to this work. The basis for his revelation, which he called numerics, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament Scriptures. The Hebrews and Greeks used their letters also for their numbers. In other words, the whole Bible was actually written in numbers also. What Dr. Panin discovered is that when he used the numbers, the 66 books of the Bible showed a pattern of numbers and divisibility that no other writing had. He diligently researched other Hebrew and Greek writings and found no pattern. This included the apocryphal books added in the Catholic and other early Protestant Bibles, including the original King James Version before its many revisions.

I have read Dr. Panin\u2019s works for many years and am totally impressed that God ordained him to bring us back to the original text. Below is a small sample of his volumes of work from a pamphlet titled Astounding New Discoveries \u00a9 1941 by a disciple of his, Karl G. Sabiers, M.A. The number seven is by far the most common number used in the surface text of the Bible, used in Revelation alone more than fifty times, but it is also common beneath the surface of the whole Bible.

In GENESIS CHAPTER ONE, VERSE ONE we read, \u201cIn the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth.\u201d
The number of Hebrew words in this verse is exactlyse ve n.
The number of letters in these ve n words is exactlytw e nty-e ig h t, or fourse ven s.

The first three of thesese ve n Hebrew words contain the subject and predicate of the sentence. These three words are translated\u2013\u201cIn the beginning God created.\u201d The number of letters in these first three Hebrew words is exactlyfo u rte e n, or twose ven s. The last four of thesese ve n words contain the object of the sentence. These four words are translated\u2013\u201cthe heavens and the earth.\u201d The number of letters in these last four Hebrew words isfo u rtee n, or twose ve n s.

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