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Published by: Rohit Kumar Kushwaha on Aug 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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In general, minimum continuous stable flow expressed as a percentage of flow at the pump’s best efficiency point, increases as suction specific speed increases.
Unless otherwise specified, the datum elevation shall be the shaft centreline for horizontal pumps, the suction nozzle centreline for vertical in-line pumps, and the top of the foundation for vertically-suspended pumps.
The best efficiency point for the pump as furnished should preferably be between the rated point and the normal point.
ater-cooling systems shall be designed for the following conditions on the water side!
SI units
"elocity over heat exchange surfaces #,$ m%s to &,$ m%s 'aximum allowable wor(ing pressure )'*+,gauge (+a ) bar )# psiTest pressure )/#,$ '*+, gauge # $ (+a )#,$ bar )#$ psi'aximum pressure drop # (+a )# bar )#$ psi'aximum inlet temperature 0 12 )3 14'aximum outlet temperature $ 12 )#& 14'aximum temperature rise & 5 )0 16 4ouling factor on water side ,0$ m
75%( ),& hr-ft
-16%8tu9hell corrosion allowance )not for tubes0,mm ),#&$ in
The maximum discharge pressure shall be the maximum suction pressure plus the maximum differential pressure the pump is able to develop when operating with the furnished impeller at the rated speed and specified normal relative density )specific gravity.
:nclosed )closed impellers are less sensitive to axial position and, therefore, preferable for long shaft assemblies where axial displacement due to thermal expansion%contraction or to thrust may be substantial. 9emi-open impellers may offer higher efficiency, due to the elimination of disc friction from one shroud. The running clearances for semi-open impellers in vertical pumps can be ad;usted from the coupling or top of the motor, thus possibly restoring efficiency and pump output without disassembly of pump parts. The open impeller is typically of an axial flow propeller type designed for large capacities at low heads< the open impeller is also used for volute sump pumps with a separate discharge.
+umps shall be e=uipped with mechanical seals and sealing systems in accordance with I9> &#?3 including pump and seal interface dimension )
4or the purpose of this provision, *+I @A& is e=uivalent to I9> &#?3.
2entrifugal pump vibration varies with flow, usually being a minimum in the vicinity of best efficiency point flow and increasing as flow is increased or decreased. The change in vibration as flow is varied from best efficiency point flow depends upon the pump’s energy density, its specific speed, and its suction specific speed. Ingeneral, the change in vibration increases withincreasing energy density, higher specific speed, and higher suction specific speed.
9pecific speed is calculated for the pump’s performance at best efficiency point with the maximum diameter impeller. 9pecific speed is expressed mathematically by the following e=uation!

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