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Love Systems Insider: Social Circle Mastery, Part 2

Love Systems Insider: Social Circle Mastery, Part 2

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Published by Love Systems
Social Circle Mastery: Revealing the Social Matrix, Part 2
Social Circle Mastery: Revealing the Social Matrix, Part 2

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Published by: Love Systems on Dec 04, 2009
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Love Systems Insider
Date: June 2008
Demand for the new Love SystemsSocial Circle Masterysystem is out of control. I just came back from London, where Mr. MandBraddock put on another of their amazing seminars, and we had to turn over ten people away.Social Circle Masterystarted when Braddock and Mr. M built on the Social Circle methodologyfromMagic Bulletsand from interview series #20 on Social Circle Game. It started with a few conversations on The Lounge (a private members-only board for more personalized andadvanced discussions between and among Love Systems instructors and our former  bootcamp,se m inar , andone-on-onestudents), and ended up growing and growing and involving other  experts and is now theSocial Circle Masterysystem. It started by answering three questions, but has evolved so much further since then:1. How do you turn a “friend” or a woman who “just wants to be friends” into more?2. How do you make a social circle full of 9s and 10s instead of relying on meeting themwherever you happen to go out?3. How do you make the 9s and 10s who you do meet through cold approach “stick” toyou socially if you don’t have time to “close the deal” that night and they might be flaky?The – somewhat surprising – answers to these questions are very much part of theSocial CircleMastery system, but it goes far beyond that. Today, we’re going to take it a couple of stepsfurther with another guest article from Mr. M.
Revealing the Social Matrix – Part 2: The Hidden Formula for Social Circle Seduction
In Part 1 of ‘Revealing the Social Matrix’ – The Structure of Your Social Life, we covered someof the basics of Social Circle Mastery. I would strongly recommend that you read that articlefirst for a solid foundation of Social Circle theory before we move into the more complex topics below.First up – how do you pick up in social circles? Answer – use the same skills from MagicBulletsor a bootcamp, but apply them in a new way – the Mr. M and Braddock (MRB) 5 Elongated Seduction model (otherwise known as the Elongated Seduction Model). This modelis designed to help you hook up with women you meet through any social circle event, such asdinner parties, work events, or even random introductions. As you can tell from the name, it’snot designed to be a lightning-fast method. Sometimes it does work quickly, but it’s a methoddesigned for effectiveness over speed, so it may work the same night, or it might take weeks if not a couple of months. The time flexibility actually works to your advantage – you won’t fall
into the trap of killing your value within a social circle by escalating when it’s not appropriate or the moment isn’t ripe; instead, you are likely to end up with multiple friends with benefits.For example, I used the Elongated Seduction Model to recently close a top model who happensto be the poster girl for one of the hottest and more prestigious clubs in London. This is mewe’re talking about here – I’m about 5’3 and of Asian descent, I’m no body builder or malemodel. (You can read more about my journey and biography in the special report,The ManBehind Mr. M.) The close happened a few months after I met her through a friend. When I firstmet her, the time wasn’t ripe, so I worked the model and waited until the right moment to strike.I’ll explain how this works below.Before I do that, a word of warning. Before getting into Social Circle mastery, it is crucial thatyou have a very strong abundance mentality. This is why Braddock and I insist that youunderstand dating science fundamentals before you take theSocial Circle Mastery seminar . Youneed to know – not pretend – that you are attractive to beautiful women and that you havesucceeded with beautiful women and can easily have more. You’ll get this from aLove Systems  bootcamp (and automatically qualify if you passed the end-of-bootcamp evaluation) and weoccasionally take strong self-study students (usually who have thoroughly studiedMagic Bullets and theLove Systems Routines Manual). If you don’t have an abundance mentality, havingfriendly 9s and 10s on “slow burn” will drive you crazy and you may not be able to helpdeveloping needy, attention-seeking behaviors commonly associated with “oneitis” (theunhealthy fixation on a specific woman who is not as attracted to you as you are to her).So, without further ado, the structure for the Elongated Seduction Model is as follows:1. Neutral Rapport2. Build Value3. Social Circle Attraction4. Sexualization5. ClosingWhat follows is merely a summary of each phase. It would take me too long to outline each phase in the level of depth we go into (and customize and personalize) in the Love SystemsSocial Circle Masteryseminars, but I won’t let that stop me from giving you enough that youcan use if you’re not going to be able to attend one of our amazing events.
MRB1: Neutral Rapport
When you first meet someone through your social circle, you want to be emotionally neutral.Think normal, friendly, conversation instead of state-pumping routines. This neutral-rapport process lasts for a minute or two at most.As Savoy emphasized in Chapter 12 of Magic Bullets, social circle introductions put you all theway into the Attraction phase of theTriad Model.You don’t need to Approach, and you don’t
need to Transition and because of this, you don’t need to “break the ice,” “cut through theclutter,” or “be different than the last 5,000 guys who approached her.” You already aredifferent. You’re a friend of one of her friends.In fact, if a friend of yours did introduce you to a beautiful woman and you jumped in with oneof the many opinion openers from theLove Systems Routines Manual Volume 1or Volume 2or  even a state-pumping direct opener, you would likely come across as “try hard” or “the weird pick up guy” or otherwise socially awkward. The book  Magic Bulletsidentifies eight key attraction switches that most women will be attracted to, and one of these is Social Intuition.Unless you really know what you’re doing, anything other than friendly conversation andneutral rapport when you are first introduced to someone through a social circle will brand associally awkward. And, as Savoy puts it,
beautiful women run from social awkwardness theway most people run from hand grenades
.” So be “cool” when you are introduced to someone.Don’t worry about conveying value. Keep it simple. Start with something like “Hey, what’sup?” when introduced to someone. Or “Hi, I’m [name].” In the first minute or so of conversation, stick to normal, neutral conversation like:
“Are you here for [x’s] birthday?”
“How do you guys know each other?”
“What do you do?”
“I think I know you through [x person] as well.”You can even throw in some very light teasing, but limit it. Think “normal and cool.” You arenot trying to build comfort, demonstrate your value, break rapport, or anything else.After about a minute or two, disengage from the conversation. Unlike cold approach, you have a pretty good idea where she’ll be later (in your combined social group) so sticking to her like aman on a life raft isn’t necessary. In fact, it will make you seem needy and, again, display a lack of Social Intuition. So disengage. (After the first couple of minutes is when you should turn tofocus on the “gatekeeper” of her time and of the social circle in general – this is an importantconcept in Social Circle Mastery and one I hope to get to in a future article.)
MRB2: Build Value
Like I was saying above, when you meet someone in your social circle, you are straight into theAttraction phase of the Emotional Progression Model. Once you’ve passed through theintroductions, it’s time to get the woman you want attracted to you.Creating attraction is based on the same underlying principles of social dynamics and female psychology whether she’s a stranger in a coffee shop or a friend or a friend. Attraction is basedon value. If you have enough value (“enough” usually meaning “more than she thinks she has”)she will become attracted to you. The link between value and attraction is very well brokendown inFuture interview with Tenmagnet.

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