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Chirus Rev Script Doggys Kyon Super Hero

Chirus Rev Script Doggys Kyon Super Hero

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Published by kailashchsabat
Movie script
Movie script

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Published by: kailashchsabat on Aug 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The Doggie kyon super hero
The revised script-----for 
May be Ram charan(RC) was just casual to announce a Re.1.00 cr script for
Chiranjeev’s(chiru) 150
Aparajaya-The 150
Chiranjeev’s Movie
I never wasted time to draft and forward one.
Later on the Decan Chronicle ― wrote that Mr Cheeru did not like any historic script
,rather he wants an entertaining script. Initially I tried to avoid because may be it is not my cup of tea. ALater on my conscience pressurised me for another entertaining one. I chanted Gayatri but immediately nothing striked my mind. s MR cheeru in his 149 scripts various roles on As MR cheeru in his 149 scripts must have various roles on
Heroic action
Kindness tendered to the poor
A great dancer
A great sacrifier
Discrimination on communal situations
Even I tried to corroborate my memory
Golmaal of Rohit Shetty
Puspak of Kamala Hassan
Chandamama stories-Samarsen-Ek chakshu and chaturnetra
A predator english story
A who am I jackie chan story
Amitabh akki starer bank robbery story On the great morning while doing a gardening work a parrot sank swwetly on a near by tree as if to try my attention.I got amused and saluted the great bird friend. One hour after A new script striked my mind.
The Doggie kyon super hero
The Story
Mr.Jackie chan comes for a beauty peagant conest.The wonder lady tell him a monkey.He promises to be the super hero of sexiest man in the universe. As a billionarie he arranges a peagan contest in Delhi where Arnold has to be the chief guest and it is a two tier contest with a $30 million($3.00 cr=Rs.180 crs)prize for the winner.
Chiru is a village lad and accompanied by brahma and Ajay devgan to share the
money on chiru’s winning.Chiru’s name is peculiar—
KYON___ Means why??? The dog chirag is his friend. He wins the first round in New Delhi and after 30 days it was supposed to be held in Newyork. The villain (Chinese-American and Sunil shetty) tries to hijack the award as they are the 2
 runner for Sunil shetty. While returning the villains make an accident where by Chiru loses his vision capability. But his face and eye looks normal as if he is not blind. His friend try to prove that he is not blind 1.
With parents 2.
On practice 3.
With friends 4.
On driving 5.
Tv watching The real comedy starts with villians trying to prove he is blind and friends he is fine.and every time they fail due to beautiful traing e.g the advanced episode of a serial on TV or the dog helping driving on a challenge. My writing Had I been a crow pati like always ridiculous situations arise because the spiritual energy in the form of birds ,friends and animal or strange voice guides him to prove that he is not blind and comedy situations are made when villians get offended one and again.and he becomes perfect without vision All other songs are same as that of
Aparajaya-The 150
Chiranjeev’s Movie
 Finally the day to comptetion again villains make another accident and he gets back his vision and this is the only action scene in the movie.He wins the award and becomes friend of jackie chan the 2
 runner up. Last 15 minutes he becomes an MP and later on the chief minister of a state because he gets so popular due to his award winning.
Aparajaya-The 150
Chiranjeev’s Movie
By Kailash Ch Sabat-7207884783
The Script-----for
 Ch (Chiranjeev-henceforth -
Ch)’s father is from Assam and
lose everything on Indo-Sino war 1962.

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