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Published by Wes Wagner
Transcripts of LPO case
Transcripts of LPO case

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Published by: Wes Wagner on Aug 08, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 1IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON 2FOR THE COUNTY OF CLACKAMAS 3TIM REEVES, ERIC SAUB, GREG ) BURNETT, as the Libertarian ) 4Party of Oregon; DAVID TERRY,) M. CARLING and RICHARD BURKE,) 5as members of the Libertarian) Party of Oregon, ) 6 ) Plaintiffs, ) Clackamas County 7 ) Circuit Court and ) No. CV12010345 8 ) CARLA PEALER, as the ) CA A155618 9Libertarian Party of Oregon, ) ) 10 Plaintiff, )
Volume 3 of 5 
 ) 11 v. ) ) 12WES WAGNER, HARRY JOE TABOR, ) MARK VETANEN, BRUCE KNIGHT, ) 13JEFF WESTON, JIM KARLOCK, ) RICHARD SKYBA, and JEFF ) 14WESTON, individuals; and ) LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF OREGON, ) 15 ) Defendants, ) 16 ) and ) 17 ) JOSEPH SHELLEY, ) 18 ) Defendant. ) 19 20
 21BE IT REMEMBERED that the above-entitled 22Court and cause came on regularly for hearing before 23the Honorable James E. Redman, on Monday, the 22nd 24day of October, 2012, at the Clackamas County 25Courthouse, Courtroom No. 3, Oregon City, Oregon.
Appearances 107 1APPEARANCES 2 Tyler Smith, Attorney at Law, Appearing on behalf of the Plaintiffs; 3 Robert Steringer, James Leuenberger and 4Colin Andries, Attorneys at Law, Appearing on behalf of the Defendants. 5* * * 6 KATIE BRADFORD, CSR 90-0148 7Court Reporter (503) 267-5112 8 Proceedings recorded by digital sound recording; 9transcript provided by Certified Shorthand Reporter. 10* * * 11 12GENERAL INDEX 13VOLUME 3 14 Page No. 15October 22, 2012 Proceedings 108 16Case Called 108 17Defendants' Rule 21 Motions/Second Amended 18 Complaint108 19Defendants' Argument by Mr. Andries108 20Plaintiffs' Argument by Mr. Smith113 21Defendants' Argument by Mr. Andries125 22Plaintiffs' Argument by Mr. Smith129 23Court's Ruling130 24Reporter's Certificate 132 25* * *
 108 1(Volume 3, Monday, October 22, 2012, 9:16 a.m.) 2
 3(Whereupon, the following proceedings 4were held in open court:) 5THE COURT: I see a room full of people 6back there. Is everyone here on Reeves? Let's -- 7let's -- everyone here? Let's give that another try. 8Okay. The status, as I understand it, 9is this is Defendants' Rule 21 motions on the second 10amended complaint. So who wants to go first on that? 11MR. ANDRIES: That's correct. For the 12record, Your Honor, Colin Andries, Bar No. 051892; 13Andries, A-n-d-r-i-e-s. This was my -- and if you 14don't mind, I will be seated throughout my oral 15arguments, if that's okay with you, Your Honor. 16THE COURT: Okay. 17MR. ANDRIES: This was my motion that I 18submitted to the Court. Before I begin, have you had 19an opportunity to read the motions? Would you -- do 20you need me to rehash it? 21THE COURT: I've read the motion. This 22was assigned to me on the objections to the last 23complaint -- 24MR. ANDRIES: Mm-hmm. 25THE COURT: So I think I'm pretty well

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