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Case Study Kumira Land

Case Study Kumira Land

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Published by api-3709098

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Published by: api-3709098 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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P\u00c6M\u00d6v\u2021gi \u2020`Iqvb evRvi\u00af\u2019 \u2020gmvm\u00a9 gwZb dvg\u00a9 Gi \u00af^Z\u00a1vwaKvix Rbve nvRx Av\u00e3yj Mbx Rvgvj, Z`cy\u00ce\u00d8q Rbve Av\u00e3yj\u00f8vn \u2020gv\u2021Zb I nvi\u00e6b \u2020gv\u2021Zb wZbwU c\u201e_K c\u201e_K \u2020iwR\u00f3\u00aavixK\u2026Z `vbc\u00ce `wjj Z_v 11.6.1981 Bs\u2021iwR m\u2021bi \u2020iwRtK\u2026Z 2572 bs I 2573 bs `vbc\u00ce g~\u2021j Ges 28.8.1982 Bs\u2021iwR m\u2021bi \u2020iwRtK\u2026Z 3661 bs `vbc\u00ceg~\u2021j h_v\u00b5\u2021g 35.11 GKi, 35.11 GKi Ges 70.00 GKi GKz\u2021b 140.22 GKi m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb -

nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv \u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi, cxs-gi\u00fbg \u2020g\u0160jfx AwQqyi ingvb, mvwKb-eonvwZqv, _vbv-mvZKvwbqv, wRjv- P\u00c6Mvg , nvj mvwKb-evqZzk kid gmwR`, awbqvjvcvov, XvKv U\u00aavsK \u2020ivW, _vbv- Wejgywis, wRjv P\u00c6M\u00d6vg \u2020K * `vb KiZt \u00af^Z\u00a1 I `LjP\u00a8yZ nb|

\u2020mg\u2021Z nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv \u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi ivn. Gi bv\u2021g weGm Rwic P~ov\u0161\u00cd c\u00d6PvwiZ Av\u2021Q| 1388 evsjv nB\u2021Z 1393 evsjv ch\u00a9\u0161\u00cd nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv \u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi ivn. wbR bv\u2021g LvRbv Av`vq K\u2021ib|

m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cbi Zckxj-

P\u00c6M\u00d6vg \u2020Rjvi A\u0161\u00cdM\u00a9Z mxZvKz\u00db wRjvw\u00af\u2019Z \u2020g\u0160Rv-D\u00cbi RsMj \u2020mvbvBQwo Avi Gm 2 bs `v\u2021Mi I we Gm 2 bs `v\u2021Mi Av\u203a`i 140.22 GKi cvnvox Rwg| Pyov\u0161\u00cdi\u0192\u2021c c\u00d6PvwiZ we Gm LwZqvb bs-75

`vbc\u00ce `jx\u2021ji c\u00d6\u2021qvRbxq D\u2021j\u00f8L\u2021hvM\u00a8 Ask

Avcwb `wjj M\u00d6wnZv P\u00c6M\u00d6v\u2021gi c\u00d6wm\u00d7 a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq RbwnZKi I `vZe\u00a8 c\u00d6wZ\u00f4vb \u00d2Avb&Ryg\u2021b B\u2021\u00cbnv\u2020`i\u00d3 mfvcwZ nb| Avcwb \u00af^qs* Ges Avcbvi cwiPvjbvaxb D\u00b3 \u00d2 AvbRyg\u2021b B\u2021\u00cbnv` \u00d3 \u2020`\u2021ki wewfb\u0153 \u00af\u2019v\u2021b evqZyk kid bv\u2021g A\u2021bK gmwR` Ges wewfb\u0153 gv`\u00aavmv , GwZgLvbv, \u2020ndRLvbv Bmjvgx M\u2021elYv c\u00d6wZ\u00f4vb I `vZe\u00a8 wPwKrmvjq c\u00d6wZ\u00f4v Kwiqv\u2021Qb Ges Zvnvi my\u00f4 cwiPvjbv I a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq cy\u00af\u00cdK I cw\u00ceKv c\u00d6Kvkbvi gva\u00a8\u2021g Bmjvg a\u2021\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9i I \u2020`k I RvwZi \u2020mevq wb\u2021qvwRZ iwnqv\u2021Qb Ges wewfb\u0153 Dcv\u2021q Bmjvgx cyYtRvMi\u2021b GK wewk\u00f3 f~wgKv cvjb Kwiqv Avwm\u2021Z\u2021Qb| Avcbvi ag\u00a9xq RbwnZKi Kvh\u00a9\u00b5\u2021g hvici bvB m\u0161\u2018\u00f3 nBqv Ges Avgv\u2021`i c\u00d6\u00af\u00cdvweZ g\u2021Z ag\u00a9xq I Rb\u2021mevg~jK Kv\u2021R e\u00a8env\u2021ii Rb\u00a8

Avcwb M\u00d6wnZv* I Avcbvi cwiPvjbvaxb a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq c\u00d6wZ\u00f4vb mg~n\u2021K
Dchy\u00b3 cv\u00ce we\u2021ePbvq BwZc~\u2021e\u0178\u00a9 ewY\u00a9Z Avgv\u2021`i me\u00a9m\u00a4\u00a7wZ\u00b5\u2021g
M\u00d6wnZ wm\u00d7v\u0161\u00cd \u2020gvZv\u2021eK Avgvi GKv \u00af^Z\u00a1xq I wPw\u00fdZ `Lwj Zckx\u2021ji

Rwgqvw` Avcbv\u2021K `vb Kivi c\u00d6\u00af\u00cdve Kwi\u2021j Avcwb Zvnv\u2021Z m\u00a4\u00a7Z nIqvq wbg\u0153 Zckx\u2021ji Rwg wbR c\u2021\u00ff I D\u00b3 dv\u2021g\u00a9i c\u2021\u00ff nvwRiv mv\u00ffxM\u2021bi mv\u00ffvr Avcbv\u2021K wd Qwewjj\u00f8vn `vb Kwiqv w`jvg Ges `vbK\u2026Z Zckx\u2021ji m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb Avcbvi Lvm `L\u2021j Ac\u00a9Y Kwiqv Zvnv\u2021Z me\u00a9 c\u00d6Kvi \u00af^Z\u00a1 `LjP\u00a8yZ nBjvg| Avcwb M\u00d6wnZv D\u00b3 `vb M\u00d6nb KiZt Zckx\u2021ji m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cbi Avgvi Awc\u00a9Z `Lj eywSqv wbqv\u2021Qb|

A`\u00a8 ZvwiL nB\u2021Z Avcwb M\u00d6wnZv Zckx\u2021ji m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb\u2021Z A\u00ce `vbc\u00ce g~\u2021j Avgvi hveZxq \u00af^\u2021Z\u00a1 \u00af^Z\u00a1evb nBqv Avcbvi c\u00d6wZw\u00f4Z gv`\u00aavmv, GwZgLvbv BZ\u00a8vw` a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq c\u00d6wZ\u00f4v\u2021bi e\u00a8q wbe\u00a9vnv\u2021_\u00a9 I Ab\u00a8vb\u00a8 a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq Kv\u2021Ri DcKviv\u2021_\u00a9 h\u2021_\u201dQ iKg \u2020fvM `Lj I e\u00a8envi Kwi\u2021Z _v\u2021Kb|

c\u00d6Kvk _v\u2021K \u2020h, Avcbvi * cwPvjbvaxb gv`\u00aavmv, GwZgLvbv, I Ab\u00a8vb\u00a8 a\u00a4\u00a7\u00a9xq c\u00d6wZ\u00f4v\u2021bi e\u00a8q wbe\u00a9vn I Db\u0153wZ weav\u2021bi Rb\u00a8 c\u00d6\u2021qvRb \u2020ev\u2021a Avcwb Zckx\u2021ji m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb mgy`q ev AvswkK e\u00a8q wew\u00b5 ev n\u00af\u00cdv\u0161\u00cdi* Kwi\u2021Z m\u00ffg _vwK\u2021eb|

\u2021NvlYv I wb\u2021lav\u00c1vi gvgjv bs Aci 17/1990
AZtci wc I 98/1972 ((a) no family9 [ or body] shall be entitled to retain any land held by it in
excess of one hundred standard bighas in the aggregate and all lands held by it in excess of that
quantity shall be surrendered to the Government; and
(b) no family10[ or body] shall be entitled to acquire any land by purchase, inheritance, gift, heba or
otherwise which, added to the land already held by it exceeds one hundred standard bighas in the
aggregate:) g~\u2021j weMZ 1991 Bs\u2021iwR m\u2021b D\u00b3 m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cbi gvwjKvbv m\u00a4\u00fa\u2021K\u00a9

wecw\u00cb m\u201ew\u00f3 Z_v Dc\u2021iv\u00b3 m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb wmwjs ewnf~\u00a9Z g\u2021g\u00a9 miKv\u2021ii eive\u2021i Lvm Kivi Rb\u00a8 AwZwi\u00b3 \u2020Rjv c\u00d6kvmK (ivR\u00af^) Zvnvi `\u00df\u2021ii \u00af\u00a7viK bs- 631 (2) Gm G ZvwiL- 01/3/1990 Bs g~\u2021j mxZvKz\u00db Dc\u2021Rjvi wbev\u00a9nx Kg\u00a9KZ\u00a9vi wbKU 28/02/1990 Bs\u2021iwR Zvwi\u2021L GKwU Av\u2021`k \u2020c\u00d6iY K\u2021ib| Dnvi avivevwnKZvq mnKvix Kwgkbvi (f~wg) mxZvKz\u00db D\u2021\u201dQ` gvgjvi (hvnvi bs 22/1989/90) c\u00d6\u2021qvRbxq Kvh\u00a9\u00b5g Avi\u00a4\u00a2 Kwi\u2021j c\u00d6K\u2026 Z/\u2020iKW\u00a9xq gvwjK I \u2020fvM `LjKvi nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv \u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi ivn. c\u2021\u00ff Zvnvi GUwb\u00a9 byi Avng` miKv\u2021ii D\u00b3 \u00af\u00a7viK P\u00a8v\u2021j\u00c4 Kwiqv P\u00c6M\u00d6v\u2021gi we\u00c1 mnKvix RR Av`vj\u2021Z Aci gvgjv bs 77/91 `v\u2021qi K\u2021ib| D\u00b3 gvgjvq we\u00c1 Av`vjZ \u2020`vZidv \u00efbvbx m~\u2021\u00ce/mv\u2021c\u2021\u00ff miKvi evnv`y\u2021ii m~\u2021\u00cev\u00b3 \u00af\u00a7vi\u2021Ki c\u00ce AvBbMZfv\u2021e AKvh\u00a9Ki \u2020NvlYv KiZt Zckx\u2021jv\u00b3 m\u00a4\u00faw\u00cb\u2021Z \u2020Kvbi\u0192c c\u00d6wZe\u00dcKZv m\u201ew\u00f3 bv Kwievi Ges \u2020iKW\u00a9xq gvwj\u2021Ki \u2020fvM `L\u2021j \u2020Kvbi\u0192c e\u00a8NvZ m\u201ew\u00f3 bv Kwievi Rb\u00a8 \u00af\u2019vqx wb\u2021lav\u00c1vi Av\u2021`k \u00d8viv evwiZ K\u2021ib|

Av`vjZ g~jZt wZbwU wel\u2021q `\u201ew\u00f3cvZ K\u2021ib (30/6/1991 Bs\u2021iwR Zvwi\u2021Li
Av\u2021`k |
1.7 bs wePvh\u00a9\u00a8 Gi Ackb bv \u2020`qv I 6bs wePvh\u00a9 Z_v wcI 98/1972 Gi
GKwU Aby\u2021\u201dQ` (Provided that the limitation imposed by clause (a) shall not apply to

any land held under waqf, debuttor or any other religious or charitable trust, if the income from such land is exclusively dedicated to religious or charitable purposes without reservation of any pecuniary benefit for any individual:

Provided further that if the income from any such land is partly dedicated to religious or charitable purposes and partly reserved for the pecuniary benefit of any individual, only such portion of the land, to be selected in the prescribed manner, shall be exempted from such

limitation, as would yield the income exclusively dedicated to religious or charitable purposes.)
2.3Rb wc Wwe\u00f8D Gi g\u2021a\u00a8 wc Wwe\u00f8D-3 Rbve Rbve byi Avng\u2021`i
mv\u00ff\u00a8- hv Zvui mv\u00ff\u00a8 As\u2021ki 7, 15, I 16 bs cvZvq wee\u201eZ Av\u2021Q|
3.mnKvix RR Av`vj\u2021Zi Aci gvgjv bs 77/91 Gi 8 bs wePvh\u00a9 welq| Ges
28 bs cvZvq wee\u201eZ Ask|
AZtci GKB gvgjvi 7/7/1991 Bs\u2021iwR Zvwi\u2021Li wWw\u00b5|

AZtci wWw\u00b5 Rvwii 357 w`b ci miKvi c\u00ff \u2020Rjv RR Av`vj\u2021Z Avcxj Ki\u2021j D\u00b3 Avccxj \u2020`vZidvm~\u2021\u00ce LvwiR nq (Zvgvw` AvBb \u00d8viv evwiZ nIqvq) weMZ 13/9/1992 Bs\u2021iwR Zvwi\u2021L|

weMZ 2005 Bs\u2021iwRi 15B gvP\u00a9 ch\u00a9\u0161\u00cd miKvi c\u00ff LvwiR Av\u2021`\u2021ki
wei\u00e6\u2021\u00d7 \u2020Kvbi\u0192c wiwfkbvj \u2020gvK\u00cfgv `v\u2021qi K\u2021i bvB|

1388 evsjv nB\u2021Z 1393 evsjv ch\u00a9\u0161\u00cd nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv \u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi ivn. wbR bv\u2021g LvRbv Av`vq K\u2021ib| Gici nB\u2021Z wewfb\u0153 mgq Zvnvi Iqvwik Mb LvRbv Av`v\u2021qi `iLv\u00af\u00cd Kwi\u2021jI bvbvKvi\u2021b Zvnv c\u00d6`vb Kiv nq bvB|

D\u2021j\u00f8L\u00a8 1998Bs\u2021iwR m\u2021bi 25\u2020k gvP\u00a9 Zvwi\u2021L nhiZ AvjnvR\u00a1 \u2020g\u0160jvbv
\u2020gvnv\u00a4\u00a7` Av\u00e3yj Re\u0178vi ivn. B\u2021\u0161\u00cdKvj K\u2021ib

Zvunvi B\u2021\u0161\u00cdKv\u2021ji ci KzZzeyw\u00cf \u2020g\u0160jfx evqZzk ki\u2021di gmb\u2021` Av\u2021ivnb K\u2021i| \u2021m Kvnv\u2021KI bv Rvbv&Bqv AwZ \u2020Mvc\u2021b gnvgvb\u00a8 nvB\u2021Kv\u2021U\u00a9 Zvnvi \u2020hvM\u00a8 wkl\u00a8 \u2020di\u2021`\u0160myj Kex\u2021ii gva\u00a8\u2021g GKLvbv ixU wcwUkb `v\u2021qi K\u2021i| ix\u2021Ui gyL\u00a8 welq wQj Zvnvi AbyK~\u2021j bvgRvix c~e\u00a9K LvRbv Av`v\u2021qi Av\u2021`k nvwmj Kiv|

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