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Lesson 9-2 (How was your vacation)

Lesson 9-2 (How was your vacation)

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Published by: api-19763103 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Plan
Monday September 23, 2008
Period: 2 (9:50-10:30)
Matthew (Native Teacher \u2013 NT)
Emma (Korean Teacher \u2013 KT)
How was Your Vacation (Unit 9-2)
Students will be able to understand and say expressions related to past
experiences and vacations
CD-Rom, computer, picture cards, the dialogue with the incorrect
Introduction and Review (5-6 minutes)
Do a short introduction and review to prepare the class with the previous day materials
and teachers. This introduction will go as follows:
\ue000NT & KT:
\u201cGood morning students\u201d
Students (Ss) \u201cGood morning Matthew Teacher\u2026\u201d
\u201cHow are you today?\u201d
\u201cI\u2019m fine, thank you\u201d
\u201cHow\u2019s the weather today?\u201d
\u201cOk, very good!\u201d
After do a short review with the NT of the PowerPoint presentation (ppt) of Canada:
\u201cDoes anyone remember the presentation of Canada? What are some
Canada cities?\u201d
\u201cGood, any other cities?\u201d
\u201cNiagara Falls\u201d
\u201cThat\u2019s right. Ok anyone remember the animals from Canada?\u201d
\u201c\u2026..I can\u2019t remember\u201d
\u201cOk, one was the polar bear, does anyone know another one?\u201d
\u201cThat\u2019s right, good\u2026.\u201d
Next, the KT will do a short review with what was studied in the previous class
\u201cWhat did we study in textbook last class?\u201d
\u201cOur vacation\u201d
\u201cRight, we studied \u2018How was your vacation?\u201d We also studied past
expressions, so let me ask you \u2018What did you do last night?\u2019
\u201cI studied the piano\u201d
\u201cThat sounds nice.\u201d Ask another student \u201cWhat did you do last night?\u201d
\u201cI played computer games\u201d
\u201cThat sounds like fun, I didn\u2019t play computer games last night. I
watched a movie, it was very funny\u201d\u2026..
Look and Speak (5 minutes)
Ask all students to go page 74. Ask the students if they recognize what is going on in

the pictures.
Then we listen to \u2018Dialog A\u2019 using the CD-Rom.
After \u2018Dialog A\u2019 we will ask the students some questions about the dialogue, like this

\u201cWho are the people in the story?\u201d
\u201cJoon and Ann\u201d
\u201cGood, what are they talking about\u201d
\u201cAnn went on a trip\u201d
\u201cOk, good. Did she have a good time\u201d
\u201cNo she didn\u2019t. She was sick\u201d\u2026
After Dialog A, we will do Dialog B. After Dialog B, we will ask the students some
questions about the dialogue, like this
\u201cWho are the people in the story?
\u201cKevin and Nami\u201d
\u201cDid Kevin go on vacation?\u201d
\u201cYes he did\u201d
\u201cWhere did he go?
\u201cHe went to L.A.\u201d
\u201cWhat did he do there?\u201d
\u201cHe went to Disneyland.\u201d\u2026.
Listen and Repeat (5 minutes)
Next, go back to Dialog A and B and do a listen and repeat exercise with the students.

After the listen and repeat exercise and the students are comfortable with the dialogue, we can have the students role-play the dialogue. First we can have the boys be Kevin and the girls can be Nami. After the role-play, if there is enough time, we can have two volunteers role-play the dialogue.

Find The Mistakes (5 minutes)

After the listen and repeat, we do the \u2018find the mistakes\u2019 exercise. Each student will be given both dialogues, but there are some mistakes on it. They will hear the dialogue one more time and then find and correct the mistakes on the paper. After 2 minutes for the exercise, the teachers and students will go over the correct answers and the proper dialog.

Let\u2019s Read (10 minutes)

The students will now look at the \u201cLet\u2019s Read\u201d section on page 74. They will listen carefully as the teachers play the CD-Rom. After they listen to CD-Rom, they will read the two sentences out loud. The teachers will first ask for volunteers to read the sentences out loud. Then they will do it together as a class.

Next, go to page 75. This time the students will attempt to read the sentence out loud. The teacher can pick volunteers. If there are no volunteers, the teachers can choose the students. If the students are having trouble, then the teachers can help them. It can go something like this

\u201cCan anyone read this sentence out loud\u201d
\u201cYes, \u2018I played computer games\u2019\u201d
\u201cThe second sentence, can anyone read this one?\u201d
[no volunteers, no one puts up their hand]
\u201cJohn, can you read this one?\u201d
\ue000S-John \u201cNo\u201d
\u201cOk, I\u2019ll help you\u201d \u2018I went\u2019
\ue000S-John \u201cI went\u2026.\u201d
\u201cI went to the museum\u201d
\ue000S-John \u201cI went to the museum\u201d

After the student has read the sentence, the students have to decide if it is a \u2018check\u2019 or \u2018X\u2019. After all students are finished, the teachers can use the CD-Rom to double-check the answers. After the students have double-checked their answers, the students can be

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