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Full speech: President Jacob Zuma's Women's Day address

Full speech: President Jacob Zuma's Women's Day address

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Published by CityPress
President Jacob Zuma's Women's Day address at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban.
President Jacob Zuma's Women's Day address at the King Zwelithini Stadium in Durban.

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Published by: CityPress on Aug 09, 2014
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Address by President Jacob Zuma on the occasion of the celebration of NationalWomen’s Day,King Zwelithini Stadium, mla!i, Durban" August #$%&
The Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Mr Senzo Mchunu,The Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women, Ms Susan Shabanu,The Minister of !rts and "ulture, Mr Nathi Mthethwa,The Minister of #asic $ducation Ms !nie Motshe%a, !ll Ministers, &eputy Ministers, M$"s, MPs and MP'sMayor of $the%wini Municipality "ouncillor (ames N)umalo,'eaders of women*s oranisations present,Mpha%athi waseThe%wini namaphethelo,+ellow South !fricans,Malibonwe Siyanibinelela non%e %ulomcimbi obalule%e %ana%a wo%uubha ihaza elaban.wa abantu besifazane emzabalazweni ezweni la%ithi/ "ompatriots, 
0n some societies, it is said that when a woman dies, so does the family/ This statement points to the central role that women play in all societies/ 0n South !frica, women ha1e for decades, played a critical role in the strule for liberation/ They ha1e also contributed immensely in the process of buildin a united, democratic, non-racial, non-se)ist and prosperous South !frica/0t is not surprisin therefore that there is a day dedicated to women in the country*s calendar, the 2
 of !uust/ Women earned this day, based on that historic anti-pass march by around 34 444 women to the seat of o1ernment, the 5nion #uildins in Pretoria/ They made their presence felt aainst discriminatory and racist laws/ !t the first celebration of National Women*s &ay on the 2th of !uust 6227, the +oundin President of our democracy, &r Nelson Mandela e)plained the importance of this day as follows8
“This is in celebration of the struggles of the women over the decades and a rejuvenation of our commitment to strive for a society free of all kinds of discrimination, more especially discrimination against women.” 
  !ccordinly, this is an important day in the national calendar/ 0t is not an ordinary public holiday/ The 3469 Women*s Month ta%es place aainst the bac%drop of a number of sinificant milestones/
0t is :4 years since the sinin of the Women*s "harter on 6; !pril 6279 in (ohannesbur/
0t is 34 years since the adoption of the 6229 Women*s "harter for $ffecti1e $uality/
The country is celebratin 34 <ears of +reedom/ 
0n two years* time we will celebrate :4 years since the historic 627: Women*s March to the 5nion #uildins/ The 6279 Women*s "harter preceded the +reedom "harter, sinalin the importance accorded to women*s rihts in our country that early on/ Sinificantly, the Women=s "harter influenced the content and spirit of the 6229 Women=s "harter for $ffecti1e $uality and also the "onstitution of the >epublic of South !frica of 622:/ We ha1e made important strides in realisin the 1ision of the Women*s "harter since the dawn of freedom/ There are .ust 74? days before the deadline set by the 5nited Nations for all countries toachie1e the 5nited Nations Millennium &e1elopment @oals AM&@sB/ @oal three of the M&@s is8
 promoting gender equality and empowering women
/ South !frica has made 1isible proress in this reard, .udin by the number of women holdin public office and women who ha1e entered fields that had been earmar%ed for men only in the past/

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