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Published by: api-26863674 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u2020ewR / 55

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e\u201e\u00d7 Aa\u00a8vcK ee wiKv\u2021W\u00a9v \u2020kl ch\u00a9\u0161\u2014 D\u2021V `uvov\u2021jb, Zv\u2021K wbw`\u00a9\u00f3 mg\u2021qi gv\u2021S \u2020mkbwU \u2020kl Kivi `vwqZ\u00a1 \u2020`qv n\u2021q\u2021Q| hw` GLbB wZwb wbq\u0161\u00bf YUz Kz nv\u2021Z bv wb\u2021q \u2020bb \u2020mwU m\u00a4\u00a2e nevi K_v bq| ee wiKv\u2021W\u00a9v\u2021K D\u2021V `uvov\u2021Z \u2020`\u2021L \u2020k\u00aavZviv Zv\u2021`i KiZvwj _vwg\u2021q GKRb GKRb K\u2021i wb\u2021Ri \u2020Pqv\u2021i e\u2021m co\u2021jb, mvsevw`K\u2021`i `jwU \u2020Vjv\u2021Vwj K\u2021i Av\u2021iv mvg\u2021b G\u2021m wfo K\u2021i `uvovj| ee wiKv\u2021W\u00a9v wK e\u2021jb \u2020kvbvi R\u2021b\u00a8 mevB bxie n\u2021q A\u2021c\u00b6v Ki\u2021Z _v\u2021K|ee wiKv\u2021W\u00a9v Dcw\u00af\u2019Z \u2020k\u00aavZv\u2021`i w`\u2021K ZvwK\u2021q GKwU wbk\u00a6vm \u2020d\u2021j \u2020Kvgj Mjvq

ej\u2021jb, \u00d2Avjev\u2021Z\u00a9v Mvwm\u00a9qvi bvg Avgv\u2021`i g\u2021Zv K\u2021qKRb Qvov \u2020KD RvbZ bv| wK\u0161\u2018 AvR \u2020_\u2021K c\u201ew_exi me gvbyl Avjev\u2021Z\u00a9vi K_v Rvb\u2021e| AvR\u2021Ki Kbdv\u2021i\u2021\u00dd \u2020m \u2020h \u2021ccviwU Dc\u00af\u2019vcb K\u2021i\u2021Q AvcvZ`\u201ew\u00f3\u2021Z g\u2021b n\u2021e \u2020mwU AZ\u00a8\u0161\u2014 mv`vgvUv GKwU \u2020UKwbK\u00a8vj

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