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Maybe It is Time.

Maybe It is Time.

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
Looking at a brief History of the Middle East, I think that it is time for a new approach.
Looking at a brief History of the Middle East, I think that it is time for a new approach.

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Aug 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Let’s see if I can get this straight:The Middle East has several groups of people who were forced into their current situation by Western Powers following the dismantling of the ttoman Empire! "ational #orders were drawn up by Western Powers not for the benefit of the IndigenousPopulation but for the benefit of the Western Powers!People have been shuffled around with no regard to tribal tradition against their will andin some cases forced into desperate situations to suit the ideas of the Western Powers!$ings are established and overthrown according to the whims of the Western Powers!%overnments are manipulated and dictated to from the Western Powers!&n Iranian Prime Minister by the name of Mosaddegh is overthrown through the use of false reports and articles created by the 'I&(turns out that the only crime of Mosaddeghwas that he wanted to nationali)e the oil industry and use the profits to build schools*hospitals* roads* and create +obs and a better world for the Iranians instead of seeing themoney go to multi billionaires!Pahlavi is installed as the ,hah of Iran by Western Powers! ,eems that he willingly sellsout his own people and allows the Western Powers do whatever they want to his countryas long as the Western Powers supply him with money and pretty young girls!Pahlavi becomes a liability to the Western Powers and they decide to get rid of him! Theydo it by encouraging him to rule with an iron fist(Pahlavi was basically a pretty boy andnot much else! &t the same time* the Western Powers encourage the $urds* a people wholive in northwestern Iran and Ira- to brea. away and create their own nation! This rise innationalism eventually forces Pahlavi out of office as he is e/posed as incompetent!0owever* it creates numerous problems for ,addam 0ussein as well!0ussein uses gas attac.s to .ill thousands of $urds and others who desire their ownnation! #ig -uestion* where did 0ussein get the gas1People are forced off of their lands and out of their homes to ma.e room for people whowere forced out of their homes and off their lands!2ollowing almost a century of violence* most people write it off as a violent land whichhas always been that way! People who have been forced into desperate situations arevilified for lashing out in desperation!ne moment someone li.e ,addam 0ussein is our fu))y warm buddy* who President3eagan runs to defend when Ira- fires on the 4,, ,tar. +ust as our government defendedIsrael for the 4,, Liberty Incident about a decade and a half earlier!

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