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Never Would Have Guessed Part 2

Never Would Have Guessed Part 2



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Published by Candra
There is much more on this one so please please comment!
There is much more on this one so please please comment!

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Published by: Candra on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I woke up the next morning around 8:30. I yawned and staggered over to themirror. Ugh! My hair looked like a haystack! I quickly got in the shower. The hotwater woke me up a bit more. When I stepped out, I got changed and turned myphone on.10 new messagesWakie wakie Bella! Txt bac. Were going shopping! *Alice*Bella I no ur stil asleep but if ur up by 9 u better txt Alice bac ~RoseBELLA!!! COME ON!!! *Alice*Hurry up! Alice is having a seizure lol! No joke tho. ~RoseIf u don’t txt bac ill make u bella barbie 4 a month! *Alice*Shes not kidding. ~RoseI’m gonnacome get u missy! Get ur lazy butt down here! *Alice*Pixie devil’s gonna call ur house fone bells. Better pick up cause shes fuming!~Rose That’s it! *Alice*She blew a gasket bella. Be prepared for angry tinkerbell madness ~RoseMy eyes widened in fear. I quickly texted back Rose and Alice saying no shoppingfor me today. It was the least they could do for making me go yesterday. I don’t gethow they can seriously go shopping every day.But way too soon after my text, my phone started ringing. Caller I.D.: Alice. Crap! Ianswer timidly. “H-hello?” I quickly put the phone away from my ear waiting forAlice to start yelling. It never came though. I heard a mild buzzing from the speaker,so I put the phone back to my ear. “…went yesterday, but I really wanted to go tohave some girl fun. It’s Saturday after all.” She waited for me to speak so I said,“Sorry Ali, but I really just want to stay home today…” I could hear her sigh over thephone. “Okay. I’ll just go with Rose…” she said calmly. “Please Alice I rea- wait!What?!” I said shocked. “I said I’ll go with Rose. Have a fun Saturday.” And shehung up.Sighing, I hung up and got ready for a lazy Saturday.~*~
 The rest of the weekend pretty much went that way. Me just hanging out watching TV and sleeping. Rose and Alice came over on Sunday and watched a movie withme. It was after that I realized they were extra perky for a movie…“ALICE!!!” I yelled. She jumped back and put on an innocent expression. “Why yes,Bella?” she said in a polite tone. “You got me stuff from the mall didn’t you” I saidwith a deadly tone to my voice. She kicked something non-existent on the floor andsaid, “Well… maybe a thing…or two…or…maybe even three but does it matter? Youdidn’t want to go, so we shopped for you!” Alice sped up her talking with everyword. “You’re impossible” I said in an angry tone. “Will you just look at what I gotyou Bella? Please?!”She pulled her puppy-dog pout before I could look away, so I let out a frustratedsigh, and spoke. “Fine, but I get to choose what I will try on.” Alice and Rosesquealed and ran to Alice’s Porsche. They came back with two bags of clothes. Isuppressed a groan and went up the stairs after them.I chose the most decent outfit they got me, a dark blue blouse with a white miniskirt (luckily not a mini mini skirt) and 2 inch white pumps. They’re the smallest heelto choose from, so I pray I don’t trip in them. (Not likely, though…)Rose looked at Alice and said, “You know, I’m kind of sick of house food. I’m more inthe mood for…” She trailed off looking pointedly at Alice. “Italian I’d say.” My eyesgo wide. “Y-you’re going to make me go out in this?” I gasped horrified. Alice let’sout a big sigh. “Yes, Bella. You are going out in this whether you like it or not. Whywould we get you dressed up otherwise?” She has a point there…“Fine, but just to go out to eat” I give them both a hard stare. Rose holds up herhands and goes, “That’s all we were going to do anyway, dear Bella.”“Okay” I huff and start walking to the car.~*~“Okay, okay!!” Rose says laughing hysterically. Alice and I were practically on thefloor laughing so hard. “He wasn’t that bad…” Rose tried again to defend herself from our teasing. We were at Alice’s house talking about all of the guys Rose wentout with. “He asked if he could look at your toes Rose!” I barely get out beforebursting out laughing again. She huffs and gives up on guy number 5.Once we settle down some, we go on to the next guy. “Bachelor number 6.” Alicesays in an announcer voice. “Roy Nichols” Rose’s eyes go wide as saucers and get afar away look to them. “Rose…? Rose. Rose! ROSALIE!”“WHAT?!” she yells. “Memories getting to ya?” I say hiding my smirk. “Psh, no…”She looks a little too innocent for my liking. “Well, what all went on with him?” I say.Rose was waaay to vague for me when she told us why they broke up. “Nope,you’re not getting it out of me!” She pretends to lock her lips and put the key in herpocket. “Ugh! Rose! Please?!” It bugged Alice even more than me that Rose didn’ttell her anything. “No!” Rose said determined. We never got it out of her either.
I said by to Rose and Alice a little later and headed home. School tomorrow! Ugh! This is going to be just great. I'll have to face Mike, Tyler, and probably the principalfor skipping Friday. Great!I could’ve sworn I’ve been here before. Running, yet again. I didn’t want to get upthis morning. Stupid Monday mornings! I was up earlier than usual, actually gettingto see the bus as it passed my house. Alice is going to kill me!I pick up my pace to a sprint as I see the school. I run through the doors and headtoward my locker, only to be tripped and start falling to the ground. I close my eyesand wait for the impact. But it never came. I heard a lot of whispering, but moreclearly, I heard a musical voice say, “You okay?” I open my eyes to look right intogreen emeralds. They were searching my face for any sign of harm, and that’s whenI realized I haven’t answered yet.“I-I’m fine” I stuttered, blushing. He let out a breath, smiled and helped me to myfeet. That’s when I got a better look at him. He had a gorgeous body, muscular, butnot too muscular. He had bronze hair that seemed to have a mind of it’s own, andthe most amazing straight, white, teeth that came into a breath-taking crooked grin.“You were running pretty fast there.” He said in his amazingly velvety voice. Irecovered myself quickly and answered, “Yeah, I didn’t want to be late.” STUPID!What a stupid thing to say! I’ll look like a nerd now! I blush again and he chuckles.He says, “You wouldn’t be late with the speed you were going at.”I blush again and give a cocky smile. “That’s me. I’m pretty fast.” I gave my bestsmile and this God looked a little stunned. I looked at the clock and realized Alicewould be fuming at my locker. I do a quick check around the hallway and see herwatching the entire scene. Ugh! She’ll want to know every detail of what justhappened! The guy snapped out of whatever he was thinking and said, “I’m Edward Cullen.” Iknew he was a new kid because everybody knew everybody else at Forks. “Bella.” Isay. He laughs again, looks at the clock, and speaks. “Well, Bella, I’d love to talksome more, but we’re going to be late.” I look at the clock again and realize he’sright.I say bye and fast walk over to Alice. She’s grinning from ear to ear. She glances atme and grins even wider.“Okay, Alice. I know you’re dying to talk to me, so just spill already!” She takes ahuge breath and lets it all out. “Oh, my GOD Bella! That guy was sooooo cute! Youhave to talk to him again! He totally just wrapped his arms around you as you fell! Itwas so cute to watch! What was his name? Did you plan to talk to him again? Doyou have any classes together? Tell me everything!!”I laughed out loud at her eager expression and put my hands up as if I was with thepolice. “I know Rose will want all of the details to, so I’ll just explain while you’retogether.” I let out a little chuckle at her pout. She perked up again pretty fast

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