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Published by: api-27472162 on Dec 04, 2009
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Statspack is a set of performance monitoring and
reporting utilities provided by Oracle starting from
Oracle 8i and above. Statspack provides improved

BSTAT/ESTAT functionality, though the old BSTAT/ESTAT
scripts are still available. For more information about
STATSPACK, read the documentation in file

AlthoughAWR andADDM (introduced in Oracle 10g) provide better
statistics than STATSPACK, users that are not licensed to use the
Enterprise Manager Diagnostic Pack should continue to use statspack.
Install statspack
cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin
sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @spdrop.sql
-- Drop and install statspack
sqlplus "/ as sysdba" @spcreate.sql
-- Entertablespace names when
Take performance snapshots of the
sqlplus perfstat/perfstat
exec statspack.snap;

-- Take a performance snapshots
-- or :
exec perfstat.statspack.snap(i_snap_level=>10); -- or instruct
statspack to do gather more details in the snapshot

-- (look up which
oracle version supports which level).
The spauto.sql script can be customized and executed to
schedule the collection of STATPACK snapshots.
Statspack reporting
-- Get a list of snapshots
-- Enter two snapshot id's for
difference report
Other statspack scripts
Some of the other statspack scripts are:
sppurge.sql - Purge (delete) a range of Snapshot
Id's between the specified begin and end Snap Id's
spauto.sql - Schedule adbms_job to automate the
collection of STATPACK statistics
spcreate.sql - Installs the STATSPACK user, tables
and package on a database (Run as SYS).
spdrop.sql - Deinstall STATSPACK from database (Run
as SYS)
spreport.sql - Report on differences between values
recorded in two snapshots
sptrunc.sql - Truncates all data in Statspack tables
Potential problems
Statpack reporting suffers from the following problems:

Some statistics may only be reported on COMPLETION
of a query. For example, if a query runs for 12 hours,
its processing won't be reported during any of the
snapshots taken while the query was busy executing.


If queries are aged out of the shared pool, the
stats from V$SQL are reset. This can throw off the
delta calculations and even make it negative. For
example, query A has 10,000buffer_gets at snapshot 1,
but at snapshot #2, it has been aged out of the pool
and reloaded and now shows only 1,000buffer_gets. So,
when you runspreport.sql from snapshot 1 to 2, you'll
get 1,000-10,000 = -9,000 for this query.

External links
www.spviewer.com - website with great software tools
for Oracle tuning based on statspack.
statspackanalyzer.com - website that can analyze
statspack reports
Installing Oracle STATSPACK

The installation steps for STATSPACK are relatively simple
and straightforward. This chapter will walk you, step by
step, through the installation and configuration of
STATSPACK. We will be including a complete description of
the following steps:

Creating the perfstat tablespace
Creating the perfstat user
Creating the tables
Installing the packages
Collecting data
Scheduling data collection snapshots with
Testing your installation

Let's begin by reviewing the functions of each of these
files. Several of the files call subfiles, so it helps if
we organize the files as a hierarchy:

spcreate.sql This is the first install script run
after you create the tablespace. It calls several
spcsr.sql This script creates a user called
PERFSTAT with the required permissions.
spctab.sql This creates the STATSPACK tables and
indexes, owned by the PERFSTAT user.
spcpkg.sql This creates the PL/SQL package called
STATSPACK with the STATSPACK procedures.
spauto.sql This script contains the dbms_job.submit
commands that will execute a STATSPACK snapshot every
spdrop.sql This script is used to drop all STATSPACK
entities. This script calls these subscripts:
spdtab.sql This drops all STATSPACK tables and
spdusr.sql This script drops the PERFSTAT user.

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