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Frank Trek for Justice

Frank Trek for Justice

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Frank Trek for Justice
Began June 30 2005 through the Canadian maze and beyond
Frank Trek for Justice
Began June 30 2005 through the Canadian maze and beyond

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Aug 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 1 Frank Trek for Justice Began June 30 2005 through the Canadian maze and beyond Ra the Mulroney Media connection Interactive appointments with some proclaimed independent such as the senate, judiciary and the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP independent of the RCMP that immediately forwarded my complaint against the RCMP for refusing to investigate my irrefutable evidence of government corruption and conspiracy to the RCMP to investigate self citing the RCMP Act www.DamageControl13.com 
Finding self innocent and via the Access to Information and Privacy Act, went for “the Report” as they citing
consistent with Privacy of the Act seeked out the criminal element mentioned in complaint for their
 permission to release and finely long over due of allotted time under the Act “the Report” I am led to believe
I requested http://www.scribd.com/doc/105694093/RCMP-Sarge-States-Apparently-I-Thought-Were-Actually-Going-to-Investigate-Government-Corruption-as-Per-Complaint They sold our souls to the devil not theirs as one with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbACCGf6q-c Reform after exhaustive effort money spent status quo set 2 go In continuance of CLIPS Common Law Insinuated Precedent Statutes due process If the silent majority had a voice and proficiently coherent to use it I suspect they would insist an ample  budget for reformers reform school Historically reality attests the majority cannot handle the truth as the minority will not permit the experience lest they exercise and run over them with it www.Frank13.com Twitter suspends me so what have ya got on twitter? SIN
 Sane Insanity Normalcy!!!  No different than the norm ,,, however as far as I know the rest of the blog spots provides a chance to ORBIT ROP
 Outside Routine Box Intrinsic Truths Reverse Osmosis Psychosis Doublethink "It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change"
“They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom”
 Creatures of habit will not change doting (I) double crossing Tax Evaders Exposing Self TEES Too Easy Evidencing Self SELF
Scum Earth’s Life Forms
“There were no dates in this history, but scrawled this way and that a
cross every page were the words Benevolence Righteousness and Morality
… finally I began to make out what was written between the lines.
The whole volume was but a single phrase,
Eat People”
 Confucius wanted his disciples to THINK At Ten Tion Absentia tyrannical Truths elusivity nefarious Transmitter inventor of nothing
“Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly”
“A little learning is a dangerous thing;
 Drink deep and taste not the Pierian spring; There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain;
And drinking largely sobers us again.”
 Alexander Pope 1688 - 1744 Humanity one mother earth Reality almighty consecrated element www.HomeRace13.com Form a cliché click and think to coherence transmit HA - human achievement Ah So!! A humanity Solidarity obligatory Reality is the Truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception Truth that which God would observe whether or not He exists or whether or not one believes He exists IDEAL Simply Reality Sanely Dealt with  No Poo POE Peace on Earth Xmas 24/7 365 circle of life http://www.scribd.com/doc/185451020/On-Second-Thought-to-My-Query-Will-the-Curia-Contact-Me "Thy kingdom come" Mc Pig Musical Chairs Puppets in glomming Thy Kingdom Come Pro cons Puppets in Governance Media Elusives
The request for God's kingdom to come is usually interpreted as a reference to the belief, common at the time, that a Messiah figure would bring about a Kingdom of God. Traditionally the coming of God's Kingdom is seen as a divine gift to be prayed for,
not a human achievement
This idea is frequently challenged by groups who believe that the Kingdom will come by the hands of those faithful to work for a  better world. It is believed by these individuals that Jesus' commands to feed the hungry and clothe the needy are the Kingdom to which he was referring.
Puppets in Governance Media Elusives Opposition Web Con pros

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