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Published by: api-20017870 on Dec 04, 2009
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1.What is IMDG code?
It gives a uniform international code of dangerous goods for transportation by sea
It gives methods of packing in packets or in container, stowage and segregation of
incompatible substances.
2. Dangerous Good regulation and convention?
The following requirements shall be complied with-

The package must be clearly marked with the correct technical names of goods and an
indication must be given with the hazards that could arise during the transportation of the

Markings must comply with IMDG.
The outer material of the package will survive 3 months immersion and the marking must be
If the outer material does not survive 3 months then the inner receptacle which will survive 3
months must be durably marked.
If the goods are carried in a container then the unit must have distinctive labels on the
1. Shall be in good condition.

2. Of such a character that an interior surface with which the contents may come in contact
is not dangerously affected by the substance being conveyed and capable of
withstanding the ordinary risk of carriage at sea.

3. Where absorbent or cushioning is being used-
Capable of minimizing the danger to which the liquid may give rise.
Prevent movement and ensures that the receptacle remains surrounded.
Absorb liquid in the event of breakage.
1.Receptacles shall have an ullage at the filling temperature sufficient to allow for the
highest temperature during the voyage.
2. Cylinders or receptacles under pressure shall have been adequately constructed, tested
and correctly filled.
3. Empty receptacles shall be considered as dangerous and be treated as dangerous cargo
unless they have been cleaned and dried.
Dangerous cargo should be stowed safely appropriately according to the nature of the cargo.
Incompatible goods to be separated from one another.
Explosives to be stored in magazines and to be kept securely closed at sea. They should be
kept far away from electrical.
Goods which give dangerous vapours should be stowed in well-ventilated places.
Ships carrying inflammable liquids and gases special precautions should be taken against fire
and explosion.
Substances liable to spontaneous heating should not be carried unless adequate precautions
have been taken.
1.How many volumes and supplement for IMDG code?
Volume I (Part 1, 2 and 4 \u2013 7)
General provisions, definitions, training
Packing and tank provisions
Consignment procedures
Construction and testing of packaging, IBCs, large packaging, portable tanks and
road tanks vehicles
Transport operation
Volume II (Part 3)
Limited quantities exceptions
The index
\u25cbEMS Guide

\u25cbMedical first aid guide
\u25cbReporting procedures
\u25cbPacking cargo transport units
\u25cbSafe use of pesticides
\u25cbINF code

1.What are EMS No and MFAG?

Guide use in accidents involving dangerous goods. It gives information
regarding safety, first aid, and emergency procedures to be followed and action to be taken in
the event of an accident involving certain dangerous goods.

Emergency schedule for FIRE and SPILLAGE

2. How many classes of dangerous goods and name them?
Class 1:

Class 2:
Gases Compressed, Liquefied or Dissolved Under Pressure.
Class 3:
Inflammable Liquids.
Class 4.1:
Inflammable Solids.
Class 4.2:
Inflammable Solids or Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion.
Class 4.3:
Inflammable Solids or Substances Which When In Contact With Water Emit
Flammable Gases.
Class 5.1:
Oxidising Substances.
Class 5.2:
Organic Peroxides.
Class 6.1:
Poisonous Toxic Substances.
Class 6.2:
Infectious Substances.
Class 7:
Radio Active Substances.
Class 8:
Class 9: miscellaneous dangerous cargo which presto a danger not covered by other classes.
3. What is Play Card? Marking and labelling of dangerous goods on packages and container?
Dangerous good label on container carrying dangerous good

Small label over packages from 100 x 100 mm to 150 x 150 mm
Radioactive 250 x 250 mm
Standard size of label on container 200 x 200 mm

1.How will you find information about dangerous good in IMDG code?
Volume -2
Find the dangerous good by alphabetical name in index at last pages or UN No in
Dangerous good list
In Dangerous Goods list information is given in 18 columns of a UN NO
In chapter 3.2 definitions of 18 columns are written
Volume -1 for interpretation of volume 2 UN No columns (2 to 14)
Supplement For the interpretation of volume 2 UN No columns (15)
1.Find the label to be used for IMDG Dangerous Good (Cotton waste, oily) from IMDG code?
Volume 2
Find the Class Number of dangerous good

Volume 1
In chapter 5.2 Label specifications is given in
According to Class Number pick up label for dangerous good

IMDG Code Frequently Asked Questions
1. Which amendment of the IMDG Code should I use?
32-04 and older
All amendments prior to 33-06 are no longer valid. If you are still using one of these older amendments you are
strongly advised to upgrade to Version 9 containing Amendment 34-08.
Amendment 33-06 became valid on 01 January 2007 and may be used until 31 December 2009. This amendment is
contained in IMDG Code on CD Version 8.
Amendment 34-08 becomes valid on 01 January 2009 and may be used until 31 December 2011. This amendment is
contained in IMDG Code for Windows Version 9.
Back to Index
IMDG Code Frequently Asked Questions
2. Which version do I use during the transition year 2009?

2009 is a transition year when either Version 8 with amdt 33-06 or Version 9 with amdt 34-08 may be used
operationally, subject to National Administrations adoption. Therefore, unless there is an operational requirement for
using Version 8, it is advised that Version 9 should be used during 2009. Click here to see amendments up to

Back to Index
IMDG Code Frequently Asked Questions
3. If Version 9 cannot be used until 2009 what should I buy now?

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