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Of the Dragon, of the Stars

Of the Dragon, of the Stars

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Published by api-27511181

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Published by: api-27511181 on Dec 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Of the Dragon, of the Stars
Prologue: Sparking the Flame
at the beginning

It all began with nothing, nothing but a cloud of energy in the middle of the empty
universe, neither warm nor cold, neither bright nor dark. It began as everything
must begin\u2014in its greatest simplicity, in emptiness.

Then by some chance, a one-in-a-billion chance, the energy, in its eternal changing
and shifting, suddenly found order. And in that moment of order, it split into four.
Light, Darkness, Time, Life. The four great spirits were formed, in balance of each

Slowly, they developed, as time passed, a way of communication, knowledge,
feelings, thoughts, desires and hopes. Life, the Dragon, desired company. So it
brought forth the world, and all that lives on it, one by one, place by place, element
by element. Light, the Goddess, guided creation as it grew. But life\u2019s counterbalance
was time, and Time took life as it came.

Darkness, the Spirit of the Dark, desired total power. It hated life and light, and
wished to be rid of them. One day in the history of the universe, when the world had
just begun, and only land and seas existed, Darkness suddenly turned on the two,
wrenching the world from their grasp, and casting it into darkness, taking its
immediate rule over everything.

The Goddess, banished from the world, began to plot the Spirit\u2019s downfall. She
began to make a weapon to defeat the Spirit of the Dark, in her home at the corner
of the universe. With her own power, and the Dragon\u2019s sacrifice of bones and teeth,
She formed it\u2014the Spear of Heaven. It drained every last trace of the original power
she had owned, and was so powerful that even the Goddess Herself feared it. It was
the only thing that could harm any of the four.

And she turned to the world from afar, and threw it through the stars, through the
void, the light, to the place where the Spirit of the Dark held the dead world and the
empty skies. With an explosion that blazed like a star from the distance, the Spirit
was blown apart, now weakened to insubstantiality. As it fled deep below the surface
of the world, the Dragon flew forth to see that the spear floated, in its original four
pieces, over the world He had created.

So creation started again, and when the humans of his new world had grown
intelligent enough, He gave the four parts of the feared Spear of Heaven to them to
be hidden, for it was too dangerous to remain with the three.

And so it was done. The Spear of Heaven\u2014the one thing that could harm the four
deities\u2014was now safely split up and hidden in the world, unable to do any harm.
a leap forward in time, millennia later
The Spirit of the Dark had not died. It had tried to rule over and over again, three
times, failing thrice. Even so, Its source of power was ever growing as the human

population grew\u2014as they did, so did their hate, fear and grief. Now, all It needed was a servant to wreak dread upon the humans, make them hate and grieve more than they ever had before.

That opportunity came soon. A woman was kneeling down beside the entrance to the
Underworld, the entrance to Its world.
Hurt, shame, anger\u2026 The Spirit of the Dark relished the terrible whirlpool of feelings
within her heart. Yes, stay there, stay\u2026

The Spirit then rose out of its hole and made Its bargain. The woman looked shocked
and afraid at first, but she had an open spirit. She accepted, without any fear or
apprehension, misguided by her own grief and anger.

It was done. She would be Its servant from now, and she would gain It the power It
a month passes

King Caleix stood at the doorway of the nursery, where his three children played.
They were beautiful children, he thought with love. They shared their parents\u2019 looks
\u2014their mother\u2019s especially. She was a beautiful woman.

All three were Star-chosen children, something he took pride in. Born in the midst of
a starfall, these special children were blessed with immense, hidden power. The
eldest, only four years old, already showed signs of his great abilities; just the day
before, he had almost killed one of the nurses by hitting her.

There was a timid \u201cexcuse me, your Majesty\u201d from behind him. Caleix turned to see a male servant standing behind him, youthful, but already looking as tired as an old man.

\u201cA visitor, your Majesty,\u201d he said. With one more glance at his three sons, and a
smile, he turned and followed the servant down the corridor to the throne room.
Chapter 1: Year of the Rooster
zethis: a beginning
\u201cDad, I was thinking, if I could\u2026you know, like the other kids\u2026\u201d
Zethis slapped his forehead again as he collapsed back onto his mattress. How will I
ever tell Dad?

It had been a wish that had hung about his head all his life. He wanted to start an
adventure, like all of his neighbourhood friends. Everyday, he had seen high-levelled
people passing his window, donning their beautiful clothes and carrying their well-
made weapons with strength, and an air of pride. Everyday, he had dreamt of
becoming like them\u2014one day, someday.

Just give me the chance, Dad!

But he knew that he would never muster up the courage to ask. He had tried before.
Every time, the only thing that had come out of his mouth had been meaningless
blabbering. If only\u2026I didn\u2019t get nervous so easily!

\u201cI\u2014I just want to go on my own journey!\u201d
His sudden, frustrated shout was met with a reply\u2014the sound of a throat being
cleared. Zethis turned around slowly, to see his father standing at the doorway.
\u201cDad!" he gasped, panicking. "I\u2019m...I\u2014\u201d
\u201cI heard what you said,\u201d the middle-aged man replied, no trace of sternness in his
Zethis looked down at his feet, sitting up, too ashamed to turn back to his father.
Now what is he going to do? Scold me? Throw me out of the house?
To his surprise, he did neither of these. He simply replied, "Then it's time I told you
something I always planned to tell you, before you go."

While Zethis continued to gape in disbelieving surprise at his mild, yet ominous,
reply, his father to came to sit next to him on the bed. Something told him that he
was about to hear something that would change him forever. What will he say? What

will he tell me? What secret could he be keeping?

"I've been\u2014lying to you for nine years already," he sighed, now not daring to turn to his son. "I know I should have said so sooner, but I was afraid that if you knew this, you might trust me less, or even want to leave earlier."

Now, Zethis was beginning to grow alarmed. What kind of secret could his father be hiding that could do so much damage? He looked on silently, nervously, not knowing how to respond to what he had just been told.

"For nine years, I've\u2014I've lied to you...about being your father," he finally managed to get out of his throat. Upon hearing that revelation, Zethis finally could not stand his nerves anymore and fell back onto his bed, dizzy with confusion.

Not my...father?

"D\u2014Dad? I\u2014is that a\u2014"
"No, not 'dad' anymore. I'm just a plain old man to you," he replied with a sad smile.
\u201cI\u2014but\u2014\u201d Zethis shook his head. Tears were suddenly stinging in his eyes. "You're

everything like a father to me!" he shouted. "Even though not by blood, you can't
just expect me to stop loving you..."

Zethis' foster father shook his head. "No, I don't expect that," he replied. "But you
must accept that. I'm not your blood father. In fact, I don't know who your father is.
I simply\u2014" He closed his eyes, reliving a moment from the past, eyes wrinkling in a
smile. "I found you in the middle of the Henesys forest one day. And I took you in,
for fear that the king's policemen might find you and have you killed."

Zethis took some time to accept all this, dizzy and overwhelmed with shock. All his
life, his entire ten years, he had known no one, no one but this "father" of his. He
had told Zethis that his mother had already died, and that he had brought Zethis up
alone. Now, he understood all this, all those lies upon lies.

"I'm sorry I never told you," the man said. "If you want to start an adventure on
your own, by all means, go ahead. I hold no more authority over you. You're on your
own now. I simply\u2026had to tell you before you left home."

Zethis stood up and stepped back in shock. Everything had been so sudden. His \u201cfather\u201d wasn\u2019t his real father? Already on his own, at ten? How could he survive alone, without protection? He didn\u2019t know how to take any of this.

"Zethis...don't worry," he said to the boy\u2019s expression, winding an arm around his
shoulders, smiling. His warm arm and voice brought comfort and more tears at the
same time. "You'll have to find your real father, the father who named you. I'm sure
he's still alive, somewhere out there. But I'll always be proud of you, alright?"

Zethis sniffed, trying to control the tears that were now flowing freely from his closed

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