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Due to Technological and Scientific Progress Our Quality of Life is Improvin1

Due to Technological and Scientific Progress Our Quality of Life is Improvin1



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Published by char002

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Published by: char002 on Mar 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘Due to technological and scientific progress our quality of life is improving.’Discuss.
Technology is a fundamental importance nowadays. It is the step towards amore easy and convenient life. It is providing citizens worldwide with moreinformation and therefore more choices.Technology is essential for our daily survival. Information is sent andreceived faster via e-mail. It is also cheap and fast unlike postage. Internet is alsouseful for schoolwork as it varies research and you find absolutely anything youwant to look for on the worldwide web.Technology is continuously expanding and developing so sometimes itcan be quite stressful. People have to keep themselves up to date with technology.It is also changing the way people think about work and the world, about life andrelationships, and about war and peace. Technology is making communication easierin today's world but it also has its disadvantages. People who choose to work athome in front of a computer screen are missing personal contact with otheremployees.With the big step in Technology, knowledge is now more accessible to allmembers of society from the upper class to the lower class. This counts in all thecategories from young people to old, disabled persons and the rich and the poor.Information made accessible through technology is making individuals to changethemselves and their environments. Technology enhances productivity and improvesquality of life. For many people with disabilities, technology makes it easier forthem to function independently. It provides them with access to employment, awider range of tools to accomplish jobs and greater freedom to live and socialize insettings of their choosing.People are always trying to make more progress. But progress carries with itthe good side and the bad side. For instance If we take industrialization, this isconsidered to be a big step towards progress. We now have bigger factories, moreproducts, and more money, but we also now have more pollution, more materialism,and more greed. Therefore Technology carries with it its advantages anddisadvantages. As the benefits of progress increase, so do the drawbacks.Medicine has also improved in the past years. We tend to live longer thanthe generations before us, that is because medical science has improved. We livequite different lives from those our forefathers lived before us. There aredifferences of opinion as to whether we live better now than before, andconsequently there is also disagreement as to whether we should continue
modernizing or rather try to slow the process down. Quality of life in a society canbe measured by how long and happy its inhabitants live.We have to use technology in the right way. Although it makes our life easieronce in a while we have to rest from the rush and chaos that technology brings withit.‘It is important to safeguard our traditions.’ How far do you agree with thisstatement?

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Please allow me to intoroduce myself.My name is Madina.I am a Year 12 student at the Nazarbayev Intellectual school,Semey,Kazakhstan. I am currently doing a Cambridge University high school subject,”Global Perspectives ”,that requires me to undertake research for a short research report. This specific question I am arguing is “Did make a technology our quality of life better or worse?” I am tryi
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