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Witches Brew

Witches Brew

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Published by Salem News

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Published by: Salem News on Dec 04, 2009
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Witches Brew
Edition 1, 2009
 In The Brew
 Angeramo’s “Mission”
Bringing the SHS Mission Statement to Life
By Erin BurkeAs Salem High Schoolsettles into the school year,Principal Mr. David Angeramosaid he thought our busySeptember was a positive andsmooth start to the year. Studentsseem to be taking things moreseriously and the attendance was
really impressive this rst month
of school. As always there aregoing to be the challenges that the budget presents, however, we will just need to be careful and creative.Some changes that we willsee this year are teachers utilizingthe new technology much more.After all the installations last year we now see those smart boardsand projectors being put to greatuse. Another change that we hopeto see is more collaboration amongadministration, teachers, andstudents. To do this, a solid studentgovernment is hopefully going to be brought onto the scene. This willgive even more voice to the studentsand allow for feedback to the administration.Students should take thisopportunity to get involved anduse their powerful voices.As for some goals that have been set into our sights this year,we have our mission statement.Angeramo is aiming for a “missionstatement that will be real and helpto drive the school.” The statementitself is more concrete this year and a lot of work has been putin to establishing the essentialobjectives that students, facultyand administrators have cometogether on. Those key pointsthat the mission focuses on arehaving a safe environment to build positive relationships and trainingstudents to have the ability to think critically, problem solve, collaborateand communicate effectivelywhen they leave the school.Speaking of leaving theschool, our seniors graduating
this year will be the rst class
to have had Angeramo as their  principal for all four years. Themessage that he would like to sendthe seniors is to “Work hard thisyear. Potentially this could be the best year of your life so enjoy it.”Hard work does always pay off.
Angeramo discusses goals for this coming school year
Aqua Lab Excitement!
Welcome Home, Soldier
By Kellie SaccoThe SHS science departmenthas recently added a new courseto the course of studies. ScienceTeachers Graeme Marcoux andWilliam Warren, along withO’Connell Plumbing of Salemand Paul L’heureux, Director of Buildings and Grounds, are tothank for putting it all together.Salem High’s new aquaculture andhydroponics labs were donated to
the school by Dr. Albright, who is incharge of awarding the money for the Read Trust Foundation.Marcoux has developed away to involve the students in theupkeep of these labs, as it can be alot for just two people. “I feel thatstudents will learn a whole lot morewhen they take ownership of their education,” says Marcoux, who
Continued on back 
The 14 interns pose inthe new aquaculture lab.
By: Christina Flessas and Stenio
 Very often, teachers haveother duties and responsiblities beyond what they do in the
classroom. In a specic case, one
Social Studeies teacher, Mr. SeanMcLaughlin, gives himself not onlyfor his students but also for his country.In addition to McLaughlin’sresponsibility as a history teacher, heis also a Major specializing in CivilAffairs for the US Army. Joiningthe Army in 1990, McLaughlinhad his college education paidfor by the military. While stillteaching at SHS, he had to take
his rst military leave to Iraq in
2005, leaving his duties at SHS toserve his country. In Iraq, he gotthe experience of working with theGovernor of Baghdad. McLaughlinset up schools, as everyone in CivilAffairs had to learn to work inschool systems and city councils.He also got the opportunity torebuild bridges, sewage lines, water systems and address the needs of the population. During this tough,“frustrating” time, McLaughlinleft home a wife and a young
Continued on back 
really wants the students to be ableto enjoy science as much as he does.The Science Research Internship is
So, What Exactly Is the MissionStatement?....pg. 2Maternity Subs Step In.....pg. 2Class of ‘10 Looks Forward to SeniorEvents...pg. 3Editorial: Distracted Driving: KeepingUs Safe? Or Is Big Brother Watching Us?...pg 3Horoscopes....pg. 3Consistency: Helping Us Know What’sExpected....pg. 4
New Teachers Adapt
 By Christina FlessasA new school year callsfor new teachers. This adjustmentis not just hard on the students, but also for these teachers whoare either adapting to a newenvironment or a new profession.Ms. Sandra Roach, a newasset to the Family and Consumer Science department, was all smileswhen asked about Salem HighSchool. “It has been a positiveexperience as the students andteachers have made me feel sowelcomed,” she said.With fourteen years of teaching experience under her  belt, Roach is no stranger to thisenvironment. Formerly a teacher in Lynn Public Schools, she hascome to enjoy the enthusiasm of the Salem High students in her Child Development, Working withChildren and Professional, Socialand Individual Living classes.Another new teacher isMs. Carole Donnelly, who joinedour Special Education department.Donnelly spoke of how friendly
Teachers New to SHS may be new to thisenvironment, but are not newbies to teaching
What’s The Mission?
By Erin BurkeandCarena WongEvery ten years or so, a public high school goes throughthe process of reaccreditation. Weare observed and evaluated upon alist of requirements we are given by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The process begins with us evalualting ourselves,using the NEASC criteria andour mission statement as a guide.We also evaluate if the students,faculty and parents are aware of the main idea behind the missionand how close to that goal we are.This past year a committeehas been meeting to go over our mission statement and revampit. This committee consisted of awide range of members includingstudents, parents, staff, and others.Two members of the MissionStatement Committee were
Health teacher Lisa Manseld
and History teacher Beth Factor.There can be some confusionover the term mission statement.
Manseld dened a mission
statement as “a guideline for theschool to acknowledge what the goalis for our students.” However, Factor 
stated the denition in much broader 
terms, saying that “it’s a set of core beliefs that drive an organization.”According to Principal Mr.
David Angeramo, the denition
of the mission statement is thegoals and objective achievementsthat SHS is focused on andthat all students will hopefullyreach by the time they leave theschool. Our mission statementlists these goals as the following:to provide a safe learning
environmentto pomote independance and
self motivationto have positive relationships
with mentorsto develop “academic
skills, habits of mind andtechnological literacy” be able to “think critically,
 problem solve, collaborate andcommunicate effectively”Very simply, the vision iswhat we and others believe aboutthis school and ourselves.Hopefully, striving for this same goal will enable SalemHigh School to function as oneorganization. 
Maternity Subs
Step In
 by Zaneta StepienWith the increased number of teachers going on maternityleave at Salem High, the schoolhas obtained more permanentsubstitutes to cover classes.Currently, the two teacherswho have covered for multiplematernity leaves are Ms. Staci Fleuryand Mr. Andrew Hofmann. Both of them started out as student teachersin the building, until the maternityleave coverage was needed. Manycan say that it has been a strangeand rare opportunity for thesesubstitutes that so many teachersneed coverage in their classes.When sitting down withFleury, she was excited andsaid it has been a “challenge yetopportunity” for her. Personallyshe disagrees that it has been a“strange” opportunity becauseSalem High has such a young staff.Within her last two years atSalem High, Fleury has taught classesthat range from health education, toEnglish, and now to mathematics.Before working as a substitute atthe school, Fleury was a student atSalem State College studying as anEnglish Major. She states her onlychallenge was teaching outside her major. She believes that because of this, it has forced her to become a better and more effective teacher.Last year, Hoffman coveredfor two English teachers in theFreshman house. He is currentlyworking as a paraprofessional inthe building, but hopes to do morecoverage as more teachers taketheir leave. Another substitute, Don
Pinkerton is certied for science
education and is currently coveringa chemistry class for yet another teacher who is out on maternityleave.Surely enough, this manysubs can be an adjustment for the
students. “It has been difcult
adjusting from one teacher toanother,” said Rachel Channen,who had Fleury as a creativewriting substitute. However, thishas also “given the substitutesa chance to get some teachingexperience, since the subs weregreat student teachers before,” saidEnglish Head Teacher Lou Wallach.It has been a uniqueopportunity for the entire school to
have such qualied substitutes, and
everyone is fortunate to have them.
The mission of Salem High School is to offer all students the oppor-tunity to demonstrate independence, self-motivation, and responsibil-ity for self and others. Provided with a safe learning environment thatbuilds positive relationships between students and adults, students willleave Salem High School with the academic skills, habits of mind, andtechnological literacy that will enable them to think critically, problemsolve, collaborate and communicate effectively as citizens of the localand global community.
Salem High School will become the standard to which other schoolsstrive in preparing and inspiring individuals to succeed in the 21stcentury.Substitute teacher Fleury is ready to teach any subject if called to duty
everyone is and how great her experience has been. Previouslyteaching at the Landmark School in Beverly for about
fteen years, she is surprised
that “such a large school couldcreate a sense of community.” New teachers includeKatie Keeley, Molly Robinsonand Robert Strom in the SpecialEducation department, HollieJacobs and June Marie Kershawas Adjustment Counselors,Math teacher ElizabethSullivan, Sephainie Majeau inScience, and Tracey Pantapas joining the Salem Prep.
Roach feels “welcomed” at SHS
The Village Idiot Says...
It’s No Biggie!
By Ashley Cluck What’s with the copthat was stationed on our hill
during the rst month of school?
Our school is alwayshonoring us with their care. Theyare always trying to push us to beon time by giving us detentions if we are late. Then, they patrolledthe front and backside of the school,stopping us like great almighty watchguards. A cop was stationed on thehill to help stop those criminals thatcut people in line waiting to get intoschool, making the students late and parents having to take a day off of work to go to court. We love our school for thinking of our safety.We appreciated getting tickets allthe time for making a left hand turninto a zone that is only availableduring certain times just to drop astudent off for school. Meanwhile,after being stopped, the student whowas trying to be on time is now late.Our school is concerned about usstudents being on time but thengave us detentions for being just aminute late because we got stopped by the diligent cop that wanderedaround our school in his cruiser.So, because they were pulled by the cop, students were issued aticket, received a trip to court, and anice pink slip walking into school toensure an hour detention after 2:02.Why was it such a big
deal? We were all just trying to be
to school on time, so why make
more complications? I wonder what the rate of tardies were?
Have they gone up and through
the roof? I bet!! It’s complicated, but really!! Couldn’t they just havegiven us some slack? At least we
were coming to school. Just relax.
By: Abby Bedard
January 20-February18: Go for a nice, refreshing drink at the bubbler, and take a piece of gum free of charge while you’rethere.
February 19- March 20: Next time you’re thinking about buying those new pair of shoesdon’t. Your online homework billis due.
March 21- April 19:Barbizon scholarship called. Theywant to congratulate you on your 
new modeling job!
April 20- May 20: Avoidgetting chased down the hall for not throwing your coffee out. Just be sure not to knock down your A block teacher’s own coffee.
May 21- June 21: Hate
having to walk all over the place?
Join the band; they get a bus todrive down the street.
June 22- July 22: Say hi to
the police ofcer outside on your 
way into school, then say hi to Ms.Garrett at your hour long detention.
July 23- August 22: Be extracareful about where you put your 
 Northface backpack. You may nd
out that it has identical friends.
August 23- September 22:The seniors’ red lockers are in agreat spot for your locker - if youhave piano lab all eight blocks.
: September 23- October 22: Be careful of going into the bathroom. It’s like survival of the
ttest; attack of the last toilet paper 
October 23- November 21: Be wary of walking down thehalls without a pass. Salem High’snew attack force will be asking for it every two seconds.
: November 22-December 21:Have an insane
craving for undercooked food?
Make your way to the a la cartefor some nice half-baked cookies.
December 22- January19: Are you constantly out of  breath from running to your classesfrom your assigned locker in the
 boonies? Look on the bright side-
wind blown hair is in.
Hey Seniors!
What’s in store this year?
By Michelle Stanley & DarcyTheriault
Senior year is looking good!
More dances with more involvementfrom the other classes is only one of the many things to look forward to.“We will be working with
other ofcers to plan more functions
to get people involved,” says senior Treasurer Michael Collins. Healso said that the plan is to “have a productive year with all the classesand to successfully unite the school.”The senior class can look forward to the prom on May 14 at theCrown Plaza (formerly the SheratonFerncroft) and the annual Senior Show. Collins is “spearheading” the brainstorming for the show to geta head start on ideas for the skits.
Class ofcers also want to
 bring back Dancing with the Staff and the Mr. SHS Competition,and hope to reinvent the Black and White Dance as a Highlighter Dance. Students would be askedto wear white t-shirts and jeansand to write on the shirts withhighlighters, which could glowin the dark during the dance.Uncertainty about the futureof Six Flags is causing the Classof ‘10 to think of alternativesto that Senior Week activity. ARed Sox game or a trip to Water Country are two possiblities
the ofcers are considering.
Class tee-shirts will get a newlook as well. In an attempt to showschool unity, the Junior , Senior, andFreshman class shirts will all featurethe same matching fronts with
class-specic designs on the back.
The seniors also want to keepup the same spirit they had last year in order to win two years straight, andclass president Zac Broughton feelsoptimistic about a repeat victory.“I believe that this is a chance for Seniors to show that they
win,not that they
win,” he said.
Is Distracted Driving ADangerous Obsession?
By: Maciel BreaAn attempt to keep us
safe? Or another way for thegovernment to control our lives?
“Distracted Driving” is a termthat has been featured in a number of newspapers and in onlinearticles about concerned parentsworrying that their sixteen-year-old teenagers are too distracted bytexting to pay attention to the road.The U.S Department of Transportation is taking a stand onthe issue. A variety of activitieslinked to so-called “distracteddriving,” such as texting, eating,drinking, talking on the cell phone,reading the newspaper, and fussingwith a toddler in the backseat,can take a driver’s attention off the road and cause an accident.Life as we all know it isfull of distractions, inside andoutside the car. After spendingnearly a thousand dollars payingfor driving school, driving lessons,the road test, license, and spendingendless hours being screamed at by paranoid parents, have we teen
drivers not endured enough?
continued on back page
Although distracted driving is a danger, how much should big brothermonitor drivers behind the wheel?
The Brew Crew
Erin Burke & Christina FlessasCo-Editors and Layout DesignCarena Wong - Photographer
Staff -
 Abigail Bedard, Deanna Bailey, Maciel Brea, Rachel Chan-nen, Ashley Cluck, Alexa Goutzos, Nicole Matthews, Stenio Moreira, Juan Pena, Nayroby Polanco, Kellie Sacco, Michelle Sacco, MichelleStanley, Zaneta Stepien, Cosima Takis-Welch, Darcy Theriault, CarenaWong
Special thanks to Madame Fitzgerald for her all her assistance.

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