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Published by Ramon Gimenez

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Published by: Ramon Gimenez on Aug 13, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Local food that satisfies the world's mosdemanding eaters 
 Japan'st a s t ysecrets
Tink you've already tried the best that Japan has to offer? It might be time to think again.  Japan is packed with delicious dishes. All over the country people are constantly cooking up new ways to satisfy a nation's hunger for culinary perfection. Hundreds of gourmet treats come and go, some starting out as a local favorite and then sweeping the land. Occasionally a food fad will last, or maybe the nation grows to love a local delicacy over a period of years. Te greatest success stories are rewarded with a place in the nation's heart.  While various dishes are popular for showcasing local ingredi-ents, many others succeed for the most basic reason of all: they taste great! And once a local food becomes established at the national level, it's made it. It's passed the ultimate test of culinary fitness. In many cases you don't even need to be a fan of mainstream Japanese cuisine to appreciate its value. It appeals instantly to anyone with an appetite. Other dishes are more of an adventure, requiring at least some awareness and appreciation of Japanese ingredients and their applications.  And one or two delicacies may strike you as extreme cuisine: enjoyable only by those whose palate is completely attuned to the full range of tastes and textures found in Japan, surely the  world's most diverse culinary culture. Tat easy-to-extreme diversity is evident even in our initial selection of local cuisines loved all over Japan—but you probably won't have to read long before something gets your mouth watering. Our second selection focuses on food that has won a loyal local following in the region where it originated. Here, too, you will find many dishes that can be—or already are—cherished across regional or national boundar-ies. And even if occasionally you catch yourself thinking, "I'm not sure I could eat that," remind yourself that each dish is a survivor of a merciless process of food selection. If Japan says it's fit to eat, it could be time to take your tastebuds to the gym!
 Now come on; let's eat! Itadakimasu
Hokkaido Aomori Prefecture Iwate Prefecture  Miyagi Prefecture  Akita Prefecture Yamagata Prefecture Fukushima Prefecture Ibaraki Prefecture ochigi Prefecture Gunma Prefecture Saitama Prefecture Chiba Prefecture okyoKanagawa Prefecture Niigata Prefecture oyama Prefecture 1 2  310 1112 1314 15 16 Ishikawa Prefecture Fukui Prefecture Yamanashi Prefecture Nagano Prefecture Gifu Prefecture Shizuoka Prefecture  Aichi Prefecture  Mie Prefecture Shiga Prefecture Kyoto Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Hyogo Prefecture Nara Prefecture Wakayama Prefecture ottori Prefecture Shimane Prefecture 17 18 19  20  21 22  23 24  25  26  27  28  29  30  31 32 Okayama Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture Yamaguchi Prefecture okushima Prefecture Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Prefecture Fukuoka Prefecture Saga Prefecture Nagasaki Prefecture Kumamoto Prefecture Oita Prefecture  Miyazaki Prefecture Kagoshima Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture  33 34  35  36  37  38  39 40 4142 4344 45 46 47 
HokkaidoohokuKantoChubuKansai ChugokuShikokuKyushuOkinawa 
 2  2 3310 10 111115 15 16 16 17 17 18 18  21 21 20  20 19 19  22  22  23 23 24  24  25  25  26  26  28  28  29  29 30 30 313132 32 35 35 37 37 36 36 40 40 414142 42  44 44 434345 45 46 46 47 47 38 38 39 39 34 34  333312 12 11
ocal dishes loved bythe nation
SapporoSendai okyoYokohama Nagoya Osaka Kobe Fukuoka Hakodate KyotoShizuoka Nagasaki Kagoshima Kochi Naha KumamotoHiroshima Kanazawa Niigata 
14 14 
 27  27 

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