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2014-08-13 DRAFT UN US 2014 UPR-s

2014-08-13 DRAFT UN US 2014 UPR-s

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Published by: Human Rights Alert, NGO on Aug 13, 2014
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Human Rights Alert
Joseph Zernik, PhD PO Box 33407, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014-08-13 Human Right Alert: United States DRAFT UPR Sumissi!n "2014#
$arge-s%ale &raud in 'T s(stems !& the US %!urts - unann!un%ed regime %hange)
*+e%uti,e Summar(
Wide segen!s o" !he people o" !he #ni!ed $!a!es !oda% hold !ha! !he #$ governen! has &ndergone a !rans"ora!ion over !he pas! 'o&ple o" de'ades, and !he #$ (ons!i!&!ion is no longer in "or'e and e""e'!)Ins!an! s&*ission do'&en!s !ha! !he #$ (ons!i!&!ion +as indeed voided, and !ha! !he ipleen!a!ion o" invalid, "ra&d&len! IT s%s!es in !he #$ 'o&r!s +as a ke% even! in !his regard, +hi'h ena*les +idespread &di'ial 'orr&p!ion and disregard o" !he la+ o" !he #ni!ed $!a!es and !he #$ (ons!i!&!ion)
-) The IT s%s!es o" !he #$ 'o&r!s ena*le !he ro&!ine 'ond&'! o" si&la!ed .sha/"ake li!iga!ion and !he p&*li'a!ion o" si&la!ed &di'ial re'ords1 2) #nder s&'h 'ir'&s!an'es, !he r&le o" la+ and !he #$ (ons!i!&!ion are e""e'!ivel% s&spended, a''ess !o !he 'o&r!s is e""e'!ivel% denied1 3, $&'h 'ondi!ions sho&ld *e 'onsidered &nanno&n'ed regie 'hange1 4) $&'h 'ondi!ions ao&n! !o viola!ion o" an% ar!i'leo" !he
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
, +here in!egri!% o" !he 'o&r!s and !he &s!i'e s%s!e is a prere&isi!e)
IT s%s!e anal%sis do'&en!s a $ervers o" &nveri"ied iden!i!%1 * Invalid ipleen!a!ion o" ele'!roni' signa!&res .in'l&ding invisi*le ele'!roni' signa!&res 5 6The peror8s 9e+ (lo!hs:1 ' Invalid ipleen!a!ion o" a&!hen!i'a!ion, 'er!i"i'a!ion, and servi'e pro'ed&res1 d s!a*lishing o" 6do&*le *ooks:s%s!es, +here !he p&*li' and pro5se par!ies .!hose, +ho are represen!ed *% a!!orne%s 'anno! see !r&eand 'ople!e 'o&r! re'ords1 e Invalid ipleen!a!ion o" a&!hori!ies and perissions, so !ha! &na&!hori;ed persons 'an a''ess !he 'o&r!s8 da!a *ase and ake en!ries in do'ke!s1 " Dis'riina!ion ina''ess !o !he 'o&r!s, +here a!!orne%s are peri!!ed a''ess !o (</(=, *&! no! pro5se par!ies, and a!!orne%s are peri!!ed !o en!er papers in !he #$ dis!ri'! 'o&r! do'ke!s +i!h no prior revie+ *% !he 'lerk o" !he 'o&r!1 g #niversal "ail&re !o do'ke! s&onses1 h Ad&l!era!ion and dele!ion o" 'o&r! re'ords)(ase s!&dies do'&en! !he o&!'oe o" 'ond&'! o" si&la!ed li!iga!ion in a!!ers involving depriva!ion o" li*er!% and proper!%, as +ell as "&ndaen!al 'ons!i!&!ional a!!ers)
-) Thro&gh !he ipleen!a!ion and opera!ion o" invalid, "ra&d&len! IT s%s!es, !he #$ 'o&r!s !oda% ro&5!inel% 'ond&'! si&la!ed ."ake/sha li!iga!ion, &nla+"&ll% deprive !he li*er!% and proper!% o" individ&als, and pla'e !he *anks a*ove !he la+) 2) $&'h 'ond&'! ao&n!s !o serio&s viola!ion o" "&ndaen!al >&5an ?igh!s o" !he people o" !he #ni!ed $!a!es) 3) $&'h 'ond&'! is also 'en!ral !o !he '&rren! so'io5e'o5noi' 'risis, "ailing *anking reg&la!ion, and !he 6=ore'los&re (risis:, +hi'h res&l!ed in vas! in'rease in pover!% and hoelessness) 4) The validi!% o" an% legal and &di'ial re'ords, origina!ing in !he #ni!ed $!a!es, and !he validi!% o" an% li!iga!ion in !he #$ 'o&r!s sho&ld *e 'onsidered d&*io&s) @) The in!erna5!ional 'o&ni!% sho&ld reassess !he na!&re o" !he '&rren! regie in !he #ni!ed $!a!es, and an% 'lais !ha! i!s "oreign poli'% is driven *% >&an ?igh!s in!eres!s) ) ""or!s !o address 'ondi!ions, +hi'h have *een es!a*lished in !he #ni!ed $!a!es, and !o res!ore !he "or'e and e""e'! o" !he #$ (ons!i!&!ion and #$ la+, are likel% *e pro!ra'!ed and ee! s!ark resis!an'e *% po+er"&l #$ se'&ri!%, legal, and "inan'ial gro&ps and !heir in!eres!s)
erging "ro !he '&rren! 'ondi!ions +o&ld re&ire a "&ndaen!al 'orre'!ive pro'ess in !he #ni!ed $!a!es, +here as a res&l! o" '&rren! 'ondi!ions, !he poli!i'al pro'ess is &nderined-) The large5s'ale "ra&d in !he #$ 'o&r!s, +hi'h in "a'! ipli'a!es ea'h and ever% #$ si!!ing &dge, +o&ld likel% re&ire an approa'h s&'h as a Tr&!h and ?e'on'ilia!ion (oission) 2) D&e !o !he 'en!ral role o" !he Adinis!ra!ive O""i'e o" !he #$ (o&r!s in ipleen!ing !he "ra&d&len! IT s%s!es o" !he #$ 'o&r!s, !he O""i'e sho&ld *e res!r&'!&red or 'losed) 3) <eas&res, siilar !o !hose !aken a 'en!&r% ago &nder siilar 'ir'&s!an'es !hro&gh !he
Salary Act 
 .--, +hi'h pla'ed !he 'lerks o" !he #$ 'o&r!s &nder !he dire'! a&!hori!% o" !he A!!orne% Ceneral, sho&ld *e 'onsidered) 4) #$ legal and 'op&!ing exper!s sho&ld *e eplo%ed in an ini!ia!ive !o res!ore !he in!egri!% o" !he IT s%s!es o" !he #$ 'o&r!s, &nder a''o&n!a*ili!% !o !he #$ (ongress, +i!h !he goal o" aking s&'h s%s!e as !ransparen! !o !he p&*li' a! large as possi*le) @) In na!ions, +here !he separa!ion o" *ran'hes is es!a*lished *% la+, !he 'o&r!s &s! no! *e peri!!ed !o develop and ipleen! !he 'o&r!s8 IT s%s!es) ) >&an ?igh!s and in!erne! a'!ivis!s &s! keep a +a!'h"&l e%e on !he validi!% and in!egri!% o" IT s%s!es o" !he 'o&r!s and prisons)
.nline A//endi+:
To *e 'ople!ed>&an ?igh! Aler! .9CO D?A=T #P? $&*ission 5 #ni!ed $!a!es .20-4
Large-scale fraud in IT systems of the US courts - unannounced regime change?
Digitally signed by Joseph Zernik, PhD Date: 2014.08.13 16:07:01 +03'00'
>&an ?igh! Aler! .9CO D?A=T #P? $&*ission 5 #ni!ed $!a!es .20-4
Large-scale fraud in IT systems of the US courts - unannounced regime change?
1 Executive Summar! ". #uman $ights "%ert &'()*! +. "%%egations
Specific allegations
5 ,. Evience 1.  sstem ana%sis a
 ) Systems developed, implemented with no lawful authority b) Servers of unverified identity c) Invalid implementation of electronic signatures d) Invalid implementation of authentication and service procedures e) Establishing of “double books” systems f) Invalid implementation of authorities and permissions g) Discrimination in access to the courts h) niversal failure to docket summonses! g) "dulterated and missing of court records
 2. ,ase stuies 
a)  #abeas $orpus in the nited States % the case of &ichard Isaac 'ine
Securities and E(change $ommission v ank of "merica $orporation
d) *og $abin &epublicans v S" et al  e) $iti+ens nited v 'ederal Election $ommission f) $iti+ens nited v 'ederal Election $ommission S-$.S)
!0 . $esponses  'ationa% "uthorities/Experts 1. )33ice o3 "ttorne (enera% an the 4S epartment o3 ustice 2. 4S ,ongress !. he juiciar
6. he %ega% pro3ession
5. $esponses  'ationa% "uthorities/Experts 0. 'ationa% meia!7 E. ,omp%iance ith re%evant 4S %a 1.
#aeas ,orpus
 8irst "menment - the right to 3i%e papers in court
8irst "menment - the right to access court recors 6.$u%es Ena%ing "ct
8eera% $u%es o3 ,ivi% Proceure -uties o3 the c%erk 
0. "uthentication an certi3ication o3 juicia% recors9 :ega% Process
7. E%ectronic Signatures6; 8. ,omp%iance ith re%evant treaties an conventions 1. +ase% "ccors - internationa% anking regu%ation6; (. $eta%iation against anti-juicia% corruption activists6; #. #istorica% perspective - $oer +aron $eviva% Era.51 . ,onc%usions51 . $ecommenations52 <. )n%ine "ppenix52 :. $e3erences
A. Human Rights Alert (NGO)
he 2=1= #uman $ights "%ert >#$"? sumission 3or the 4P$ o3 the 4nite States 3ocuse on conitions in :os "nge%es ,ount9 ,a%i3ornia. he sumission provie ocumentation o3 %arge-sca%e 3a%se imprisonment an rea% estate an 3inancia% institution 3rau  ,a%i3ornia State juges in co%%usion ith attornes9 an 3inancia% institutions9 uner patronage o3 %oca%9 state9 an 3eera% %a en3orcement authorities. he sumission as in part ase on ocumentation o3 %arge-sca%e 3rau in  sstemso3 the Superior ,ourt o3 ,a%i3ornia9 ,ount o3 :os "nge%es &Sustain*9 an in the  sstem o3 the :os "nge%es ,ount Sheri33s epartment &nmate n3ormation ,enter*. >
? he sumission as incorporate  re3erence into the
o33icia% #uman $ights ,ounci% >#$,? Pro3essiona% Sta33 $eport ith a note re3erring to Acorruption o3 the courts an the %ega% pro3ession an iscrimination  %a en3orcement in ,a%i3orniaB.>
? he 2=1! #$" sumission 3or the 4P$ o3 the State o3 srae% 3ocuse on ana%sis o3 the  sstems o3 the Supreme ,ourt9 the istrict courts9 an the etainees courts in srae%. he sumission provie ocumentation o3 %arge-sca%e 3rau in such sstem9 hich starte in 2==2. he sumission as incorporate  re3erence into the
o33icia% #$, Pro3essiona% Sta33 $eport ith a note re3erring to A%ack o3 integrit in the e%ectronic recor sstems o3 the Supreme ,ourt9 the istrict courts an the etainees courts in srae%.B >
?oseph Cernik9 Ph9 the author o3 instant sumission9 has specia%ize over the past ecae in ana%zing the e%ectronic recor sstems o3 courts9 prisons9 an anks. #is reports on these sujects ere peer-reviee9 pu%ishe an presente in internationa%computer science &ata mining* an crimino%og con3erences. >
?t is %ike% that the #$" sumission 3or the 2=1= 4P$ o3 the 4nite States9 an even more so the #$" sumission 3or the 2=1! 4P$ o3 the State o3 srae%9 are the 3irst-ever #uman $ights reports that are ase on  sstem ana%sis an ata mining o3 such sstems.Dhereas the 2=1= #$" sumission 3ocuse on the ,a%i3ornia courts an their  sstems9 instant sumission 3ocuses on the 4S 3eera% courts an their respective  sstems.
B. Allegations
>&an ?igh! Aler! .9CO D?A=T #P? $&*ission 5 #ni!ed $!a!es .20-4
Large-scale fraud in IT systems of the US courts - unannounced regime change?

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