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Duke University Press Spring 2010 Catalog

Duke University Press Spring 2010 Catalog



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Descriptions of Duke University Press titles to be published in Spring 2010
Descriptions of Duke University Press titles to be published in Spring 2010

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Duke University Press on Dec 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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books & journalsspring & summer 2010
university press
general interest
Th Ra Radr 
, Barker and Grant 1
Brat car Rrr ad Adad Da
, Grdn,Shaw, Krll, and Daniel 2
chd f th Fr
, Buick 3
 Ar Drfma
, McClennen 4
Th empr’ od cth
, Drfman 4
Brg  th B fr erbd 
, Cllins 5
B J
, Mten 6
P n
, Rdgers 7
Ba Art wt 
, Widener 8
sata’ Pagrd
, Vanderwd 9
Th Fg f khp
, Eng 10
Th Prm f Happ
, Ahmed 11
Trrrg wm
, Fregs and Bejaran 12
Th Dprtat Rgm
, De Genva and Peutz 12
Th Afr-lat@ Radr 
, Jiménez Rmán and Flres 13
Rg th Pht 
, Stern 14
 A Mthr’ cr 
, Sattamini 15
w cat Rma st 
, Green 15
Rfratd v
, Strassler 16
Th Gdd ad th nat
, Ramaswamy 17
cultural studies
, Miyshi 18
 Aa a Mthd
, Chen 18
Th cmat lf f th G
, Stacey 19
 vbrat Mattr 
, Bennett 19
Th Ha  earth
, Aubin, Sibum, and Bigg 20
Bar n wrd
, Zamra and Kaup 20
Th lgtma f th Mdd Ag
, Cle and Smith 21
american studies
Rd, wht & Ba 
, Wildersn III 21
Pt  th Da
, Russ 22
sgrgatg sd
, Miller 22
Th Pt f Rrdd sd
, Stadler 23
Bab eat 
, Sterling 23
 Athrpg ad th Raa Pt f ctr
, Baker 24
u/mm ctr
, Visweswaran 24
Th Pt f sra
, Abélès 25
H  a ladap
, Hendn 25
sat, natat, idgt,
 Justice, Rifkin, and Schneider 26
Graph Pram
, Salmn and Hyland 26
Brdgg nata Brdr  nrth Amra
, Jhnsn and Graybill 27
cmptg kgdm
, Reeves-Ellingtn, Sklar, and Shem 27
latin american studies
idg ad Ppar Thg  Améra
, Kusch 28
Th n ctra Htr f Prm
, Karush and Chamsa 28
Traatat Fam
, Finchelstein 29
crg Brdr
camg a nat,
Deutsch 29
wh ca stp th Drm?
, Fernandes 30
Th lad i or n
, Wlfrd 30
sarhg fr Afra  Bra
, Capne 31
Mama Afra
, Pinh 31
strag em
, Vilaça 32
qrg th Pb sphr  M ad Bra
, de la Dehesa 32
 A F Ddd
, o’Hara 33
Th Tra f op
, Piccat 33
 vt Dmra  lat Amra
, Arias and Gldstein 34
Th sptaar stat
, Adams 34
political theory
Hbrd cttt
, Hsueh 35
cttt Mmt
, Frank 35
asian studies
 A crta Ag
, Mrázek 36
Th Appara f Mmr 
, Kusn 36
ct srrd th ctrd
, Visser 37
Patg th ct Rd
, Braester 37
Baard Ga
, Martin 38
Bmg impra ct
, Banerjee 38
T Dght ad itrt 
, Hlberg and Taylr 39
history of economics
Rbrt s ad th Dpmt f Grth em
,Bianvsky and Hver 39
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Inside Back Cver 
Review cpy requests may be faed t
(919) 688–4391
r sent t the attentin f Publicity, Duke University Press.All requests must be submitted n publicatin letterhead.
 Jessica Rylan with the Persnal Synth, a synthesizer that shedesigned, 2006. Pht by Lawrence Braun. Frm
Pink Noise
s by Tara Rdgers, page 7.
: Student prtestrs and plice, Ygyakarta, Indnesia, 1998.Pht by Rabernir. Frm
Refracted Visions
by Karen Strassler, page 16.
: Duke Ellingtn with dancer Luise Franklin, 1941. Pht by Jhn Reed.Curtesy f the
Herald Examiner 
Cllectin/Ls Angeles Public Library. Frm
Black Arts West 
 by Daniel Widener, page 8.
p    
 general interest 
Th Ra Radr 
Histry, Culture, Plitics
An accunt f the day-t-day scramble t make ends meet after the endf the Sviet Unin, letters recrding rdinary Russians’ reactins t theRevlutin as events unflded in 1917, and ecerpts frm a siteenth-centurymanual instructing elite Muscvites n prper husehld management—
TheRussia Reader 
brings these and many ther selectins tgether in this intr-ductin t the histry, culture, and plitics f the wrld’s largest cuntry,frm the earliest written accunts f the Russian peple t tday. Cnveyingthe teture f everyday life alngside eperiences f epic histrical events,the reader is lled with the vices f men and wmen, rulers and revlutin-aries, peasants, sldiers, literary gures, émigrés, jurnalists, and schlars.Mst f the selectins are by Russians; thirty are translated int English fr the rst time. The cllectin is illustrated with maps, paintings, phtgraphs,psters, and cartns; fteen images appear in clr. The vlume’s editrsintrduce each f the thematic sectins and all f the written selectins.
The Russia Reader 
incrprates sng lyrics, jkes, anecdtes, and flk-tales as well as pems, essays, and ctin by writers including Pushkin,Dstyevsky, Tlsti, and Akhmatva. Transcripts frm the shw trials f majr Party gures and an accunt f hw staff at the Lenin Library inMscw were instructed t interact with freigners are amng the manyselectins based n persnal memirs and archival materials nly recentlymade available t the public. Frm a tenth-century emissary describing hisencunters in Kyivan Rus’, t a scientist recalling her life in a new researchcity built frm scratch in Siberia during the 1950s, t a nvelist depicting thedecadence f the “New Russians” in the 2000s,
The Russia Reader 
isan etrardinary intrductin t a vast and varied land.
THE WoRLD READERSA Series Edited by Rbin Kirk and orin Starn
 Ad Barr 
is Prfessr f Russian and Slavic Studiesat the University f Arizna. She is the editr f 
ConsumingRussia: Popular Culture, Sex, and Societ since Gorbachev 
 (als published by Duke University Press), c-editr f 
 AHistor of Women’s Writing in Russia
, and authr f 
Not QuiteParadise: An American Sojourn in Sri Lanka
Br Grat 
isAssciate Prfessr f Anthrplgy at New Yrk University.He is the authr f 
The Captive and the Gift: Cultural Historiesof Sovereignt in Russia and the Caucasus
In the Soviet House of Culture: A Centur of Perestroikas
896 pages, 100 illustratins (including 15 in clr) paper, 978-0-8223-4648-7,
; clth, 978-0-8223-4656-2,
Man and wman in Daghestan. Library f Cngress. Curtesy f Jean SwetchineRenvatin f the “Mtherland Calls Yu!” mnument cmmemrating theBattle f Stalingrad. Pht by E. Ktliakv. Curtesy f ITAR-TASS
“Adele Barker and Bruce Grant have selected a fascinatinggrup f writings reecting Russian reality, past and pres-ent, mst by Russians themselves. They make absrbingreading and cnvey insights that penetrate the veil f mys-tery that has s lng bscured the ‘Russian sul.’”—
 JAckF. MATlock JR.
, frmer United States Ambassadr t theSviet Unin
The Russia Reader 
prvides a wnderful verview f Russianlife and culture acrss the centuries, frm the emergence f Muscvy and Russian orthdy t the present day. The edi-trs have dne a remarkable jb in selecting a range f tetsthat prvide a sweeping verview f the cmpleity, drama,passin, and tragedy f Russian life. Their brief intrductinshelpfully situate the tets.”—
PeTeR HolquisT 
, Universityf Pennsylvania

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