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PTI Chairman 11 Aug Brief

PTI Chairman 11 Aug Brief

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Published by PTI Official
PTI Chairman 11 Aug Brief
PTI Chairman 11 Aug Brief

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Published by: PTI Official on Aug 13, 2014
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PTI Chairman’s Press Conference of Monday 11
 Aug 2014 All actors exposed who Rigged the General Election May 2013
 Chairman to please state what all he has been saying for past 14 months regarding RIGGING. Giving Examples of specific Constituencies.
Than he may say;
On this day I will reveal The Master Plan of Rigging: Those responsible for conducting the Election were: (i) ECP (ii) DROs/ROs/AROs ,( iii) The Presiding Officers (iv) The Caretaker Setup. The nexus between these THREE with PML N is : ECP was formed in negation of the provisions of the Constitution under Art 263 and 218. The Member from Sindh J Essani was PPP nominee, J Riaz Kiani , was N League nominee for Punjab, J
Shezad Akbar was ANP’s nominee from KPK,& J Fazl ur Rehman was CJP Iftikhar’s nominee from B’tan( he was CJP’s registrar when he was CJ in B’tan. He was made Judge of the HC in B’
tan on
CJP’s recommendation.
) That is how the Parliamentary Committee unanimously decided the names of the MEMBERS. The catch point here is that ALL MEMBERS INCLUDING THE CHAIRMAN of ECP had equal voting power ie the majority decision prevailed by Law, as against the old Law where CEC had much more powers than the members.
The BRIEF on the Election Commissioner Punjab
 is MOST important which goes as follows: As the election drew closer in March 2013, Justice R. Kiani rang up the Provincial Election Commissioner ( Mr. Qadri) of Punjab that somebody from PMLN will contact him and he was ordered to address their grievances. Pervez Malik, MNA from Lahore contacted him and asked him to remove the banners of PTI before their 23
 March 2013, gathering at Minare Pakistan, under the garb of signboards being oversize. The Provincial Election Commissioner did not oblige him on the grounds that if he had to remove the oversized posters, it should be uniform for all the political parties including PMLN.. On sensing that the
incumbent in Punjab will not toe PMLN’s line , he was transferred by the CEC to Sindh in the last week of
March and a more amenable man Mr. Mehboob Anwer was placed in Punjab, which was clear violation of the provisions that
no postings at that level should take place after election schedule was announced
. This EC also later conducted all the bye- election in Punjab and till date he is posted here after
retiring from service but has been awarded ONE year extension for his “services” render
DROs /ROs/AROs/Presiding Officers
 : Here the most important role was that of Justice Rtd. Khaleel ur Rehman Ramday. His association with CJP Iftikhar Chy is well known; he headed the bench reinstating CJP , he got extension in service( against laid down policy) from CJP himself ; he was invited to sit on all the benches headed by CJP etc . J Ramday was the one who bulldozed everyone and convinced Nawaz Sharif to give an early VICTORY speech on the night of 11
 May 2013. I t was again J Ramday who hosted many DROs at his residence before the Elections, with CJP Iftikhar Chy as Chief guest, and gave motivational speech to save Pakistan and for this to b achieved the result of the Election was very important. He also maintained an Election Cell in his office to liaison with DROs/ROs .
Care -Taker Set up in Punjab
. The role of Najam Sethi is very important in Rigging the Elections . To show his neutrality, at the face value, he rotated all the officers with in the districts of Punjab. All these officers were chosen/ selected by ex CM in 2008--2013. All of them had worked with the Ex- CM for past 5 years at least and were holding important positions. Their mere rotation meant nothing, as being claimed by caretakers, as their loyalty remained intact while moving from one place to the other. But very cleverly and intelligently in consultation with Shehbaz Sharif, Sethi did not remove the head of departments who had a pivotal role in conducting the Elections. The department which provided manpower for conducting the election in the form of polling staff, polling officers and presiding officers mostly came from Revenue, Education and Health departments. Hence
Nadeem Ashraf, Senior Member Board of Revenue, Aslam Kamoh Secretary Education(primary)
, who were working with Shahbaz Sharif, were not changed. The caretakers needed money for their extra constitutional acts and coercive powers to control the opposition for that
Tariq Bajwa Secretary Finance and Shahid Khan Secretary Home
were also not transferred.
When the campaign of the General Elections 2013 started gaining pace in early 2013, PMLN was amazed by the enthusiasm and the participation of the general public in PTI rallies all over the country. They were of the view that PPP because of their dismal performance during the last five years was virtually rudderless and all political pundits were unanimous in their assessments that the fight was between PMLN and PTI was in the Punjab.
After a lot of deliberations & discussions, the leadership of PMLN came to the conclusion that battle for Islamabad has to be fought in Punjab
. Hence the plan to steal the elections was conceived for Punjab which suited them because of their hold on the entire administration, having ruled there since 1980s for over 25 years in total. These DROs/ROs played their role very intelligently even before the elections. They changed the polling staff in number of constituencies on number of occasions, they shifted the votes from one polling stations to another to cause confusion amongst voters on the request of the N League contestants. Certain localities in urban and rural areas were changed from one polling station to another. The polling schemes were also changed on the direction of ROs by the EC. Any RO who did not comply with the instruction were changed even a day before the election
(DRO Vehari is one of the examples).
Now comes the master stroke: On 9
 May 2013 just 2 days prior to the elections, the Provincial Election Commissioner Punjab( Mr.Mehboob Anwar) requested the Punjab Government ( The Chief Secy Javed Iqbal/Adl Chief Secy Rao Iftikhar) that he needed 200 professionals for the printing of large quantity of extra ballot papers. When the CS/Adl CS asked the EC that by now the ballots have already been printed as per SOP ; why need had arisen for such extra ballot papers to be printed 2 days before the general election? The Provincial Election Commissioner only replied that it was orders from the top. He insisted that 200 people be provided to him for Lahore and Rawalpindi Divisions , where the main printing firms existed . As revealed some
quantity of ballots were for all the constituencies in the FIVE divisions of Punjab which forms the majority of NA/PA seats, 98 NA and approx 200 PA seats. The divisions being Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore Multan & Faisalabad. The Adl CS than conveyed to both the Commissioners to provide assistance to EC Punjab, from the local markets with such professional skill.
It can now be easily explained that these extra printed ballots were basically to help N League candidates
The extra printing of ballots also explains the surge in the vote bank of PML-N from 6.8 million (2008) to more than double the votes going upto 14.5 million in 2013
As the time was short for printing the work was out sourced and that is why compromise in quality of paper has occurred. Hence smudging of ink and NADRA machines refusing to identify the voter. For Lahore div the printing work, amongst others, was given to one
S. Shaukat Noor, Printers opp Ghora Hospital Lahore
. The unique feature ONLY is specific to Punjab only as no other province out sourced the printing work of Ballot paper. The Adl CS kept following the progress of printing and delivery from Lahore & Rawalpindi Div. Record of SMS f exchanged with Commissioners of Lahore, RWP and Adl CS can be examined as proof there of. This also explains the late delivery of many of Ballot Papers at many places. As per procedure in vogue in the ECP all the Election material including the Ballot Papers are suppose to reach the DROs by 9
 May(latest 2 days before election Day) On the 10
 evening all the material are to reach the polling stations. So that early morning on the Election Day the polling exercise is started on time. Great effort was put in this exercise in printing ad transportation of Huge quantities to each constituency. Record will show that in Kasur the Ballot Papers were received on the morning of 11
 May. These Ballots were also given to some vulnerable candidates of PML N, besides some special stuffing done in Ballot Boxes before they were brought to ROs by Presiding Officers. It is in this respect that the requirement to complete FORM 15,& 14 could not stand tests of scrutiny ant any level of inspection. The disposal of extra ballot papers to help Candidates of N- League the following means were adopted:-- i)
Change of Ballot Boxes ( old with new tampered ones). A glaring example of change of Ballot Boxes has been witnessed in Constituency N A 125 DHA Lahore, where N League Candidate was Kh Saad Rafique, now Fed Railway Minister. A very respectable neighbor of Kh. Saad,
whose backyard overlooks the porch of Khawaja ‘s house
at 85 D Phase-I DHA Lahore, confided in PTI works/ that his staff noticed a large number of Ballot Boxes being placed on his porch 2 days before the elections. Then a day before the election a few truck loads of more Ballot Boxes were moved into his house. ii)
This advantage of printing of extra ballot papers were used ,Specially in constituencies where the results were delayed by the ROs, the replacement of Ballot Boxes was the main cause of the delayed announcement.

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