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One Less Traveled Ch. 01

One Less Traveled Ch. 01

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Published by headyundercurre55
Nicole smiled at me. "I know you like your whiskey, honey. So what's bothering you?"

"No, ho
Nicole smiled at me. "I know you like your whiskey, honey. So what's bothering you?"

"No, ho

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Published by: headyundercurre55 on Aug 14, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Ã¯Â»Â¿One Less Traveled Ch. 01
Nicole smiled at me. "I know you like your whiskey, honey. So what's bothering you?""No, honestly, it seems that just as the kind of guy who would put our marriage at risk."Nicole looked at me in surprise. "What is?"I put my hands. "Just hear me out, please? All the reasons just mentioned are true, but there are alsoreasons that I see you develop serious feelings for him. He is handsome, rich, single, good lookingand fun to be around. Duh ... .. Call me crazy, but it's someone who would be among us, right? "I looked at the beautiful woman who was in a dress in her hand staring. This was new territory forboth of us and I was glad to take the time to really consider what I said. Pretty awesome. My wifeShe raised her other clothes and put them in the washing machine. She came and hugged me."You're right. This is a difficult situation. Want to find someone who attracts me, and it means thatthe element of threat to our relationship. I do not think there is any way to avoid that risk. Bottomline for me, however, is that this whole "friend" Thought is designed to strengthen our relationship,not harm it. I think we should take it slow, talk a lot and trust in one another know when things aregetting too far out of our comfort zone. "She reached up and kissed me. "You know I love you right honey?"I looked down at my beautiful wife. "Of course."She smiled at me and moved her body against mine and I immediately began to have a hard time."That's good. All this talk about boyfriends made me horny, let's do something about that right now.Girls are out of the house for a while, so let's get naked."She laughed when I chased her into the bedroom. Once inside, pushed me back on the bed."Just watch." She commanded.She was wearing one of my work shirt over a white tank top and black skirt. She unbuttoned myshirt and let it slip from his shoulders. She was braless and her nipples were hard and clearly visiblethrough the top of the tank. She rubbed and massaged her breasts and moved his hands down herskirt. She slipped her thong panties down legs and let it fall to the carpet. She bent down, picked upthe panties and threw them at me."I'm wet baby?"Pants were soaked and smell delicious. My penis was enough to cut diamonds, as I watched her slipinto a shirt over his head. She dropped the shirt to the floor and pulled her nipples. Her breathingwas still very heavy and I knew I was really turned on. Like me She finally dropped her skirt on thecarpet and moved me. Nicole pussy was completely bare and it looked amazing. It's "laser" smooth,so did not have to shave. Her pussy was bald 24/7 and I loved it.
"Mmmm, god I need you." She moved and straddled my face. "Lick my pussy baby, I want to feel your tongue on my pussy."Her pussy was very wet and tasted amazing. I loved licking her pussy and really tried. I thrust mytongue deep into her pussy and then threw her clit began to moan and buck on my face.Ooohhh ... GOD, that feels sooo good, baby .. Do not stop! .. You lick my pussy so good baby!Mmmmmm ... Yes. Do not stop. "She leaned back and stroked my cock through my jeans as I continued to lick her pussy. I moved mytongue in and out of the pussy before focusing on the clitoris. I grabbed her ass and keep her fromstarting off my tongue and really focusing on her clit. AAAAAHHHHH .. I'm cumming ... Yes Yes Yes Yes yesssssss. "I felt her pussy spasm on my face when she arrived. I was so turned on as his hands caressed me, Ifelt cum in my pants. I suddenly jerked and I was so embarrassed, but I could not help myself. I feltthe warm sticky cum coat my crotch and soak underwear. My wife looked at me and smiled."You just cum? In your pants?""Uhhhh. Yeah baby, I am., What can I say, I was really turned on.'m Sorry." I felt my face grow redand hot.Nicole smiled mischievously. "Do you like the idea of âÂÂâÂÂme having a boy or not a child.""Maybe .... Ok Yes. To turn on me and see how much you will turn this idea, it makes me even morehappy, so it builds on itself." I shrugged."Okay, now go clean up and get back here, I'm not done with you yet."Nicole moved me and I went into the bathroom. I took off my clothes and tacky underwear andshorts went into the trash. I toweled himself clean and returned to the bedroom.Nicole was lying on top of the bed, still naked and rub her clit. Her back was arched and her big titspointed directly at the ceiling."Mmmmmmmm ... I want you to lick my pussy some more baby, I'm still really on." She motioned forme between her legs."I love the way you lick pussy and when I get a friend, I think you'll lick my pussy much more, willnot you baby?"I murmured agreement as I focused on licking her pussy. I licked her pussy until she came 3 moretimes. I love oral sex and I got good at it over the years. Honestly, I'm not boasting, I'm really goodpussy-licker.The rest of the weekend went quickly, as we have busy lives a normal suburban family. The work week began, and my wife let me know that she went to voice mail and e-mail for Collin. She let himknow that we had time during the week to meet again and would like to see him for dinner or drinks.
Collin answered quickly with a phone call. My wife and I were sitting on the couch after dinner andour girls were in their rooms, texting or working on their homework. Nicole saw the caller ID andher face lit up. She jumped up to grab the phone and then hurried back to the couch."Hi Collin! Thank you for calling us back." The excitement in her voice was clear and I could justbarely make out Collin's voice over the phone.Nicole laughed at something Collin said. "Absolutely, we have time this week, let us know when andwhere." Still smiling on the phone. "Thursday was a good and yes, we know that place. Looks nice,but we've never been, so we wanted to check it out with you."She laughed again and looked at me. "Well, what do you think is sexy and see if I have it in mycloset." Her smile widened as she listened Collin. "Yes, I have a little black dress, not every woman?Hmm .. I think I can find some thigh highs and wear those for you." She started to blush a little."Anything else?"I could definitely here Collin laughing at that last remark. I was hard, so I had to shift its position onthe couch. Nicole looked at me, looked down at my crotch and smiled as he continued to listen toCollin."Ok .. so we are all set for Wednesday and we'll see there. Thank you for calling us back and we look forward to see you again." Nicole smiled and laughed again."Take care Collin. Hi." Nicole returned the phone and joined me on the couch."We meet him in the middle of the nineteen hours for a late supper. He suggested that the new steak restaurant we saw the other day, Carne. He is so easy to talk to and funny. I think we'll have a greattime, even if it does not work."She sighed and leaned back on the couch. "He wants me to wear a little black dress and thigh-highhose. Dresses I have, but I'll have to pick up some hose at Victoria's Secret. It's okay, honey?"."Sure, you get what you need gold." I said and looked away from the TV to Nicole. A small smileplayed across his lips as he concentrated on television.I was impressed. Nicole and I tried to get a reservation at this restaurant. I even spoke with themanager Carne, and asked if they could make an exception and he flatly refused."Wow, has good taste in restaurants. Steakhouse It has great reviews and it's hard to getreservations. I tried a while back and they said they were booked several months in advance.Wonder how he managed to get us reservations. "Collin must have some influence or something to be able to get us reservations.The next three days were a blur. Oddly enough, we did not talk much about the upcoming day andbefore I knew it, we were both going to. I slipped on some pants, nice shirt and sports jacket. Bingo,I was ready.Nicole on the other hand, well, took a bit longer. She took a half day off from work and had a full spatreatment. She has her hair done, nails, face, the whole work. She looked stunning. Her skin wasbeautifully tanned, and she was practically glowing as I watched her get ready. We were in the main

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