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Published by: Editor on Aug 14, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Placido Salazar psalazar9@satx rr com
Mr. Rodriguez, thank you for your input on this topic.
This “anti
Mexican” feeling in Hollywood continues to negatively affect too
many of our very-talented Mexican-American artists, producers and directors.
It’s certainly not due to a shortage of talent; but
unfortunately, several of our performers have found it more-convenient to change their names, in order to blend in.
, have found opportunities, or even success, without name changes. More importantly, it has negatively affected the Mexican-
 American community from being able to tell “our story”…… the
thousands of stories of
 forefathers, going back to our Indigenous roots. We are talking about a civilized culture that inhabited the Southwestern United States
 and even further North, long before the incursion of Northeasterners. During our frequent appearances before the Texas State Board of Education, which unfortunately has a majority
of “Christian Conservatives,” which to me is a synonym with “Racist”, I have frequently asked, “Why are you so afraid that our children might
learn about
 Is it because you see the writing on the
wall, that real soon, you will be the ‘minority’?
Well, why does Hollywood still harbor a racist attitude, when the fastest growing
 ‘minority’ group also represent a fast
-growing group of movie-goers and consumers? I strongly believe that any child in America, should be able to find information about their roots, in their school or public library. With that in mind, I am producing a documentary highlighting
several of our Mexican-American
, such as Attorney
Gustavo C. “Gus” Garcia, who so eloquently prevailed before the
U.S. Supreme Court (Hernandez v. State of Texas), Dr. Hector C. Garcia (Founder of the American GI Forum),
Emma Tenayuca,
 whose tejana/o family in South Texas predated both Mexican independence and the Mexico-U.S. War, fought for labor rights and against beatings of Mexicans (
, what a surprise) by Border Patrol. Jovita Idár, Mexican-American journalist, political activist and civil rights worker, born in Laredo, Texas in 1885. Idár strove to advance the civil rights of Mexican- Americans. Funding? We could sure use some hard-to-come-by financial support.
I am too damned proud of my Dad’s name to change it,
but maybe if I did
Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran
 Victor M Rodriguez [rodrigvm@cox.net]
 Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:19 AM
 Victor M Rodriguez
Angelo Falcon shared your essay. I am a Boricua and I agree with you, as I tell my classes, there is a strong anti-Mexican feeling in Hollywood (I would add in higher ed too). Argo,
based on Tony Mendez’ book using Ben Affleck to portray him!
 I will share your message with my colegas, Good luck!

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