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Napoleon Hill Lesson 7 & 8

Napoleon Hill Lesson 7 & 8

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Published by Fahim yusuf
Self Improvement; key to success
Self Improvement; key to success

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Published by: Fahim yusuf on Dec 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In sales, always plant in the mind of the man of whom you are asking to spend money, agood sound reason why the money should be given.Closing Statement: It may be worth the difference between success and failure to many aworthy person who will read your message, believe in it and be guided by it.No man can afford to express, through words or acts, that which, is not in harmony withhis own belief, and if he does so he must pay by the loss of his ability to influence others.You cannot afford to suggest to another person, by word of mouth or by an act of yours,that which you do not believe.If you compromise with your own conscience, it will not be long before you will have noconscience; for your conscience will fail to guide you, just as an alarm clock will fail toawaken you if you do not heed it.There is but one thing in the world that gives a man real and enduring power, and that isCharacter. Reputation, bear in mind, is not character. Reputation is that which peopleare believed to be; character is that which people are! If you would be a person of greatinfluence, then be a person of real character.Without character you have nothing,; you are nothing; and you can be nothing, except apile of flesh and bone and hair, worth perhaps $25.00. Character is something that youcannot beg, steal or buy. You can get it only by building it; and you can build it by yourown thoughts and deeds, and in no other way. All who have character have enthusiasmand personality sufficient to draw to them others who have character.To become successful, you must be a person of action. Merely to know is not sufficient.It is necessary to both know and do.Successful people have discovered ways and means in which they believe best suited totheir own needs, to produce stimuli, which cause them to rise to heights of endeavorabove the ordinary.
Enthusiasm is the vital quality that arouses you to action, while self-control is the balancewheel that directs your action so that it will build up and not tear down.Without self-control, you will surely injure others as well as yourself.
The man who actually knows what he wants in life has already gone a long waytoward attaining it.
No man can control others unless he first controls himself.Now let us examine the scope of meaning of the term self-control, as it is used inconnection with this course, by describing the general conduct of a person who possessesit. A person with well-developed self-control does not indulge in hatred, envy, jealousy,fear, revenge or any similar destructive emotions. A person with well-developed self control does not go into ecstasies or become ungovernably enthusiastic over anything oranybody.Greed and selfishness and self-approval beyond the point of accurate self-analysis andappreciation of one’s actual merits, indicate a lack of self control in one of its mostdangerous forms. Self confidence is one of the most important essentials of success, butwhen this faculty is developed beyond the point of reason it becomes very dangerous.Self-sacrifice is a commendable quality, but when it is carried to extremes, it alsobecomes one of the dangerous forms of lack of self-control.You owe it to yourself not to permit your emotions to place your happiness in the keepingof another person. Love is essential for happiness, but the person who loves so deeplythat his or happiness is placed entirely in the hands of another, resembles the little lambwho crept into the den of the “nice, gentle little wolf” and begged to be permitted to liedown and go to sleep.A person with well developed self-control will not permit himself to be influenced by thecynic or the pessimist; nor will he permit another person to do his thinking for him.A person with well developed self-control will stimulate his imagination and hisenthusiasm until they have produced action, but he will then control that action and notpermit it to control him.A person with well developed self-control will never, under any circumstances, slanderanother person or seek revenge for any cause whatsoever.
A person with self-control will not hate those who do not agree with him; instead he willendeavor to understand the reason for their disagreement, and profit by it.No one has the right to form an opinion that is not based either upon that which hebelieves to be facts, or upon a reasonable hypothesis; yet if you will observe yourself carefully, you will catch yourself forming opinions on nothing more substantial than yourdesire for a thing to be or not to be.Another grievous form of lack of self-control is the spending habit. I have reference, of course, to the habit of spending beyond one’s needs. This habit has become so prevalentsince the close of the world war (WWI) that it is alarming.
Of course this warning does not apply to you!
It is intended only for those who are binding themselves in the chains of poverty byspending beyond their earning capacity, and who have not yet heard that there aredefinite laws which must be observed by all who would attain success.Self-discipline is the most essential factor in the development of personal power, becauseit enables you to control your appetite and your tendency to spend more than you earnand your habit of “striking back” at those who offend you and the other destructive habitswhich cause you to dissipate your energies through non-productive effort that takes onforms too numerous to be catalogued in this lesson.Have the power to control your thoughts and have them do your bidding.You can either select the material out of which your thinking is produced, or you canpermit others to select the material for you. Auto-suggestion versus Suggestion.Thought is the only thing over which you have control. It is your most important tool.Self-control is solely a matter of thought-control.Place in your own mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion, the positive,constructive thoughts which harmonize with your definite chief aim in life, and that mindwill transform those thoughts into physical reality and hand them back to you, as afinished product.When you deliberately choose the thoughts which dominate your mind and firmly refuseadmittance to outside suggestion, you are exercising self-control in its highest and mostefficient form. Man is the only living animal that can do this.Back of all achievement, back of self-control, back of all thought-control, is that magicsomething called DESIRE.

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