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Handout Text Exemplars for Grades 6 Ccr

Handout Text Exemplars for Grades 6 Ccr

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Published by LL1885
Text Exemplars
Informational Texts
The Evolution of the Paper Bag
Common Core
Text Exemplars
Informational Texts
The Evolution of the Paper Bag
Common Core

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Published by: LL1885 on Aug 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Text Exemplar for Grades 6-8 Informational Text
Petroski, Henry. “The Evolution of the Grocery Bag.” American Scholar !." #Autumn !$$%&. #!$$%&
 That much-reviled bottleneck known as the American supermarket checkout lane would be an even greater exercise in frustration were it not for several technologicaladvances The !niversal "roduct #ode and the decoding laser scanner$ introduced in %&'($ tall) a shopper*s groceries far more +uickl) and accuratel) than the old method of inputting each purchase manuall) into a cash register ,ut beeping a large order past the scanner would have led onl) to a faster pileup of cans and boxes down the line$ where the bagger works$ had it not been for the introduction$ more than a centur) earlier$ of an even greater technological masterpiece the s+uare-bottomed paper bag The geometr) of paper bags continues to hold a magical appeal for those of us who are fascinated b) how ordinar) things are designed and made .riginall)$ grocer) bags were created on demand b) storekeepers$ who cut$ folded$ and pasted sheets of paper$ making versatile containers into which purchases could be loaded for carr)ing home The /rst paper bags manufactured commerciall) are said to have been made in ,ristol$ England$ in the %8(0s In %812$ a 34achine for 4aking ,ags of "aper5 was patented in America b) rancis 7olle$ of ,ethlehem$ "enns)lvania According to 7olle*s own description of the machine*s operation$ 3pieces of paper of suitable length are given out from a roll of the re+uired width$ cut o from the roll and otherwise suitabl) cut to the re+uired shape$ folded$ their edges pasted and lapped$ and formed into complete and perfect bags5 The 3perfect bags5 produced at the rate of eighteen hundred per hour b) 7olle*s machine were$ of course$ not perfect$ nor was his machine The histor) of design has )et to see the development of a perfect ob9ect$ though it has seen man) satisfactor) ones and man) substantiall) improved ones The concept of comparative improvement is embedded in the paradigm for invention$ the better mousetrap :o one is ever likel)to la) claim to a 3best5 mousetrap$ for that would preclude the inventor himself from coming up with a still better mousetrap without suering the embarrassment of having previousl) declared the search complete As with the mousetrap$ so with the bag
 Text Exemplar for Grades &-%0 Informational Text
'urlansky, (ark.
Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World 
. )e* +ork -alker, //. #//& 0rom 1ha2ter  “The 3ace to 1o4lan4ia”
A medieval /sherman is said to have hauled up a three-foot-long cod$ which was common enough at the time And the fact that the cod could talk was not especiall)surprising ,ut what was astonishing was that it spoke an unknown language It spoke ,as+ue This ,as+ue folktale shows not onl) the ,as+ue attachment to their orphan language$ indecipherable to the rest of the world$ but also their tie to the Atlantic cod$
Gadus morhua
$ a /sh that has never been found in ,as+ue or even ;panish waters4odule % #ommon #ore Instruction for E<A = <iterac);ession ( Academic >ocabular) 6-%2 E<A = #ontent Areas.regon ?epartment of Education
 The ,as+ues are enigmatic The) have lived in what is now the northwest corner of ;pain and a nick of the rench southwest for longer than histor) records$ and not onl) is the origin of their language unknown$ but also the origin of the people themselves remains a m)ster) also According to one theor)$ these ros)-cheeked$ dark-haired$ long-nosed people where the original Iberians$ driven b) invaders to this mountainous corner between the ")renees$ the #antabrian ;ierra$ and the ,a) of ,isca) .r the) ma) be indigenous to this area The) gra@e sheep on impossibl) steep$ green slopes of mountains that are thrilling in their rare$ rugged beaut) The) sing their own songs and write their own literaturein their own language$ Euskera "ossibl) Europe*s oldest living language$ Euskera is one of onl) four European languagesalong with Estonian$ innish$ and Bungariannot in the Indo-European famil) The) also have their own sports$ most notabl) 9ai alai$ and even their own hat$ the ,as+ue beret$which is bigger than an) other beret
 Text Exemplars for Grades %%--##C Informational Text
(cPherson, 5ames (.
What They Fought For 1861
. )e* +ork Anchor, //6. #//"&0rom 1ha2ter ! “The Best Government on Go47s 0ootstool”
.ne of the +uestions often asked a #ivil 7ar historian is$ 37h) did the :orth /ghtD5 ;outhern motives seem easier to understand #onfederates fought for independence$ for their own propert) and wa) of life$ for their ver) survival as a nation ,ut what did the ankees /ght forD 7h) did the) persist through four )ears of the bloodiest conFict in American histor)$ costing 60$000 northern livesnot to mention 260$000 southern lives and untold destruction of resourcesD "u@@ling over this +uestion in %86$ #onfederate 7ar ?epartment clerk Hohn Hones wrote in his diar) 3.ur men must prevail in combat$ or lose their propert)$ countr)$ freedom$ ever)thing .n the other hand the enem)$ in )ielding the contest$ ma) retire into their own countr)$ and possess ever)thing the) en9o)ed before the war began5If that was true$ wh) did the ankees keep /ghtingD 7e can /nd much of the answerin Abraham <incoln*s notable speeches the Gett)sburg Address$ his /rst and second inaugural addresses$ the peroration of his message to #ongress on ?ecember %$ %862 ,ut we can /nd even more of the answer in the wartime letters and diaries of the men who did the /ghting #onfederates who said that the) foughtfor the same goals as their forebears of %''6 would have been surprised b) the intense conviction of the northern soldiers that the) were upholding the legac) of the American Cevolution
Paulos, 5ohn Allen. 8nnumeracy (athematical 8lliteracy an4 8ts 1onse9uences. )e* +ork :intage, /;;. #/;;& 0rom 1ha2ter  “E<am2les an4 Princi2les” Archime4es an4 Practically 8n=nite )um>ers
 There is a fundamental propert) of numbers named after the Greek mathematician Archimedes which states that an) number$ no matter how huge$ can be exceeded b) adding together suJcientl) man) of an) smaller number$ no matter how tin)4odule % #ommon #ore Instruction for E<A = <iterac);ession ( Academic >ocabular) 6-%2 E<A = #ontent Areas.regon ?epartment of Education
 Though obvious in principle$ the conse+uences are sometimes resisted$ as the) were b) the student of mine who maintained that human hair 9ust didn*t grow in miles per hour !nfortunatel)$ the nanoseconds used up in a simple computer operation do add up to length) bottlenecks on intractable problems$ man) of which would re+uire millennia to solve in general It takes some getting accustomed to thefact that the minuscule times and distances of microph)sics as well as the vastness of astronomical phenomena share the dimensions of our human worldIt*s clear how the above propert) of numbers led to Archimedes* famous pronouncement that given a fulcrum$ a long enough lever$ and a place to stand$ he alone could ph)sicall) lift the earth An awareness of the additivit) of small +uantities is lacking in innumerates$ who don*t seem to believe that their little aerosol cans of hairspra) could pla) an) role in the depletion of the o@one la)er of the atmosphere$ or that their individual automobile contributes an)thing to the problem of acid rain4odule % #ommon #ore Instruction for E<A = <iterac);ession ( Academic >ocabular) 6-%2 E<A = #ontent Areas.regon ?epartment of Education

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